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RV Cord Management: Tips for Organizing and Streamlining Your RV’s Cords

This post was updated on April 25th, 2024

Electrical power enables us to keep essential electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones, and modems fully charged. However, each device in our RVs, along with necessary accessories like extension cords and surge protectors, comes with its own set of cords, leading to RV cord management issues.

The Challenge of RV Cord Management

Maintaining an orderly RV storage space amid a multitude of electronic gadgets can be overwhelming. Fortunately, numerous innovative products are available to assist with cord management in your RV. In this guide, we’ll provide you with our top tips for preventing cord tangles and achieving seamless cord organization in your mobile sanctuary.

1. Simplify with an Electronics Cord Organization Case

Organizing case for cords in your RV
MATEIN Electronics Organizer available on Amazon

Electronics cord organization cases are a compact and neat solution for storing your RV’s electronics cords and even small devices. Popular cord cases often feature 2 or 3 compartments, each with multiple pockets, ensuring every cord has its dedicated and tidy spot. These cases are available in various colors and sizes, allowing for personalized organization. For instance, you might choose one color for your laptop cords and another for different devices, facilitating easy identification and access.

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2. Optimize RV Space with a Cord Storage Bag

Efficient cord storage solution for RVs
Case4Life Round Cable Bag available on Amazon

Tangled electrical cords not only create a mess but also risk damage, as the sheathing of these cords isn’t designed for such stress. This can lead to cracks or breaks if not properly coiled and stored. Given the cost of RV electrical cables, efficient storage is crucial to avoid a tangled, expensive mess. But how best to store them?

Many RVers favor storing their RV’s electrical and extension cords in a specialized cord storage bag with multiple compartments. This approach allows each cord, whether it’s an electrical or extension cord, to be neatly coiled and organized. Should a conventional storage bag not suit your needs, a variety of RV electronics cord cases are available on the market.

Pro Tip: Choose a storage solution that accommodates multiple coiled cords in a single case. This not only saves space but also ensures all your cords are easily accessible and well-protected when you need them.

3. Efficient Cord Management: Wrap and Label Your Electronics Cords

Mr-Label -1/2" Write on Cinch Straps - photo from amazon
Mr-Label -1/2″ Write on Cinch Straps available on Amazon

Efficiently managing small electronic cords by neatly wrapping and labeling them ensures quick and easy identification of the charging or power cord you need. Hook and loop cord ties are an ideal solution for keeping cords securely wrapped. Opt for cord wraps featuring a writable area, allowing you to clearly mark the device each cord corresponds to, streamlining cord identification in your RV.

4. Neatly organize cords in your RV with a cord management box

D-Line Cable Management Box - Source Amazon
D-Line Cable Management Box available on Amazon

Cord management boxes provide a neat storage spot for surge protectors and their associated mess of electrical cords.  Everything goes into the box and out of the way, stored neatly in a safe spot, like under a desk or in the entertainment center

Wrapping Up: Revolutionize Your RV Cord Management

The evolution of electronics has brought new challenges and opportunities to RV organizations. With a variety of innovative cord organization products available, managing cord clutter in your RV has never been easier. For additional insights and solutions to conquer cord disarray, explore these recommended electronic cord cases and transform the way you handle cords on the road.

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