The 11 Camper Bunk Bed Floorplans for 2020

11 Camper Bunk Bed Floorplans (for 2020)

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Camper bunk bed and bunkhouse floorplans continue to be popular in the RV industry. Even though the RV community spans all demographics, families still make up a significant portion of the consumer base. They offer everyone a place to call their own without sacrificing needed furniture in previous years.

In this feature article, we’ll look at the best bunk bed travel trailers in the 2020 market. You’ll see small travel trailers with bunk beds, the best bunkhouse configurations, and many others. To give you the full picture, you’ll see products from big-name manufacturers and worthwhile independent names that are quickly becoming leaders in the industry.

Benefits of Bunk Bed/Bunkhouse Floorplans

Camper Van on the Road

Family RV camping in the latter half of the 20th century required children to sleep on folded out dinettes and sofas. If they wanted time to themselves, they had to be creative. Either find a shady spot nearby or hang back while the rest of the family went off to enjoy the day.

Once bunk beds were introduced in RVs, kids could keep their space. Bunkhouse floorplans furthered this by letting kids have their own space to enjoy their video games, watch their favorite shows, or just have that “clubhouse” feeling where parents aren’t in close proximity.

Parents enjoy the feature for the same reasons. While the kids burn off the rest of their energy, they can enjoy their own private sanctuary on the opposite side of the coach. This allows everyone to enjoy the trip their own way.

A by-product of these layouts allowed RV manufacturers to increase storage, kitchen appliances, and usually install outdoor kitchens. While these coaches are longer than others, they’ve managed to still keep them at weight limits that the family SUV can handle.

Full-timers with children are finding these floorplans very useful too. Strategic storage under lower bunks, two-person dinettes that turn into bunks, and other additional features give parents the ability to bring everything they need with them. When people shop for RVs in this category, they find their price points at reasonable prices.

The Best Bunk RVs for 2020

1. Coleman Lantern Light 2455BH Travel Trailer

  • Length: 28.11 feet
  • Dry Weight: 5,708 pounds
  • Sleeps: Between 6-8 people
  • Average Price: $23,000

If you’ve read our feature on Coleman products, you’ll know why we included this travel trailer. The Coleman Lantern Light 2455BH is a perfect example of everything you could hope for in a lite entry-level travel trailer. It has a trove of features that will sustain up to eight people for a long summer adventure.

The full-size bunks can hold two sleepers a piece, or give older children extra room to claim as their own. Mom and dad will enjoy their residential queen-size bed with a real sliding door, to enjoy their own space upfront. Additional sleeping can be utilized by folding down the U-shaped dinette.

The storage bays, both interior and exterior, are deceptively deep. After you pack in your essentials, you’ll find you have room for some wants. The eight cubic foot main refrigerator and dorm size outdoor kitchen refrigerator will give you plenty of room to store plenty of food items essential for your trip.

2. Palomino Solaire Ultra Lite 217BH Travel Trailer

  • Length: 26.4 feet
  • Dry Weight: 4,553 pounds
  • Sleeps: Up to 6 people
  • Average Price: $22,000

Your first impression of the Solaire Ultra Lite 217BH may make you question the laws of physics. Many of the features in this coach are reserved for travel trailers that are at least 5-10 feet longer. Yet Palomino found a way to make it all fit without using a crowbar.

Parents of young children will love this full-size bunk configuration. The bunks are walled up except for the corner foot entry area. You won’t have to worry about your children rolling off at night from the lower or upper bunk.

In a configuration like this, most coaches have the master bed as a murphy bed that folds over the day time sofa. This RV manufacturer found a way to place a residential queen-size bed and a sofa in the front section of the coach. You’ll also find a full-length pantry next to the refrigerator that you would see in top-end RVs.

At this weight rating, this travel trailer can be towed by an SUV like a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a half-ton pickup truck with little effort. Its wide walkways will allow everyone to walk around without having to feel like their pieces in a puzzle game. The outdoor kitchen gives you the ability to enjoy the outdoor space while staying cool under the full-length awning.

3. Keystone Bullet 287QBS Travel Trailer

  • Length: 33.10 feet
  • Dry Weight: 5,837 pounds
  • Sleeps: Up to 10 people
  • Price: MSRP $35,070

Full-timer families will love this Keystone Bullet bunkhouse floorplan. Weighing less than 6,000 pounds won’t require a 10 cylinder engine and there’s plenty of multipurpose space for all of your needs. This parent inspired coach was designed with their everyday needs in mind.

The split floorplan can be fully appreciated from a parent’s perspective. It keeps the noise at one end, and the sanctuary at the other. The master suite has sliding doors on both sides of the bed for easy access to the residential queen-size bed. There’s also a laundry chute that feeds directly to the exterior bay door to make laundry a grab-and-go experience.

