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Best 2019 2 Bedroom RV: Which One Should You Buy

This post was updated on December 13th, 2023

Camping is a time when you and the family get together and renew your bond. It’s also supposed to be a relaxing experience. Even if the kids bring their mobile devices, there will be those points where personal desires won’t line up. Your goal of relaxation from your everyday life gets bombarded from the kids bickering about everything.

Luckily, the RV industry has come up with two-bedroom floorplans. Manufacturers have designed these travel trailers with families in mind. They allow everyone to have their own personal space. The living room areas are spacious to give everyone breathing room to walk around. Many have an outdoor kitchen and entertainment centers, adding an extra room outside.

In this exploration of two-bedroom RVs, you will learn about the many options available in this category. We also discuss the best models available in the 2020 manufacturing year. Before we get started, let’s talk about what you need to know about towing this type of travel trailer.

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Understanding Tow Weights

Tow weights

One of the first factors you must consider for travel trailers is towing capacity. If you use a vehicle that can’t tow the RV, it can cause severe damage to the vehicle. In more serious situations, people can get hurt. If you open your owner’s manual or look your tow vehicle up online, you will see many different weight numbers.

The question is, which numbers do you need to focus on. You can use this guide for a complete explanation of all the various weight measurements. There are two important weights to be mindful of. The first is your tow vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). The second is your trailer’s Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW). Another name for the UVW is “Dry Weight.”

The goal is to have the UVW plus the additional cargo weight be less than your vehicle’s GVWR. A good rule of thumb is to assume an additional 400-600 pounds above the UVW to determine what you are actually towing. Your cargo weight would include:

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  • The cargo/personal belongings that you load in the trailer and tow vehicle
  • Liquids in the holding tanks like the freshwater tank or the fuel tank of the tow vehicle

Whatever method you use, you still want to keep a margin of error between actual weight and towing capacity limit. The lower your total weight (UVW + Cargo Weight), the more torque you will have for towing. This gives your vehicle the strength and speed to cross over mountains and other rougher road conditions.

Best Vehicle to Tow With

Best vehicle to tow with

On average, travel trailers with two bedrooms weigh between 6,000- 9,000 pounds. Having the right tow vehicle is essential. One of the key options you want to have is a tow package pre-installed on your tow vehicle. To install this package after-market can be cost-prohibitive.

A tow package is more than a hitch on the back of your vehicle. Many parts need upgrading to take the increased strain of the extra weight on the vehicle. Cooling elements are essential to prevent the engine and transmission from breaking down. Bigger parts replace smaller ones to keep the suspension and others from breaking.

If you are in the market to buy a new tow vehicle, check out U.S. News and World Report’s reviews on the towing capacities of current trucks and SUVs.

There are some ways you can find out what your vehicle can pull. The most reliable source is contacting your vehicle or RV dealership. They can help you determine what your specific vehicle’s GVWR. Do not look it up online and assume your vehicle can tow the maximum amount. Many car manufacturers have multiple versions of the same brand.

For example, the Ford Expedition has a towing capacity of 9,300 pounds with the heavy-duty tow package. If not, it comes standard with a 5,900-pound capacity. Towing a heavier RV without the optional heavy-duty tow package can destroy your vehicle.

Best 2020 Travel Trailers With Two Bedrooms

Travel trailers with two bedrooms

The definition of two bedrooms in an RV is having two sleeping areas that are separate from the living room. The bunk area could be bunks that have curtains for privacy. The other could be a room area known as a bunkhouse. These floor plans are attractive to families due to how it caters to their many needs.

Many of the bunkhouses have sofas and dinettes designed for many uses. The entertainment centers come prewired for TVs. At the end of the day, parents can relax in the master bedroom, and the kids can have their time to enjoy the night.

The criteria we used to determine the best on the market focused on many different factors.

  • Quality manufacturing
  • Unique features
  • Optimal examples of floorplan usage
  • Attractiveness to a variety of audiences
  • Greatest value of features for the price point

Grand Design Transcend 32BHS- A Great Interior Is Two Bathrooms

When you search for a great two-bedroom floorplan, few offer two separate bathrooms. Grand Design thought of this with their Transcend 32BHS model. This coach offers a full pass-through bathroom for the master bedroom side. It also features a half-bath for the bunkhouse side.

Another unique feature is the L-shape positioning of the bunks. Most other bunkhouses place the bunks opposite each other. Grand Design uses this placement as a space-saving technique. This manufacturer does not add doors to their bunk area. The trade-offs allow for more closet space and a bigger living room area.

Grand Design offers residential furniture, countertops, and features in their living room area. The cabinetry uses solid core material that is pre-drilled and screwed together. The drawer and cabinet faces are all hardwood. This gives you strength and pure wood styling. Drawers also use ball-bearings that fully extend. There is even a pet-friendly drawer under the refrigerator.

The coach uses a 30-amp electric service. Grand Design places USB ports throughout the coach. The main TV is a 32” LED. Wiring for an additional TV comes standard in the master bedroom. All television inputs are either prewired or have hookups in this coach.

This 36.11-foot long travel trailer weighs in at 7,738 pounds. The price range of this travel trailer is $31,995-$37,551.

Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 261UBH- An Ultra-Lite Alternative

It is difficult to find a two-bedroom travel trailer under 5,000 pounds. The Outback Ultra-Lite 261UBH comes close. This coach weighs in at 6,034 pounds and is 30.11 feet in length. Keystone does an amazing job with this coach fitting in all the features.

The bunkhouse features two bunks on a rear slideout to save weight. For an Ultra-lite coach, the living room area is extra-spacious. The refrigerator and U-shaped dinette on a driver’s side slide out. The front of the coach has two sliding doors that lead to a master bedroom. Under the queen-size bed is a pet kennel for a small dog or cat.

The living room area has a 40 inch LED TV and an upgraded furniture package. The coach also has USB charging ports throughout the unit. The refrigerator is a two-door eight cubic foot gas/electric unit.

Outside, there is a large pass-through storage bay for all your storage needs. The outdoor entertainment center comes with a small dorm-sized refrigerator. This way you can enjoy the game outside and have your food available. This unit is also prepped for 4G LTE Wi-FI.

The MSRP of this coach is $34,144. Prices can vary between RV dealerships. Prices may include added factory or dealer optional features.

Forest River Alpha Wolf 29DQ- Leading the Pack With New Trends

The traditional mindset of the two-bedroom RV has become a master bedroom and a bunkhouse. The Forest River Alpha Wolf 29DQ asks the question “Why?” Instead of a bunkhouse, the second bedroom is a second master with another queen-size bed.

This 36.8-foot long travel trailer has one slide out that holds a jackknife sofa and a U-shaped dinette. The furniture and mattresses are a part of their deluxe furniture package. This allows for comfort and a residential-style feel. The flooring is five-eighths inch tongue and groove.

The kitchen appliances, sink, and other amenities are residential size as well. The coach also comes with a closet-size pantry. The deluxe outdoor kitchen holds a refrigerator, icebox, two-burner stove, and sink. This coach has an extra-large pass-through storage bay.

For added ease of use, you can have the factory install power stabilizer and tongue jack. Another optional feature is a wireless control that operates everything in the coach. With one touch, the awning, slideout, and lights can activate. You can also observe the levels on your monitor panel.

For all you dog lovers, the Alpha Wolf has a leash latch safety technology device to keep your pet safe. They have installed a triangular latch that connects to the chassis of the coach. You can connect any breed of dog to it and know that he/she will be secure. To prevent claws from catching, heat vents are on the lower walls, not the floors.

This 6,543-pound coach has a price range of $44,00-$45,000.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 324BDS- Setting the Benchmark for Two Bedroom Models

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 324BDS has everything you could want in a bunkhouse coach. The bunkhouse has two upper bunks. On the bottom, a futon sofa is on the driver’s side, and an entertainment center is on the passenger side. The kids can destroy aliens on their game console, while you and your spouse are watching your favorite RomCom in the master suite.

For added space, both the bunkhouse and the living room area have slide outs. The jackknife sofa and U-shaped sofa sit on the living room slide out. This gives plenty of sitting room for everyone. Vinyl flooring covers the tongue and groove base floor to handle all of the foot traffic. Cabinets and drawers use hardwoods and heavy-duty ball-bearings.

This coach comes with a large pass-through storage bay and an additional storage bay, as well. For easy traveling, Jayco has installed its Nev-R-adjust self-adjusting braking system. The coach weighs 6,690 pounds and measures 35.5 feet in length.

The price range to be between $25,995 through $39,868.

Outdoor RV Backcountry Series 27DBS- The Off-Road, Off-Grid Masters of the NorthWest

While they don’t have a name as big as the other coaches we discuss, their products can compete with the big guys. They specialize in creating travel trailers that can go off-road in the pacific northwest. The coaches are insulated to withstand all seasons.

Every travel trailer and fifth wheel Outdoor RV makes comes with a Cummins Onan LP or gas generator. They also include one 170-watt solar panel system as a standard feature.

Their RVs use I-Beam construction and rugged axles to dominate the off-road experience. They use an extra-large diamond plate rock guard to protect the coach from debris.

To keep from freezing, the entire coach is insulated to survive below-freezing temperatures. Even the holding tanks are insulated to prevent ice expansion from cracking them. To stay off-grid as long as possible, Outdoor RV installs an 80-gallon freshwater tank.

The interior of the coach resembles a rustic cabin in the woods. The cabinetry, countertops, and walls use a rustic knotty alder mountain finish. The dinette sits up to six people. The master bed is a queen-size mattress. This coach has two double-bunks that have privacy curtains, and the sofa folds out as well.

While this coach is 33.2 feet in length but has a weight of 7,595 pounds due to its heavy-duty construction. These travel trailers sell in the pacific northwest and Canada. If interested, the price point is between $47,000-$48,000.

Why Do Travel Trailers Have Two Doors?

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Many people are curious to understand why these longer coaches have two doors to them. They think its a convenience factor. RV manufacturers have them lead into bathrooms or bunkhouses.

According to federal regulation, every room in an RV must have at least two ways out of every room in case of an emergency. You will notice that in master bedrooms, one of the windows can be opened up an emergency exit. This secondary door’s primary purpose is to act as an emergency exit too. In case of a fire, everyone must be able to escape.

The manufacturers have taken this regulation and used it to their advantage. If they have to have an emergency exit, why not create a second door that has another useful purpose? This is why these doors exist.

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