Patio mat for RV

Best RV Patio Mat to Reduce Dirt

Short on time and want to know the best patio mat to expand your outdoor RV living space?

My top pick is the Professional EZ Travel Collection RV Awning Mat for the plentiful color and design selections in two sizes and overall durability in an easy to clean RV patio mat.

Professional EZ Travel Collection RV Awning Mat Reversible...
  • DIMENSIONS - 9 feet x 12 feet, Black/Beige...
  • DURABLE - UV Resistant, Mildew and Mold...
  • VERSATILE - Light Weight, Foldable,...
  • STAKE IT DOWN - Reinforced Looped Grommets on...
  • COMPLETE KIT - Includes Storage Bag and Mat...

You may wonder if an outdoor mat for your RV is needed, but trust me, it is!

In this guide to the best RV patio mats, I will tell you why you need a patio mat, what to look for before purchasing an outdoor camping mat, my reviews of the top five best patio mats, and how to maintain your patio mat to keep it in great shape through every camping season.

Join me to discover all you need to know about the top RV awning mats so you can make your campsite a perfect place to kick back and relax.

Why You Need a Patio Mat for Your Recreational Vehicle

Enjoy the Benefits of Using an RV Patio Mat Like:

  • Keeps camper interior cleaner
  • Covers grass, dirt or other surfaces to expand usable exterior space
  • Adds color and personality to your campsite
  • Safe surface for pets and children
  • It won’t get wet or soggy like an outdoor rug can
  • Protective layer between your patio furniture and ground

No one wants to deal with dirt and messes inside their motorhome, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, pop-up, teardrop, or other recreational vehicle while on a camping trip.

A patio mat made for RV use will reduce the amount of tracked-in dirt, and add beauty and a safer, more comfortable surface outside your camper which makes it one of the essential RV accessories to carry when you travel.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Mat

Buying an RV patio mat, also commonly referred to as an awning mat, is simple when you know what to look for.

Next, let’s look at the features you need to consider when purchasing an RV outdoor patio mat.

RV Patio Mat Material

All patio mats are made from some type of plastic.

Why plastic?

Plastic is a lightweight, yet durable material that will dry quickly and weave into many different designs and sizes. Mats made of plastic can fold up and store compactly inside your camper without adding excessive weight.

So are all plastic RV mats the same?

No. Some brands use any type of plastic made into thin tubing then weave it into a rug that may only last one camping season. Some brands use thick polypropylene plastic that has UV protection and creates a more impenetrable barrier between you and the ground.

Even better, some brands use only 100-percent recycled plastic in their RV patio mats, which is excellent for the environment.

Many companies use a weave that is known as a “breathable” or “grass-friendly” mat which is perfect for keeping your rug from ruining the grass if you are staying for several days at the same campground because it allows rain and sunlight to penetrate to the ground below.

The type, thickness, and environmental benefits of the plastic material in an RV patio mat will help you decide which outdoor patio mat brand is best for you.

RV Patio Mat Size and Design

Patio mat size and design

Most people buy an RV patio mat that corresponds with the color and size of their recreational vehicle.

Is this the smartest way to make a patio mat size decision?

Not really. Having adequate storage space for your patio mat is critical, but all patio mats are relatively lightweight, and you can fold them into quite a small package for storage so even a large mat could fit within a small camper.

Most color schemes for outdoor patio mats are neutral and can match many RV exteriors, so while it is nice to have a perfect match in color, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker if the size and material are right.

Any size recreational vehicle still can benefit from a large, protected, outdoor surface for entertaining and enjoying the great outdoors which camping is all about.

My recommendation is to get a large RV patio mat (9-by-18 foot or 9-by-20 foot) which allows you to fold over the mat for smaller camping spaces or spread it out when space is available.

If your budget doesn’t allow for such a large RV patio mat, buy the largest one you can afford to increase your camping enjoyment.

RV Patio Mat Accessories

Some patio mat kits offer a bag to store and carry the mat as well as ground stakes to hold it in place. A set like this is a convenient way to have everything you need on hand when it is time to use your patio mat while camping.

While these accessories to your mat are a nice touch, see that they are of good quality and add real value to the set.

A good set of ground stakes is affordable if you need to purchase them separately, and a plastic yard waste bag can function for storage.