The bunkhouse has three twin-size bunks and a two-person dinette that folds down for a fourth. This dinette is a great space for a homeschooling desk or gaming table. You’ll appreciate having the noise that comes with keeping the bathroom away from the master suite as you catch that extra hour of sleep.

4. Northwood Nash 29S Travel Trailer

  • Length: 32.4 feet
  • Dry Weight: 7,360 pounds
  • Sleeps: Up to 10 people
  • Price:

The Nash 29S is sometimes overshadowed by its sister coaches. Yet when you really look at this travel trailer, it has all-weather capability, solid construction, and features most RVs in its category don’t offer. This independent brand builds every component in-house to ensure the highest quality possible.

The rear bunks are secure but not claustrophobic. They keep the foot-section open so you can also use the space for storage while traveling. These full-size bunks can sleep up to two people per bunk.

For remote camping, the second door enters directly into the bathroom to double as a mudroom. This way you can keep the rest of the trailer clean instead of tracking mud throughout. As you clean up, you won’t have to worry about hot water since this coach comes standard with an electric/propane 10-gallon water heater.

If you decide to go on a winter camping adventure, the storage bay under the U-shaped dinette is accessible inside. You can get in there by lifting up the seat cushions and the access door under it. The RV also comes prepped with a bay for a generator and solar panels on the roof.

5. Grand Design Imagine 3250BH Travel Trailer

  • Length: 36.11 feet
  • Dry Weight: 8,496 pounds
  • Sleeps: Up to 10 people
  • Average Price: $44,500

Grand Design continues to be a leader in the RV industry due to how well they listen to their customers. Each year, their new product lines show direct evidence of new innovations that come directly from customer feedback. You’ll see this in the fine details as you walk through their products.

The 3250BH is a bunkhouse model that has four twin-size bunks. Underneath the bottom bunks, are two drawers each for storage. They also have a full-size wardrobe to give those sleepers additional space to store their personal items.

Some of the finer details of this coach include a bench next to the entry door that allows you to sit down to take your shoes off. There’s a pet drawer in the kitchen to hold your four-legged friend’s toys that are reachable for them. Grand Design is also known for having the biggest shower stalls in the industry.

The outdoor space is fully developed to enjoy your time. You’ll find an outdoor kitchen with a 4.1 cubic foot refrigerator, two-burner stove, and quick-connect propane hookup. For tailgating, there’s a coax cable connection to watch the big game with all of your friends.

6.Starcraft Autumn Ridge 32BHS Travel Trailer

  • Length: 36.5 feet
  • Dry Weight: 7,600 pounds
  • Sleeps: Up to 10 people
  • Average Price: $23,000

The 32BHS is a new floorplan for 2020. It’s one of the best bunkhouse travel trailers of 2020 due to its versatility, quality, and new features. As always Starcraft keeps family safety in mind by keeping the heat vents off the floor to protect your children and pets toes from being caught. They’ve also added a leash latch under the entry door handle so you can enjoy the outside space with the whole family.

In the double slide bunkhouse, the lower door side bunk has four open door cabinets for storage. On the off-door side, there is a two-person dinette and a flip-up bunk up top for added headspace. Each bunk has a Teddy Bear comfort mattress and is rated up to 300 pounds.

This coach comes with a flush glass top range to add counter space. You can choose between the new interior color patterns Mystic or Beige. Starcraft has eliminated all carpet from their RVs this year for easier cleaning.

7. Flagstaff Super Lite 527BHS Fifth Wheel

  • Length: 32.5 feet
  • Dry Weight: 8,472 pounds
  • Sleeps: Up to 8 people
  • Average Price: $40,500

This half-ton fifth wheel is perfect for families looking for full features and affordable gas mileage. Flagstaff makes setting up easy with an auto-level feature included as a standard feature. For added space, there are slideouts in the living room and master bedroom to give you additional walking space.

The rear bunks are full-size to accommodate two sleepers a piece. They are open at the right foot to give those sleeping there a sense of security. The closet next to the bunks gives them plenty of storage space to hold their personal items.

Behind the 42-inch television and fireplace is additional storage to maximize storage opportunity. The king-size U-shaped dinette can hold six people comfortably to enjoy a meal together. The wide pantry and optional residential refrigerator will give you all the space you need to load up enough food for long trips together.

8. Jayco Eagle 347BHOK Fifth Wheel

  • Length: 40.3 feet
  • Dry Weight: 12,865 pounds
  • Sleeps: Up to 10 people
  • MSRP Price: $80, 662

Jayco has been a required name in the RV industry for decades. You can’t talk about quality and ingenuity without bringing them up in conversation. In recent years, they have set the benchmark for new designs, finding new ways to use space, and incorporating new technologies.

