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InstaShower GO Pro Review: A Portable Instant Water Heater on the Go

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This post was updated on April 25th, 2024

Recently, I had the chance to evaluate the InstaShower GO Pro, a portable water heater courtesy of Fogatti. As someone who lives full-time in an RV, I often find myself off the grid, or ‘boondocking,’ where resources need careful management. My motorhome comes with all the essentials, shower included, but I’m constantly seeking ways to extend my wilderness stays and avoid the hassle of filling up my gray tank.

What is the Instashower Go Pro?

InstaShower Go Pro set up with shower head.

The InstaShower GO Pro is a portable water heater designed for use in various outdoor environments. It aims to provide the convenience of hot showers outside of traditional bathroom settings, such as at remote campsites or near your RV.

It appeared as an ideal solution to my needs, not just for personal use but also for comfortably bathing my adventurous dog Leo, who loves getting messy. This propane-powered instant water heater offers precise temperature control and comes with a 5000 mAh rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for a continuous water hookup with its built-in pump.

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Technical Specifications

Battery Life and Power Options

  • Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a 5000 mAh battery, it provides up to 80 minutes of operation.
  • Power Options: Besides the internal battery, it can be powered through a car adapter or a portable power station for extended use.

Temperature and Water Control

  • Temperature Adjustment: A 2-in-1 control knob allows easy customization of the shower temperature.
  • Spray Patterns: There are three spray patterns available to tailor the showering experience.

Heating Capability

  • Fast Heating: The unit boasts a 22,000 BTU capacity, capable of heating water within just 10 seconds.

Safety and Efficiency

Safety Measures

  • Auto-Tilt Shutoff: For added safety, an automatic shutoff is triggered when the device is tilted.
  • Water Flow Sensor: Prevents the unit from operating when there is no water flow, to protect the system.

Eco-Friendly Design

  • Materials: Features an efficient copper heat exchanger and a stainless steel burner grate, chosen for durability and energy efficiency.

Versatility and Durability

Versatile Use

  • The Pro version features a pet-washing attachment to keep Fido clean on the go.

Build Quality

  • Assembly: The unit is straightforward to set up without requiring additional accessories.

The InstaShower GO Pro is presented as a solution for those who want to extend the comforts of home to outdoor settings, promoting both convenience and safety in portable water heating.

My Experience: Unpacking The InstaShower GO Pro

Initial Impressions

Unpacking the lightweight, 16-pound unit, I was immediately struck by its portability. Despite its light frame, the unit feels durable, and the convenience of the handles stood out. The design allows for easy transport, especially notable when I attached a one-pound propane tank.

Charging and Power Cord

Charging the device was my first step, utilizing my Jackery Explorer 1000 power station. The length of the 12-volt power cord, measuring approximately 12-14 feet, speaks to Fogatti’s foresight in planning for various outdoor setups. It also comes with a regular wall plug adaptor allows you to charge and power it with a 120V AC source.

InstaShower plugged into a Jackery portable power station.
To charge the InstaShower Go Pro, I connected its 12V DC plugin to my Jackery Portable Power station for a truly mobile setup.

Shower Setup Components

Included in the box are a magnetic shower handle holder and a hook, which offer versatile options for shower placement. The 8-foot shower hose length accommodates different user scenarios comfortably.

Hose and Connectors

Connecting the shower hose to the InstaShower Go Pro.

The hose boasts a quick-connect feature with a clear color code for hot water, showcasing an intuitive design. The connectors, made from lightweight plastic, strike a balance between weight management and durability, with a nod to corrosion resistance.

Showerhead and Patterns

The showerhead that comes with the unit has multiple spray patterns, adding to the overall functionality of the showering experience.

Pump Assembly and Water Source

InstaShower Go Pro water pump.
The setup is pretty easy. Just connect the shower head to the red connector and the pump to the blue one. Screw on a propane tank and drop the pump into a water source.

Moving on to the pump assembly, the device includes a 12-volt pump that pulls water from any chosen reservoir. A clear warning against using unfiltered natural water sources to prevent clogging the pump.

The tree hook and magnetic shower holder for the InstaShower Go Pro.
The InstaShower Go Pro comes with shower head hanging options. The magnetic holder can be attached to the side of the heater, a van, or any other surface a magnet will stick to. While the hook can be used to hang it from a tree branch.

Water Filtration Tip

When boondocking, actively pre-filter your collected water using a sediment filter, such as the 10-micron Felt Liquid Filter Sock from Amazon, to eliminate sediment. Keep in mind this method won’t remove pathogens.

Desert Camping Consideration

For desert camping, carrying an additional 5 or six-gallon water container with a wide enough mouth to accommodate the pump is a practical tip.

InstaShower Go Pro in use.
I was so excited to try out the pet-washing attachment that I forgot to grab a photo of the shower head on. I snagged this photo from Fogatti’s site so you can see the magnetic shower head holder in action.

Performance Testing

I conducted a test with a 5-gallon bucket of well water at 49°F, which the InstaShower GO quickly heated to over 120°F. This efficiency implies it could handle even colder water sources effectively.

Water Consumption

The pump’s operation was efficient, with the 5-gallon supply lasting approximately 6.5 minutes, translating to a shower duration that’s reasonable by most standards.

Additional Features: Pet Shower Attachment

The pet shower sprayer attachment, complete with a built-in scrubber, proved highly beneficial. While it’s designed to be strapped to the hand, I found it more convenient to use it without the strap.

Three phots of a man washing his dog with the InstaShower Go Pro pet washing attachment.
You can see the setup in the upper left image. The pump is in the bucket of water and connected to the InstaShower Go Pro. Rather than a 1-pound propane bottle, the Pro version comes with an adaptor allowing you to connect a regular propane tank to the heater.


Honestly, I felt pretty lukewarm about the likelihood of actually using the portable water heater frequently when I first received it for review (pun intended). But after giving Leo a much-needed bath and seeing how conveniently portable it is and how quickly it heats up the water, I’m filing it under the growing list of gadgets I didn’t know I needed until I tried it. It will be getting plenty of use on my RVing and camping adventures.

The InstaShower GO Pro stands out for its adaptability, efficiency, and user-friendly design. Ideal for RV enthusiasts and van lifers seeking convenience and comfort outdoors.

Get Early Access to the InstaShower GO Pro Through Fogatti’s Kickstarter Campaign

Want to snag the InstaShower GO Pro at an unbeatable price? Fogatti is currently running a special Kickstarter campaign where a $29 reservation gets you VIP access. This gets you first in line to receive the product when it starts shipping and a $160.99 + FREE SHIPPING discount on the retail price. Head over to their Kickstarter signup page to reserve a spot, or browse through their other tankless water heater and RV products from their home page.

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6 thoughts on “InstaShower GO Pro Review: A Portable Instant Water Heater on the Go”

    • Thanks for reading. It’s a great product. I should note in case I forgot. The heater unit must be used outdoors in a ventilated area due to the propane being used. So as long as your not lighting it up IN the trailer, you’re good to go. 😉

    • I contacted the manufacturer, and it looks like the retail price is going to be $559. That makes it one of the most expensive portable hot water units available today. I looked at the new unit from Coleman, and I believe their unit runs $297. There is also a unit made by Hike Crew, and It’s running $269. I suggest people look at the alternatives before pulling the trigger on this. They are starting their Kickstart program in December 2023 fwiw.

    • I’ll be sure to update the article with an official price as soon as it’s released publicly. As a wild guess, (I wouldn’t quote me on this.) Their other instant water heaters for RVs that aren’t portable run in the $500 range, so if I’m guessing I’d say this will probably fit within that range give or take.


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