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Gear Review: Cobra Electronics 75 All Road CB

This post was updated on November 8th, 2023

Cobra Electronics 75 All Road CB

New dual-mode CB radio combines wireless connectivity with compactness and great sound quality 

Cell phones are our main means of communication, but RVers still use and like CB radios because they offer an easy way to converse with others we may be traveling with while keeping an ear out for road and weather conditions shared among professional truck drivers. A Wireless CB Radio for RVers is also a great means of emergency communication when there isn’t cell service. A typical mobile CB’s range is between 3-5 miles depending on location.  

The advanced technology in Cobra Electronics brand new 75 All Road ($199.95) takes the realm of mobile CB radios to a whole new level when it comes to ease of use, ease of installation, level of functionality, and quality of sound, all wrapped up in a very compact unit. 

Cobra 75 mic transmitter
Cobra Electronics 75 All Road CB radio kit contains the compact transmitter and Bluetooth microphone, along with coax and instructions.  
Photo by Bruce Smith

Inside The Cobra Wireless CB Radio for RVers

The  75 All Road consists of basically two components: a palm-sized, 4-watt AM/FM transmitter and a wireless microphone. You can install the tiny dual-mode transmitter almost anywhere in an RV or tow vehicle. Just tap into a 12-volt power source and find a ground, like you would from a fuse block.

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The mic, which has all of the controls for the radio, isn’t connected to the transmitter. It gets its power by plugging in the coiled cord to the USB port on the transmitter, or any USB port in the vehicle, RV/trailer, or into a 12V outlet in the trailer or vehicle, at which time it communicates to the transmitter wirelessly via Bluetooth.  

Cobra wiring fuse block
The 75 All Road transmitter only needs a source of 12-volt power and good ground. Mick Ramirez at Brad’s Car Tunes tapped into my tow vehicle’s in-cabin fuse block to give the transmitter “ignition-on” power.  Photo by Bruce Smith

That means the transmitter can be easily mounted under a seat, against the cab wall, in a cabinet, or wherever else is convenient so the coax can be run to the antenna. I just had one installed in my tow vehicle by Brad’s Car Tunes, a local stereo shop in Eugene, Oregon. But installing could also be easily done by any DIY RVer. 

Cobra talking in-hand
Photo by Bruce Smith

Choosing The Best CB Antenna 

The 75 All Road doesn’t come with an antenna. Cobra recommends pairing the CB to either a tuned four-foot fiberglass stick-type antenna ($19.95) that mounts to a mirror, roof rack, or hood or a magnet mount CB antenna ($49.95) that attaches to the vehicle roof. I prefer the latter for cars and RVs and the stick version for pickups and trailers.

Selecting which antenna and mounting location is best depends on where and how the 75 All Road CB will be used. Check out Cobra’s great technical support section on their website before you buy the antenna because it answers every question about CB radios.

The Bluetooth microphone contains all of the controls for the CB radio. The buttons are easy to use and the screen big enough to see the settings and menus. Photo by Bruce Smith
The Bluetooth microphone contains all of the controls for the CB radio. The buttons are easy to use and the screen big enough to see the settings and menus. Photo by Bruce Smith

CB On The Road

The 75 All Road in my Mazda CX-5, which I use to tow a teardrop trailer, works like a charm. It’s very simple to use, and the speaker in the mic provides excellent sound quality. There’s nothing in the car that screams CB radio other than the mag-mount roof antenna. The mic clips into the bracket on the side of the center console, and the transmitter is hidden under a seat. The coax is run inside the headliner all the way to the rear hatch. 

It’s easy to switch between 40 channels on AM and FM modes with a touch of one button on the mic. The same applies to switching to emergency channel 9 and information channel 19. Both noise reduction controls for receiving and transmitting are easy to adjust using the buttons on the mic and display screen. Need instant weather reports? The “CB/WX” button will automatically scan for the strongest weather station signal in WX mode, which is very useful during cross-country road trips. The 75 All Road Wireless CB Radio for RVers also pairs nicely with hands-free Bluetooth headsets

Mick Ramirez installing CB
A professional stereo installer like Mick Ramirez at Brad’s Car Tunes knows how to fish the coax from the 75 All Road CB transmitter under the seat to the roof antenna so the coax is hidden inside the vehicle’s headliner.

Overall, the Cobra 75 All Road proves to be a valuable investment for RVers seeking:

  1. Enhanced communication capabilities at their fingertips.
  2. A compact CB radio that is easy to install.
  3. Exceptional sound quality for both sending and receiving.
  4. A discreet installation that keeps the unit hidden from view.

Special Thanks: Brad’s Car Tunes;

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  1. It’s a great CB Radio, I’ve had one for 20 years. the only downside is the cord from the mic is/was very UV/ozone sensitive and after three years started became brittle and began to crack and split. No problem through the smaller inside wires remained supple and fully functional. A great RV tool. I suppose if I’d covered the coiled wire with a ‘sleeve’ of some sort, it might not have done that.

    • Howdy Grey Beard,

      I almost missed it myself when I took a double check to see if the price was in there.

      I made it bold so it’s easier for future readers to pick it out. 👍

      edited article

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