Camping Gear

This category is about camping gear, e.g. interior & exterior amenities, RV tools & equipment

A portable generator at a campsite

The Best Portable Generator For RV Life

A good portable generator lets us charge RV batteries and enables RV campers to uset he appliances that make their RV a home on wheels.

A grey smart fortwo alone in a large field of grass

Can a Smart Car Be Towed Behind an RV?

Can a smart car be towed behind an RV? We break down everything you need to know about towing your Fortwo behind your motorhome.

A fifth wheel RV parked in a field with a mountain in the background

The 10 Best Fifth Wheel Accessories

Own a fifth wheel RV? Here are the 10 best (some must-have) fifth wheel accessories to make your RV experience even better. Check this out!