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Our 9 Favorite 2 Bedroom Fifth Wheels for 2020

This post was updated on August 28th, 2020

Fifth wheel travel trailers are versatile RVs that appeal to a wide audience. Whether you have a large family, seek the ultimate features, or find a work/life balance, they have exactly what you need. We’ve put together a list of our favorite fifth wheel floor plans with 2 bedrooms that will check off all of your needs and wants boxes.

Our Favorite Fifth Wheels With 2 Bedrooms:

  1. The Best Debut: Alliance RV Paradigm 390MP
  2. Our Favorite From a Reliable Brand: Coachmen Brookstone 398MBL
  3. Our Favorite With Years of Excellence: CrossRoads RV Cameo CE3961MB
  4. The Best Second Bedroom Fifth Wheel Under 40 Feet: Dutchmen Astoria 3553MBP
  5. Our Favorite Lightweight Fifth-wheel With Two Bedrooms: Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 529BH
  6. The Best Two Bedroom Two Bathroom Fifth Wheel: Grand Design Solitude 3950 BH-R
  7. The Best 4 Season Fifth Wheel With 2 Bedrooms: Heartland Milestone 377BM
  8. Our Favorite Popular Series of Fifth Wheel With Two Bedrooms: Keystone Montana 3854BR
  9. Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Fifth Wheel: Starcraft Telluride 338MBH

What You’ll See In a Second Room

Fifth wheels with 2 bedrooms

Bunkhouse Floorplans

There are two main floor plans you’ll see in two bedroom fifth wheel designs. The first, and more famous, are the bunkhouse versions. These floor plans place the master bedroom in the front over the hitch and the second room in the rear with up to four bunk beds.

Many families enjoy this set up since the kids have their own space. RV manufacturers develop the bunkhouse space with TV media centers and other features. The children have a clubhouse feel while mom and dad have their own retreat they can retire to each night.

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Mid-Coach Second Rooms

The second-floor plan places a second bedroom where the main floor meets the upper deck. It usually lines up with the entry door. They engineer the second room to have multiple purposes.

The space has a reinforced wall to hold a TV mount, a desk space, and storage cabinetry. It also has a fold-out sofa and may include a flip-up twin-size upper bunk bed. Owners can use it as a den or office space when it’s not in bedroom mode.

Many of these second rooms take advantage of the floor level difference by adding an interior ceiling. The space between the ceiling and the roof is big enough to develop into a loft for additional sleeping space, or attic space. RV manufacturers complete the loft with full-length guard posts to prevent anyone or anything from falling off the ledge.

Sizes, Lengths, and Weights of Second Bedroom Fifth Wheels

Many mid-coach second bedroom floorplans show up in coaches made for heavy-duty trucks. RV manufacturers listen to their customers very well. In an age where fuel-efficiency and gas prices are decision-making factors, there are some fifth wheels with second bedrooms designed for half-ton trucks.

You’ll find more bunkhouse travel trailer floorplans available in your weight class, but for the 2021 model year, RV makers are releasing fifth wheels with second bedrooms that are both spacious and full of features that match up with the full-size counter parts.

The half-ton versions are going to be above 35 feet. The full-size 2 bedroom fifth wheels measure around 40 feet or above. These second rooms push the measuring tape to its limits since they have to make sure there is enough space in each room to be livable.

Our Favorite 2020/2021 5th Wheels with 2 Bedrooms

Alliance RV Paradigm 390MP: The Best Debut

  • Dry Weight: 13,538 pounds
  • Length: 41.11 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 10 people
  • Average Price: $96,000

In the Fall of 2019, Alliance RV produced their first luxury fifth wheel in its new state-of-the-art facility. This new RV manufacturer started from a group of RV engineers that broke off from their previous employers. Their mission is to Do The Right Thing for their customers by exceeding their expectations every step of the way.

The Paradigm 390MP is one of the most luxurious fifth wheels with two bedrooms. They use top of the line materials, the best components, and quality construction practices to build their RVs. You’ll find residential level amenities like refrigerators, a real king-size bed, and other features that measure up to house-sized counterparts.

The second room has many purposes. It can be a separate den with a comfortable sofa and TV. At night, the sofa folds out into a bed for two. The room has a countertop next to the tv that can be used as either office space or a craft area.