Bestseller No. 1
Prest-O-Fit 2-2001 Patio Rug Stakes - Pack of 6
  • Easily secure your patio rug to the ground
  • Low profile design for smooth walking surface
  • Rust-resistant, nickel-plated steel
  • Pack of six

Top 5 RV Patio Mat Reviews

Read along as I review the top RV patio mats with the pros and cons of each brand, some pertinent details about the materials and functionality, and what type of RVer it would work for best.

BEST FOR – Any RVer looking for a patio mat to match their RV exterior color design and be able to choose the size most suitable to their needs.

Ming's Mark RA7 Brown/Beige 9-Feet x 12-Feet Classical...
  • Soft and durable 100 percent virgin...
  • Breathable and safe for grass
  • UV protection against sun damage
  • Easy to clean just sweep away dirt or spray...
  • Light weight and can be folded into compact...


  • Constructed of durable UV-protected polypropylene
  • Five design choices
  • Three size choices
  • Safe for short-term grass placement
  • Lightweight and easy to store


  • Must purchase stakes to keep it down
  • Material is thinner than other mats, so holes can occur from chair legs, etc.

The Ming’s Mark Reversible Patio Mat is a favorite in the RVing community due to the range of color and size choices.

The mat is made from 100-percent virgin polypropylene with UV protection to hold up to damage from sun exposure. The mat is breathable, which means water will flow through it, so you can use it short-term when your campsite does not have a concrete patio pad without killing the grass.

You can easily hose off, dry, then fold the lightweight RV patio rug into a compact size for storage when traveling. The company has three size choices, so you can purchase the perfect one to suit your needs while camping.

Customers like that this mat includes a bag, which makes it super convenient to store and carry the RV patio mat. The biggest plus of this mat is the color range, which allows you to find the one that looks best with your RVs color scheme.

There are a couple of issues customers have with this mat. First, the lightweight material will lift or blow in the wind so you’ll need to purchase RV patio mat stakes to keep it in place. There were also a few complaints of chair legs poking holes through the mat when it’s set on the soft ground if you are not careful.

BEST FOR – RVers who care about how their camping accessories are made and are willing to pay a bit more for unique designs and a high-quality product created using fair trade principles.

Fab Habitat Seville Indoor/Outdoor Recycled Plastic Rug,...
  • JUTE CARRIER BAG with shoulder strap...
  • GOODWEAVE CERTIFIED our rugs are made by...


  • Made from 100-percent recycled plastic
  • Five sizes
  • UV protection against sun damage
  • Dries quickly
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Reversible
  • Goodweave certified (no child labor)


  • On the expensive side

The Fab Habitat Seville Recycled Plastic Rug is a great choice for ecologically conscious RVers looking for an outdoor patio rug for camping season because the mat is made completely from recycled plastic straws and water bottles.

Better yet, the Fab Habitat brand is Goodweave certified, which means they do not use child labor to make these handmade RV patio rugs.

Another great feature with this rug is the resistance to mold, mildew, and UV rays which help prevent fading and breakdown of materials due to sun exposure. The fabric dries quickly and allows the surface underneath the rug to dry out as well.

Customers love how easy the RV patio mat is to store, and that they can place the rug on grass or decking without causing damage. They also appreciate how quick it is to clean the rug with either a broom or hose.

Another feature customers rave about is the range of patterns and colors available and that each mat is reversible for even more flexibility when you display it at your campsite.

The biggest downside of this RV patio mat is the price point, which is higher than many people want to pay for an outdoor camping rug. Of course, the cost is due to the ethically made and recyclable resourcing of materials put into the rug.

BEST FOR – Any RVers looking for an ample-size outdoor camping rug that will hold up to the elements season after season, and fold into a compact bag for storage.

Professional EZ Travel Collection RV Awning Mat Reversible...
  • DIMENSIONS - 9 feet x 12 feet, Black/Beige...
  • DURABLE - UV Resistant, Mildew and Mold...
  • VERSATILE - Light Weight, Foldable,...
  • STAKE IT DOWN - Reinforced Looped Grommets on...
  • COMPLETE KIT - Includes Storage Bag and Mat...


