Outdoor kitchens by RV class

Best Examples of Outdoor Kitchens By RV Class

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For 2020, Dometic won the Red Dot award for its CFX3 powered refrigerator/freezer for outstanding design quality. This Denmark-based organization’s award is highly prized by companies around the world. The awards are given to those companies that have the best product, communication, and concept designs each year.

Dometic’s cooler style refrigerator is one of the many products that have allowed the RV industry to further develop outdoor kitchens in their various coaches. In previous decades, having a barbecue or a stove attached to the sidewall was considered innovative. Today, outdoor kitchens have enough features for families to prepare full meals.

For those of you that are shopping for the perfect RV with an outdoor kitchen, we’re going to show you examples of every category that has an external kitchen. These towable and drivable vehicles range from teardrop campers all the way up to Class A motorhomes. The second kitchen is popular enough where you don’t have to choose between this feature or RV type.

Considerations of an Outdoor Kitchen

Small trailer with outdoor kitchen

In the 2020 market, truck campers, Class B camper vans, and Class A diesel motorhomes don’t have outdoor kitchens. Since this feature is so popular, we’re sure we’ll see some variation in the near future. We just have to wait for the engineers to design them.

You can feel safe with them. The water, electrical, and propane plumbing are threaded through the RV’s walls, not under the couch. Many of their bays are positioned behind bunk beds or interior cabinetry to share space. Cooking appliances are usually on pull out arms to keep potential fire hazards away from the unit itself.

RVs With Outdoor Kitchens

Teardrop: Polydrop Trailer

  • Dry Weight: 900- 1,150 pounds
  • Length: 12.4 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 2 people
  • Price: $14,495- $19,995

The traditional teardrop camper has interior sleeping quarters, and a rear hatch that opens for the kitchen. The Polydrop is one of the best teardrops with an outdoor kitchen. Besides its aluminum on wood space-age design, it has a full kitchen that’s very impressive.

Under the main countertop, you’ll find a Dometic refrigerator drawer that runs off of the battery. The Primus two-burner stove pulls out and has an additional pull out for a cutting board. To keep things clean, it has a hand pump faucet on the sink.

There is a lot of storage with three under-counter cabinets. Above the countertop are three open storage bays for additional places to hold your gear. The unit has four LED lights to keep the kitchen area well lit at night.

Pop-Up: Opus Camper 2-Sleeper

  • Dry Weight: 2,777 pounds
  • Length: 18.4 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 2 people
  • Price: $25,000- $30,000

The Opus Camper made the world rethink what an expandable camper can do. Its inflatable air system sets up the living space in less than 90 seconds. It’s also a great example of a pop-up with an outdoor kitchen.

On the door side, there are two pullout bays. The first has a four-burner stove and sink. The second has a Dometic cooler style refrigerator/freezer that runs off the battery or propane. The stove/sink pullout has a drawer with utensil dividers, two storage drawers, and a fold-up multi-shelf rack to hold your dishware.

Lite Trailer: Lance 2075

  • Dry Weight: 4,450 pounds
  • Length: 24.9 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 4 people
  • Price: $50,000- $60,000

The Lance 2075 is new this year and is RV Pro’s Best in Show for 2020. Its tailgate package has a full-width kitchen area with many amenities. Its a one-of-a-kind lightweight travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen.

On the door side end is a Dometic cooler drawer. The other side has a pull-out grill that runs off the onboard propane, sink, and utensil drawer. In between, it has a long one-piece countertop with under shelf storage. When you’re done, it all slides neatly into a closeable bay.

Lightweight Trailer: Rockwood Mini Lite 2507S

  • Dry Weight: 5,471 pounds
  • Length: 25.11 pounds
  • Sleeps: Up to 4 people
  • Price: $17,000- $25,000

The mission of the Rockwood Mini Lite series is to give RVers the most room and features in a travel trailer that can be towed by smaller SUVs and crossovers. The 2507S does that and more with its fully developed secondary kitchen. It’s a great example of a lightweight travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen in a lite category.

This kitchen not only has a two-burner pull-out stove, but it also comes with a bumper-mounted barbecue grill arm with LP connections. The tall dorm-size fridge and two overhead cabinets give you plenty of storage for your cooking needs. The sink has hot and cold water, so cleaning up won’t be a problem.