Above the multi-purpose room is a loft space. This is great for either attic storage or sleeping space for kids who want that “treehouse” retreat of their own.

Coachmen Brookstone 398MBL: Our Favorite From a Reliable Brand

  • Dry Weight: 13,155 pounds
  • Length: 41 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 10 people
  • Average Price: $76,000

The Brookstone 398MBL is a 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plan from one of the most reliable names in the industry. Coachmen has been setting the standard in the RV world for decades, and the Brookstone series sets a high standard in the full-size category.

The master suite comes with a standard king-size bed, full-size wardrobe, and second closet that is washer/dryer prepped. Even with the six drawer dresser, there’s still plenty of room to walk around the bed.

The second bedroom’s entryway opens to the kitchen. Your teenagers will enjoy the jackknife sofa and TV mount so they can play their game console comfortably. When they finally decide to call it a night, there’s a fold-up twin-size bunk one of them can sleep comfortably on.

Above the second bedroom, your pre-teens or younger ones can claim as their own. The loft space is big enough to sleep two. The hallway side of the loft has guard railing to prevent anyone/thing from falling.

CrossRoad Cameo CE3961MB: Our Favorite With Years of Excellence

  • Dry Weight: 12,652 pounds
  • Length: 40.8 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 8 people
  • Average Price: $55,000

If you’re not familiar with CrossRoads RV, the Cameo brand has been around since 1968. This model line has a tradition of luxury and being the choice of full-timers for over 47 years. It’s also a great 4 seasons fifth wheel if you are looking to extend your camping season through the winter months.

The master suite has a full walk-in closet with a shoe rack built into the back wall. There’s also a space for a combo washer/dryer with the plumbing ready to go. This RV comes standard with a king-size bed, giving you that extra space for comfort or pets.

The second bedroom has a trifold sofa that opens up for sleeping and plenty of storage space for personal items. The loft above has its own cabinetry, so your little ones can keep their things stowed away.

Many people will enjoy the mid-coach outdoor kitchen. The outdoor awning covers the kitchen, so even if it’s a dreary day, you don’t have to run inside to take advantage of our outside space.

Dutchmen Astoria 3553 MBP: The Best 2 Bedroom Fifth Wheel Under 40 Feet

  • Dry Weight: 11,172 pounds
  • Length: 39.11 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 10 people
  • Average Price: $54,000

Dutchmen makes a 2 bedroom RV through their Astoria fifth wheel series. The 3553MBP is under 40 feet, so you won’t have to worry about size restrictions at any campground. You’ll enjoy the king-size master bed and feel right at home with the residential-sized kitchen and living room features.

The second bedroom has a fold-out sofa, flip-up twin-sized bunk, TV-ready wall, and plenty of storage. The loft space above has a cabinet built inside the wall for your kids to pack their clothing and personal items for the family camping adventure.

The living room has plenty of seating for entertaining. The kitchen area is expertly designed, so you can still interact with your guests while putting dinner together. The electric fireplace sets the mood while the TV and full media system keeps the party going.

Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 529BH Fifth Wheel: Our Favorite Lightweight Fifthwheel with 2 Bedrooms

  • Dry Weight: 8,987 pounds
  • Length: 36 feet
  • Sleeps:Between 9-10 people
  • Average Price: $43,000

When reviewers talk about Flagstaff, you’ll mostly learn about their pop-up campers. Did you know that they also make travel trailers and fifth wheels? The 529BH Super Lite is one of the best fifth-wheel bunkhouse floorplans in the half-ton truck category.

This family-friendly RV has all of the features and amenities you’d see in a full-size fifth wheel, yet it still feels spacious. The bunkhouse comes with full-size bunks that can sleep two people per bunk. The designers add an additional twin-size sleeping space over the dresser and washer/dryer prepped closet.

While the kids enjoy their “clubhouse” bunkhouse, parents can rest comfortably in the master suite up front. The Serta queen-size mattress has plenty of walk-around space on each side of the bed. You’ll find plenty of storage space in the master due to the slideout wardrobe, overbed cabinets, and dresser drawers.

