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Travel Trailers With Two Queen Bedrooms

This post was updated on January 3rd, 2024

The RV industry has made great strides in family-friendly RVs. Many of these units allow both parents and children to create their own private spaces through two-bedroom RV floorplan designs. RV makers have made some of these two-bedroom layouts large enough to be considered queen-sized, giving everyone a suite-type feel.

You’ll see this in many larger travel trailers, fifth wheels, and destination trailers (also known as “park models”). Other permanent second bedroom layouts use creative placement to make your third and fourth sleeper feel comfortable in the bedroom space. Loft areas are surprisingly roomy for kids and their must-have trappings.

What’s great about these second bedrooms is the separation from the main living area. In previous decades, children and guests were solely dependent on fold down furniture. During the day, they had to give up their space for day seating.

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Trailers with queen bedroom

Finding that quiet place to call their own inside the coach was impossible. In previous years, many coaches didn’t give much privacy for parents when they needed a break from the world. These new designs allow everyone to decompress, making the camping experience better by giving that space for solitude.

Our discussion is going to explore the variations in the RV marketplace on two queen bedroom travel trailer floorplans. We’ll also see what the fifth wheel and motorhome market has in this type of layout. In our presentation, we’ll show how they exist in more affordable and lighter weight coaches, so families can find a two queen bedroom layout that appeals to them.

8 Travel Trailers With Two Queen Size Bedrooms

1. Forest River Alpha Wolf 29DQ-L: 2 Queen Beds

The Forest River Alpha Wolf series has eight floorplans. Three of which are family-oriented with second bedroom features. The 26DBH-L has bunk beds that are full-size dimensions. The 29QB-L has a bunkhouse with twin-size bunk beds and a barn-style door that closes.

What makes this product line worth mentioning is the 29DQ-L. This is a travel trailer with two queen beds. It’s ideal for those that travel with teenagers or parents that live with their adult children.

Both the master suite and the second bedroom come with top quality mattresses that allow adult sleepers to rest comfortably at night. For additional guest sleeping space, the super U-shaped dinette and jackknife sofa on the off-door slide out fold down. The bedrooms have plenty of clothing and personal item storage for everyone to bring enough for long trips.

The RV itself is 36.8 feet long, so living space is not sacrificed. The full kitchen has a residential refrigerator, closet-size pantry, and plenty of counter space to prepare meals. Forest River places the TV wall strategically on the exterior of the full bathroom giving viewers a good angle, so they don’t have to crane their neck uncomfortably.

Other features include a deluxe outdoor kitchen that has a freezer and a refrigerator. There are two stove burners and a sink as well. Forest River places the outdoor kitchen under the 20-foot awning, so rain or shine, you can still enjoy the outdoor space.

If you want to take this RV into the winter wilds, it has a weather guard package that seals the underbelly and upgrades the insulation. The manufacturer also adds forced heat to prevent the holding tanks from freezing. Oversized fans and not conductive material construction aid in interior airflow and climate control.

The travel trailer’s unloaded vehicle weight (UVW) is 6,543 pounds. A burden of this amount can still be towed by a family-friendly SUV like the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The price point of this RV lays within the mid to late $20,000s.

2. Coleman Lantern 295QB: Bunkhouse

Coleman has been a trusted name in the RV industry since 1905. Its current Lantern series offers great entry-level units that you can further explore on our Coleman feature article. Many of their coaches are designed to be family-friendly with bunk options.

The Lantern 295QB is a bunkhouse model. It’s 32.8 feet in length and has a dry weight of 6,366 pounds. If you are a Toyota fan, your Sequoia will cruise down the highway with this RV easily.

The bunkhouse has an L-shaped configuration compared to the bunks being opposite from each other. This is a space-saving technique for the RV, but still gives plenty of room for your children to sleep feet-to-feet. Under the rear-facing bunk is a love seat sofa the kids can use for day seating while they are watching TV or blasting aliens on their game console.

Coleman uses curtains instead of doors to create privacy. In an RV of this size, every millimeter counts. Sacrificing a door gives everyone that much more room in the bedrooms.

The living room space has a large U-shaped dinette, full sofa, and plenty of kitchen space to take care of a family. The seven cubic foot refrigerator and large pantry have plenty of storage space to keep a family fed for a long trip. Coleman also gives you stainless steel appliances that are easy to clean and will last for years to come.

To keep things affordable, Coleman products don’t come with TVs and other extras. What they do come with are essential add ons like pre-wired solar connections, cable/satellite sourcing, and USB charging ports. The company wants to keep its products budget-friendly to the first time and part-time RV audience.

3. Gulf Stream Kingsport 40DEN: Study

Destination trailers also called “park models,” are designed to be semi-permanent. They aren’t moved too often and have residential type dimensions since they are used for long term living. They exist between traditional travel trailers and mobile homes, offering the benefits of each.

Gulf Stream offers a park model for its Conquest, Innsbruck, and Kingsport Series. These Lodge versions have sliding glass doors as their main entryways and three great window panels upfront, and a home-styling throughout.