Common Full Size Trailer: Prime Time LaCrosse 3380IB

  • Dry Weight: 8,329 pounds
  • Length: 37.7 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 10 people
  • Price: $30,000- $40,000

In 2018, RV News named the LaCrosse Best in Show due to this RVs perfect combination of luxury and affordability. Many of its upgrade features you see in travel trailers that cost over double the price. It’s also the perfect example of a full-size bunkhouse with an outdoor kitchen.

The exterior kitchen gives you a tall refrigerator, a two-burner stove, and a sink with a hot/cold faucet. The three overhead cabinets and a below counter drawer are big enough to hold everything you could need. The sidewall of the bay has an electric outlet and plenty of counter space to plug in additional appliances to whip up your perfect meal outside.

Unique Full Size Trailer: KZ Connect C261RKK

  • Dry Weight: 6,250 pounds
  • Length: 31.3 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 6 people
  • Price: $24,000- $30,000

The KZ Connect C261RKK is another full-size travel trailer worth mentioning. There are a lot of unique features like the king bed, rear storage rack, and other non-standard features. This full-size travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen is unique with its exterior kitchen placement.

KZ places the outside kitchen mid-coach and shares its wall space with the interior entertainment center. It features a small dorm-size refrigerator and a griddle instead of a two-burner stove. Many people will enjoy this kitchen since its covered by the awning, making it usable in less than perfect weather.

Fifth Wheel Trailer: Keystone Montana High Country 362RD

  • Dry Weight: $13,260 pounds
  • Length: 40.1 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 8 people
  • Price: MSRP: $79,510

The Montana High Country series can be thought of as a part-timer’s version to the Montana. You get the qualities of the Montana but less weight and other substitutions that make it perfect for weekenders. Yet it’s a fifth wheel with an outdoor kitchen to consider.

This kitchen has three overhead cabinets, a tall refrigerator, and a pull out cutting board. Your cooking options include a two-burner stove, microwave, an LP hookup for a barbecue, and an electric outlet for other electric appliances. There isn’t a sink, but if you do need water, the exterior shower is close by on the rear of the coach.

Park/Destination Trailer: CrossRoads Hampton 364MBL

  • Dry Weight: 12,008 pounds
  • Length: 40.7 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 8 people
  • Price: $49,000-$57,000

The Cross Roads Hampton 364MBL has a lot to offer. Besides being a bunkhouse model, it also features a loft for two additional sleepers. With four slide outs and eight-foot ceilings, you’ll feel like you’re in a full-size house.

This is a park model with an outdoor kitchen. It sports a tall refrigerator, microwave, griddle, and storage space. There’s also a propane connection for your barbecue or other propane appliances.

Class C Motorhome: Entegra Coach Odyssey 25R

  • Dry Weight: 14,500 pounds
  • Length: 28.8 feet
  • Chassis: Ford E-450
  • Engine: Triton 7.3L V8
  • Horse Power & Torque: 350 hp @ 468 lbs/ft
  • Sleeps: Between 6-8 people
  • Price: $75,000- $85,000

If you’re looking for a motorhome with an outdoor kitchen, Class Cs are the ones that are going to have them the most. This class takes advantage of the master bed and basement area on the rear door side most often. The Entegra Odyssey 25R is a great Class C with an outdoor kitchen with some great features.

Between the small fridge and big sink is plenty of counter space to prep, or plug in your electric grill. The two-burner stove pulls out in the middle and has wind guards to protect the gas flame from blowing out. There’s also an overhead light to allow you to take advantage of the kitchen at night.

Class A Motorhome: Thor Motor Coach A.C.E. 30.3

  • Dry Weight: 18,000 pounds
  • Length: 31 feet
  • Chassis: Ford F-53
  • Engine: Triton 6.8L V10
  • Horse Power & Torque: 320 hp @ 460 lbs/ft.
  • Seats with safety belts: Up to 6 people
  • Sleeps: Up to 6 people
  • Price: $89,000-$93,000

The Thor A.C.E. is a popular small Class A. It’s versatile with its six different floorplans. This motorcoach is a good example of a Class A with an outdoor kitchen.

You’ll find a tall refrigerator, two drawers, a cabinet, and a sink. To cook, it has an electric outlet and propane hookup under the bay. With a campground picnic table or a portable freestanding table, you can have your master chef setup all in one place.

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