Grand Design Solitude 3950BH-R: Best Fifth Wheel With 2 Full bathrooms

  • Dry Weight: 14,054 pounds
  • Length: 40.4 feet
  • Sleeps: Between 6-8 people
  • Average Price: $95,000

The Grand Design has solved the problem of keeping your RV clean with the Solitude 3950 BH-R. The “R” stands for rear entry. This door enters directly into the rear pass-through full bathroom that doubles as a mudroom. This gives you a place to peel off those muddy boots and outerwear, protecting the rest of the coach from the outdoor contaminants.

The rear bathroom connects into a bunkhouse with three twin-size bunks and a fold-out sofa. The kids have their own TV space to watch their own shows or connect their game console. Even if they can’t decide on who’s turn it is, if the two of you have headed off to bed for the evening, they’re right next to the living room where they can use the main TV.

If you’re a parent of older children or teenagers, having an RV alarm system on this door may be a smart idea. This way, you’ll hear the recognizable chirp when your young ones want to sneak out to join their friend’s past curfew hours.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy your deluxe master suite with the popular optional king-size bed, dresser with LED TV, and walk-in closet. You and your spouse can watch your favorite shows or enjoy a quiet evening without having to worry about bathroom interruptions.

Heartland Milestone 377MB: The Best 4 Season Fifth Wheel with 2 Bedrooms

  • Dry Weight: 13,065 pounds
  • Length: 41.9 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 8 people
  • Average Price: $71,000

The Heartland Milestone 377MB is a fifth wheel RV with a bath and a half floor plan. It’s also another all season fifth wheel with the best insulation R-value you’ll find. Families and empty-nesters will love the way this RV performs no matter the season.

The second bedroom has twin-sized bunks that slide out. What makes it truly unique is the half bathroom within the space. Those using the room, have their own toilet and sink they can use in the middle of the night, that won’t invade anyone’s privacy.

The loft space above takes up the full width and length of the second bedroom. Sleepers will have plenty of space up there to spread out. If you use it for storage, you’ll have no problem keeping your off-season gear in one place.

Heartland is one of the few that still use fiberglass batt insulation in its roof and floor to reach the best insulation heat retention values possible. Their standard R-values are as follows:

  • Floor: R-38
  • Walls: R-11
  • Roof: R-40

With these levels of insulation values, visiting the kids in upstate New York for the Holidays won’t be a problem. You’ll be just as warm and comfortable as they are in their sticks and bricks house. Tell your grandchildren that Santa’s pretty handy with an RV vent as he is with chimneys.

Keystone Montana 3854BR: Our Favorite Popular Series of Fifth Wheel with two bedrooms

  • Dry Weight: 13,576 pounds
  • Length: 40.10 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 6 people
  • Average Price: $93,000

Keystone’s Montana series is their flagship fifth wheel line. It’s all-season ready, full of features like an outdoor kitchen, and is one of their most popular products. The 3854BR 2 bedrooms and loft floor plan is no exception.

The second bedroom comes with a hide-a-bed sofa that pulls out and sits on a slideout. The opposite wall has storage space and a desk that has legroom underneath that makes it perfect for home workers.

The 110v and USB charging ports allow you to plug in your computer, LED TV, and other devices. The reinforced wall will hold any reasonably sized TV that’s good for a computer monitor or binge-watching your shows.

The master suite comes standard with a queen-sized bed. The main closet is full length for all your clothing and the second is washer and dryer ready. Above the six-drawer dresser is a perfectly placed TV both people on the bed can watch.

Starcraft Telluride 338MBH: Our Favorite Pet-Friendly 2 Bedroom Fifth Wheel

  • Dry Weight: 9,570 pounds
  • Length: 38 feet
  • Sleeps: Up to 8 people
  • Average Price: $41,500

Starcraft has been a household name in the RV world for decades. The Telluride series is a great half-ton fifth wheel under 40 feet with a second bedroom. It’s also pet-friendly with features your four-legged best friend will enjoy.

The second bedroom comes with a tri-fold sofa, flip-up upper bunk, wardrobe, and desk. This particular fifth wheel is one of the few that doesn’t have a loft space above the second bedroom. The master bedroom has a north/south facing queen bed with storage all over the place.

True to Starcraft’s principles, they keep their heat vents on the lower sidewalls to prevent pet claws and children toes from catching in floor vents. Underneath the eight cubic foot refrigerator is a dual pull out pet dish to keep their crunchies and water. Next to the outdoor kitchen is an outside spray port to wash off dog feet, or give your pet a good washing under the main awning.

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