These models are ideal for snowbirds who want a small winter residence in a favorite location every year. Work from home RVers who don’t move around much due to the nature of their work would enjoy this type of RV for its downsized lifestyle. They are designed to have a lot of open space for full-time living.

An ideal example of a two-bedroom park model is the Kingsport 40DEN. The second bedroom has multiple purposes. By day, it has a fixed desk where someone can work in a home office setting. It also has a fold-out sofa and bunk that visiting guests can use and still have privacy.

For added comfort, the master bedroom and den/second bedroom has carpet for shoeless and noise reduction considerations. Both rooms have wardrobes to store personal items and walls reinforced for LED TVs. The master bedroom has a king-size bed for ultimate comfort.

The main living space has a kitchen counter that spans the entire front and part of the door side of the RV. The large pantry and refrigerator allow you to make your grocery runs less frequent than once a week. It comes with a freestanding dinette with four chairs and a tri-fold sofa for additional guest sleeping.

The RV itself measures 40.3 feet in length, but its weight is massive. Pulling the 9,670-pound UVW unit requires a super-duty truck like the Ford F-250 or better. Since these trucks have multiple engines you can choose from, speak to your dealer about your towing intentions before you buy your truck so they can match you up with the best tow vehicle for your needs.

4. Thor Outlaw 38KB Class A: Motorhome With a Loft

RVs with second bedrooms are not just confined to travel trailers. With the invention of the toy hauler, spacious second bedrooms have opened up to all types of recreational vehicles. Thor Motor Coach went a step further with their Outlaw 38KB.

Most toy haulers use convertible sofas and powered bunks that come down to make the garage into a separate room. In this model, Thor changed the perspective by making the ceiling of the garage into a sky bunk. This queen-size loft makes this coach a true two-bedroom motorhome.

The sky bunk has cabinet space, a USB charging station, and sleeping for two. It’s sized for adults, but kids will love the treehouse feel. The space is air-conditioned for comfort. Ladder access is available through the back end of the garage next to the sliding glass door that separates the living space from it.

For mom and dad, they can enjoy the adjustable king-size bed in the master suite. The wardrobe is prepped for a washer/dryer and has an LED TV. For larger families, the Outlaw has a powered drop-down bunk above the driver’s area that measures close to a queen-size bed.

Guests can feel comfortable on the fold-down sofa and dinette that sit at the front of the coach. There is still plenty of counter space in the kitchen area and a residential size refrigerator to hold enough food to feed everyone. Since the loft area takes up space, this particular model doesn’t have the folding sofas.

You don’t have to worry though, the Outlaw’s garage still has plenty of space for your toys. The ramp doubles a patio. The folding three seasons of patio doors create a barrier to contain your air conditioning within the garage space.

The motorhome sits on a Ford F-53 chassis and is powered by the 6.8L Triton V10. It’s 39.9 feet long and sleeps up to 10 people. With the upgraded amenities, it’s still competitively priced with an MSRP of $224,850.

If you’re curious about any of these RVs, you can try them out by renting them. Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer RV rental site that matches you to RV owners all across the country. You can search for the type of RV you want and the location you want to try it in.

The owner will teach you everything you need to know about the coach before you begin your journey. During your rental experience, you’ll have the opportunity to see what the floorplan’s benefits are, and if it fits your lifestyle. If not, you can always rent another one later.

It’s an affordable way to learn about the lifestyle and find the perfect RV for you and your family. When you are ready to buy, you’ll have first-hand knowledge without the trepidation of walking into the unknown. Their process is user-friendly, and their customer service is top rated. [end border- text broker doesn’t allow CSS coding]

5. Jayco Seismic 4212: Toy Hauler

Jayco is one of the leading names in RV manufacturing. Their Seismic fifth-wheel series has pushed innovation even further by creating three-bedroom RV models. They do this by adding spacious interior lofts to their toy haulers.

The 4212 model is especially unique in several ways. It comes with a door side patio, giving the campers both a back and side outdoor space to enjoy the environment. This model has two full bathrooms.

The loft area has more headspace than most. Jayco builds the ladder into the wall instead of having it be a separate piece. This gives it more stability for those climbing up and down when they access the loft.

The garage has two folding sofas and a drop-down queen-sized bunk that adds plenty of additional sleeping space. The garage itself is 11.8 feet long, giving you plenty of room to bring your toys with you. For those that sleep in the garage, there is air conditioning to stay comfortable.

The coach itself is 45.1 feet in length, but some may not light the sacrifice of the living space. It is comparatively small. You have to remember that toy haulers are meant to be used as home bases for those that love outdoor adventure.

If you’re more of a “homebody” that enjoys spending more time in your RV, this may not be the right coach for you. Ideally, the audience that would enjoy this unit is those that come back after a day of adventure and want a great place to recuperate from hard riding and extreme sporting. It’s a great mobile base for a group to call home, clean up, and get ready for tomorrow.

The dry weight is 15,725 pounds. Nothing less than a GMC 2500 Sierra Crew Cab Heavy Duty or better will pull this beast. Since this is a toy hauler, make sure you factor the extra weight going into the RV before you choose your tow vehicle for proper towing limits.