The 347BHOK bunkhouse fifth wheel is your video gamer’s ultimate RV. The bottom bunk on the off-door side has been replaced with gamer chairs that fold out so they can kick out their feet as they blast aliens. Instead of a ladder, Jayco places three stairs on the door side for the top bunk user that doubles as a TV mount area.

The bunkhouse has its own half bathroom, so mom and dad can continue to enjoy their own quiet space in the front master suite. Behind the front cap is a full walk-in closet with a combo washer/dryer prep station. There is plenty of space on the residential queen-size bed to relax and watch your own shows if you make use of the TV prep space above the dresser.

9. Highland Ridge Open Range OF427BHS Fifth Wheel

  • Length: 41 feet
  • Dry Weight: 12,860 pounds
  • Sleeps: Up to 8 people
  • Average Price: $68,000

Highland Ridge’s motto is to “Own The Outdoors.” The Open Range OF427BHS makes a great attempt at this for full-time RVers looking for a fifth wheel for larger families. No matter the season, families will find this quality RV better than most houses.

The bunkhouse has the ability to sleep up to five people due to the jackknife couch that folds out for two sleepers. This bestseller has a full-length wardrobe complete with two drawers and a hanging closet. The half bathroom also has a direct entry that can act as a mudroom.

The living room can either have theater seats and a free-standing table for four, or a long u-shaped sofa with removable multipurpose tables. The refrigerator comes in either 18 or 21 cubic feet giving you and your family the capability to hold plenty of food for weeks of travel. The master bathroom has two entrances allowing parents to enter directly for continued privacy.

The full outdoor kitchen has a sink, griddle, tall dorm-size fridge, and plenty of storage. There’s even a TV hookup for tailgating or just enjoying a perfect day. On the other side of the main entrance, you can attach your barbecue, giving you the full outdoor chef’s experience.

10. Thor Windsport 34J Class A Gas Motorhome

  • Length: 35.7 feet
  • Dry Weight: 22,000 pounds
  • Chassis: Ford F-53
  • Engine: Ford 6.8L Triton V10
  • Horsepower and Torque: 320 hp/ 460 lbs/ft
  • Sleeps: Up to 9 people
  • MSRP Price: $157,200

The Windsport has been a popular gas Class A motorhome for decades. Its versatile floorplans and quality construction have been favored by families. The 34J is ideal for families with its open space and may different sleeping options.

The 34J has a twin-size bunk bed section that gives plenty of room for older children. Each bunk has its own light so the sleeper can enjoy their book or mobile device time without disturbing the other. The bunk area adapts to additional closet space when you no longer need it.

For added sleeping space, there’s a powered full-size bunk over the driver’s area. The motorcoach is also equipped with mobile device app control to make setup that much easier. When friends stop by, you can take advantage of the TV and kitchen in the outdoor space.

11. Fleetwood Discovery 38N Class A Diesel Motorhome

  • Length: 38.8 feet
  • Dry Weight: 33,400 pounds
  • Chassis: Freightliner
  • Engine: Cummins 6.8L V8 Diesel
  • Horsepower and Torque:
  • Sleeps: Up to 6 people
  • Average Price: $250,000

Fleetwood’s flagship, Discovery, offers the perfect combination of diesel motorhome luxury with family-friendly features. The 38N offers many of the best features you would expect from a diesel motorhome like residential-sized amenities, central vacuum systems, and two full bathrooms.

This particular floorplan comes with two twin bunks that have fold up video screens. Each sleeper can stream their favorite shows through the motorcoach’s sources or Bluetooth connectivity. As your family grows, the space can be turned into an extra closet.

It comes with a powered dropdown bunk over the driver’s area, like most other family-friendly motorhomes. The washer and dryer are placed side-by-side in the cabinetry in front of the king-size bed. This will make putting your clothes away easy since your wardrobe is next to it.

Bunk Beds or a Bunkhouse?

Choosing between a bunk bed or bunkhouse floorplan has to do with your lifestyle and the number of people you’re bringing with you. While full-size bunk beds can sleep up to four people, bunkhouses offer the kids the ability to have a whole room to themselves.

In bunkhouses, depending on the model you choose, you can have a TV, separate bathroom, sofa, dinette, or other features. Bunkhouses have doors or curtains that close off the space. Others offer separate entrances into the RV.

Bunk beds have privacy curtains but keep the kids apart of everything. Parents that are concerned about younger children may want to look for this type of floorplan so they can hear them better. Older children or teenagers can still have their private space with bunk beds with their earbuds or headphones.

Bunk bed floorplans come on shorter, less expensive travel trailers to save space. Bunkhouses offer a contained space that is versatile. Work-from-home consumers have used bunkhouse sections as office space.

One of the best ways to decide is to try them out by renting each one. Companies like Outdoorsy or RVshare allow you to rent RVs from thousands of owners in your area. You can try each floorplan out over a few weekends to determine what’s right for you.

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