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What is my RV Worth?

Valuing Your RV with NADA and Other Resources

Are you looking to sell or buy an RV and want to know its true value? Determining the value of your RV can be a challenging task, especially with the wide range of factors that can affect its price. However, there are several resources available that can help you accurately assess the value of your RV and answer the question: How much is my RV worth?

In this post, we will explore how to value your RV using the NADA guide and other valuable resources. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, understanding the true value of an RV is crucial for making informed decisions and getting the best deal possible.

The NADA Guide

The first resource we’ll cover for determining your RV’s value (and the most useful) is the NADA Guide. Let’s take a closer look at what this guide is and how to use it to answer the question, “How much is my RV worth?” 

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What Is the NADA Guide?

NADA stands for National Automobile Dealers Association. This is a major trade organization representing, you guessed it, automobile dealers across the nation. They provide resources for dealers (as well as consumers), including a guide to the values of new and used vehicles. 

The NADA Guide has been around since all the way back in 1933 when it was originally published as a magazine. These days, the NADA Guide is found online as a convenient and easy-to-use website. 

A quick note before we continue: while the term “NADA Guide” is still commonly used colloquially, it hasn’t been officially called this for a while now. In 2015, J.D. Power acquired the guide from NADA, and the guide is now hosted on their site with their branding. Despite that, it’s still commonly called the NADA Guide, and we’ll refer to it as such in this article. 

The NADA Guide is a comprehensive resource that helps you determine the value of different vehicles, including RVs. The guide uses actual sales data from dealerships, combining information like local market demand, wholesale prices, and retail market pricing to build a database of price ranges. 

You can get comprehensive knowledge about specific RV models and their specs and pricing using the guide. When calculating your RV’s potential worth, NADA takes into account factors like age, condition, mileage, and optional features. 

How To Use the NADA Guide


Using the NADA Guide to determine how much your RV is worth is easy. 

You can find the NADA Guide by visiting J.D. Power’s website, selecting “Pricing and Values,” and clicking on RVs. Alternatively, you can arrive at this page from the main NADA website and clicking on the resources for consumers. 

Once there, you’ll start by selecting what type of RV you’d like to see with the following options:

  • Travel Trailers/5th Wheels
  • Motorhomes
  • Camping Trailers (referring to trailers like pop-up campers and A-frame campers)
  • Truck Campers
  • Park Models
  • Tow Vehicles

After selecting your RV type, you’ll provide info like make, year, model, and zip code across a few different pages. At this point, you can either select “get base pricing” to see an average price for that make and model, or you can provide mileage and options/add-ons for more specific pricing info. Finally, you’ll receive a range of potential values for your RV, including: 

  • Suggested list price – the approximate value of the RV when new
  • Low retail price – the approximate sale price of a unit with extensive wear and tear
  • Average retail price – the approximate price of a vehicle in average condition that is clean and without glaring defects

You’ll want to consider the condition of your RV and compare it to the descriptions provided by the guide. This will help you determine roughly what the RV’s worth is. If your RV is old and worn, you’re looking at the low end of the range. But if it’s fairly new and in tip-top shape, you can likely get a price toward the high end of the range. 

Other Valuable Resources

Of course, while the NADA Guide is useful, it’s far from the only resource to determine your RV worth. Let’s take a look at some other valuable resources when valuing your RV. 

Online Classifieds and Marketplaces

Online classifieds like Craigslist and marketplaces like RV Trader and eBay can be a huge resource when looking into your RV’s worth. Look for RV listings on these sites that are similar to your RV in terms of make, model, year, and condition. This will help you get an idea of the asking price of RVs similar to yours. 

However, keep in mind that asking price doesn’t always reflect the actual selling price. Be sure to consider a variety of listings, and if looking on a site like eBay, consider following the listing until it sells so you can see the actual selling price. 

RV Appraisal Services

Another great option for determining what your RV is worth is using an RV appraisal service. These are professional services with experienced appraisers who will give a thorough assessment of your RV and its condition. Then, they’ll provide you with a highly accurate valuation. 

RV appraisal services have the advantage of being highly accurate. Plus, they take a lot of the guesswork out and make it so you don’t have to compare listings or consider a range of possible prices. 

The biggest downside to RV appraisal services is that, unlike the other options on our list, it will require you to pay a fee. But, this fee is well worth it if a highly accurate valuation is important to you. Plus, for things like insurance or financing, it may be required to have your RV professionally appraised. 

How Much Is Your RV Worth? With The NADA Guide, It’s Easy To Figure Out

Valuing your RV is an essential step in the buying and selling process. By utilizing resources such as the NADA Guide, online classifieds, and RV appraisal services, you can gain a better understanding of your RV’s true value.

Remember to consider factors such as age, condition, mileage, and optional features when determining the value. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently negotiate prices and make informed decisions that align with your RV goals.

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