6. Keystone Bullet 287QBSWE: Ultra-Lite

Keystone RV has a travel trailer for every type of person in the RV lifestyle. They have a floorplan, model, and series that fits every variation of RVer. If they don’t, more than likely, you’ll see it in next year’s line up.

Their Bullet Series is a customer-focused coach that they call a luxury lightweight RV. The features are practical with innovations that come directly from customer feedback. They offer 21 floorplans in this lineup.

Keystone has 11 different travel trailer series within their company that has about the same amount of floorplans. As a customer, deciding which one can be confusing. If you understand their methodology, it’s actually beneficial.

While most other manufacturers show you diagrams with optional features to the side, Keystone actually shows you a complete diagram with the optional feature in it. This creates a different floorplan. If you want a floorplan, but you can’t decide between the bigger or smaller refrigerator, you can look at both floorplan diagrams that they have in their catalog.

A very versatile Bullet model is the 287QBSWE. Full-time middle-income families may enjoy this bunkhouse floorplan. The bunkhouse has a two-person dinette that is a great study area for homeschooling. If one child is studying a different lesson than the other, one can be in the bunkhouse with the door closed, while the other is studying on the main dinette.

Other practical solutions are a laundry chute in the main bedroom. This chute feeds into the exterior storage bay where your laundry basket is waiting to be pulled. Both the master suite and the bunkhouse have plenty of storage for clothing and personal items for long-term use.

The 6 cubic foot refrigerator and closet-style pantry have a lot of room to spend more time camping and less time on supply runs. The exterior storage bay gives you plenty of space to keep all of your outdoor equipment.

At less than 6,000 pounds, you’ll enjoy towing this two-bedroom ultra-lite travel trailer with most full-size SUVs. Something like a Nissan Armada would be your best option. The MSRP on this model is $33,697.

7. Grand Design Solitude 377MBS: Den Fifth Wheel

Another customer-focused RV builder is Grand Design. Their fifth wheels and travel trailers are built based on customer feedback. Due to this feedback, Grand Design has the largest bathroom in the industry as well as other practical features.

As one of the fastest-growing RV manufacturers in the industry, Winnebago acquired the company in 2016, helping Winnie get into the towable market. Many of the techniques seen in the various Minnie Winnie towable series come from Grand Design innovations. Grand Design is also one of the most pet-friendly RV manufacturers on the market too.

The Solitude 377MBS is another fifth wheel two bedroom travel trailer with queen size dimensions. There is even a loft that acts as a third bedroom. With all of these sleeping areas, Grand Design did not neglect the open space feel they are known for.

The second bedroom is very versatile. It can act as office space for work from home full-timers. It has a big desk as well as a tri-fold sofa and folds down bunk. The closet space is big enough for both office supplies and guest personal items.

Above the room is a big loft area. There is a ladder that expands out from the wall that keeps the user safe as they climb up and down into it. The window in the loft allows natural light in such space doesn’t feel like a claustrophobic attic.

The master bedroom has an optional king bed that many RV dealers order. There is a pull out ottoman at the end of the bed for sitting space as you are getting ready. Behind the front cap are a walk-in closet and a separate closet designed for a washer and dryer.

At the rear of the coach is the living room area with a full sofa, theatre seating, freestanding dinette, and full kitchen. The kitchen includes an 18 cubic foot refrigerator and has a kitchen island with a dual basin sink. The closet pantry can hold everything you need to make even an Iron Chef happy.

This 40.10-foot mammoth is going to need real power to tow its 13,200-pounds UVW plus your personal items. Chevrolet owners are going to need the 2500 Silverado HD to pull this fifth wheel comfortably.

8. Dutchmen Aspen Trail 3120BHS: Queen-Size Bunks

Click here to see the diagram of Dutchmen Aspen Trail 3120BHS.

Started in 1988, Dutchmen RV became the second-largest RV manufacturer by 1990. Once Thor Industries acquired it in 1991, it became a true powerhouse in the industry. One of its brands is Aspen Trail.

Aspen Trail is a brand of dynamic appeal. With the most standard features and a focus on floor space, these RVs appeal to many audiences. They offer 35 different floor plans with 10 two-bedroom floorplan designs.

The 3120BHS offers two queen-sized bunks in the bunkhouse. It has a pocket door that closes it off. It has a corner wardrobe that has plenty of space for everyone.

A unique feature is the entertainment center wall. The wall that holds the living room LED TV can be swung to cover the door space of the bunkhouse. This way, if the kids want to continue watching TV at night, all they have to do is pull the wall’s handle to close themselves in.

For added noise reduction, the master suite is accessed through the pass-through bathroom. This can give parents two doors of soundproofing from a game console multi-player-role-playing-mission or other noise from the kid’s room. The master suite has its own TV pre-wire for you to enjoy something more relaxing.

The RV itself is 35.1 feet in length and weighs 6,964 pounds UVW. Your Audi Q7 or Q8 can tow this two queen bedroom layout RV as long as you are smart with your packing. If you’re worried about maxing out your towing capacity, you may want to think about something with a bigger towing capacity.

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