  • Reversible
  • Large color and style options
  • Long lasting
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • UV protection
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Lightweight


  • Some areas where the pattern is white can wear thin over time
  • The rug may separate from edge seams

The Professional EZ Travel Collection RV Patio Mat is another great option when you are looking for an outdoor RV rug that will last through many camping seasons.

The patio rug weave is of 100-percent polypropylene tubing that offers UV protection, breathability, and a barrier from dirt, rocks, sand, cement, or grass surfaces while camping.

Customers like the array of design, color, and size options of the patio mats this company manufactures, which makes it simple to select the perfect outdoor RV rug to match your recreational vehicle.

Customers also appreciate the reinforced looped grommets at each corner that makes it simple to stake it and avoid having it blow away during windy days and how the size fits nicely under their RV awning.

Customers were disappointed that the RV patio rug kit didn’t always arrive with all four ground stakes that should come with the package and that some white areas of the rug pattern show signs of wear when the other colors stay true.

BEST FOR – RVers looking for an affordable, complete, and easy-to-store camping patio mat kit that will extend their useable outdoor space while camping.

Redwood Mats Patio Mat 9' X 12' Beige Reversible Outdoor Rug...
  • THE PERFECT RV OUTDOOR RUG! Made of 100%...
  • HAVE PEACE OF MIND With Our Money-Back...


  • Reversible design
  • Breathable material
  • Includes carry/storage bag and ground stakes
  • Four sewn-in corner loops


  • Color fades quickly

The Redwood Mats Patio Mat is another popular choice for RVers who want a complete awning or patio mat kit that includes the ground stakes and storage bag to make using it during camping trips much more convenient.

The durable mat covers your outdoor space outside your camper, which helps keep dirt, sand, or mud from getting tracked inside your RV. The mat also keeps campsite grass from damage because the fabric allows water to penetrate through the rug.

Customers like the beige color that goes with any RV exterior design and the reversible pattern when you feel like changing up the look of your patio space.

Customers also note the mold and mildew resistance of the fabric and how quickly the rug dries, so they can fold and store it when it’s time to travel.

Customers weren’t as happy with the design of the ground stakes, which can pop through the fabric if not set correctly. Consider picking up grommets to slip the stakes into or purchase a different ground stake with more holding ability.

BEST FOR – RVers on a budget who want an extra-large outdoor patio mat perfect for family camping or those who like to entertain at their RV and want more ground protection.

Fireside Patio Mats Navajo Breeze Burgundy And Beige 9 ft. x...
  • Spruce up your tired deck or patio with this...
  • 100 percent polypropylene plastic resists...
  • Corner tie-down loops to stake mat to ground...
  • Durable UV-stabilized material resists fading...
  • Reversible design provides 2 complimentary...


  • Corner tie-downs for ground stakes
  • Large size
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Folds and packs easily


  • No carrying bag or ground stakes
  • Fold creases hard to eliminate
  • Thinner than other patio mats

The Fireside Patio Outdoor Reversible Patio/RV Mat gets high marks from RVers due to its large size and unusual pattern that makes sprucing up your campsite quick and easy.

The durable Polypropylene (plastic) mats are reversible with a complementary pattern in the same color palette on the other side. Even though this RV patio mat is larger than other brands, the rug folds up easily and is lightweight which makes it easy to take camping.

Customers like that this mat is fade and stain resistant and if it gets dirty, clean up is as easy as rinsing it with your hose and letting it air dry. They also like that the material resists mold and mildew growth.

Fireside reversible patio mats have a strong customer base due to the very affordable pricing and the convenient corner loops so you can stake the mat to the ground to keep it from becoming a trip hazard if the edges lift due to windy conditions.

Customers weren’t as happy that they have to purchase ground stakes separately and that the thinner plastic material in the RV patio mat can wear out or tear faster than other brands.

How to Maintain an RV Patio Mat

The amount you invest in your outdoor RV patio or awning mat is up to you, but protection is a smart move, so you don’t have to purchase a new rug each camping season.

Follow these three tips below to maintain your patio mat.

Cleaning Your RV Patio Mat

To Keep Your Rv Patio Mat in Its Best Condition, You Should Never Store the Rug When It’s Wet or Dirty.

  • Luckily, it’s easy to clean these plastic material outdoor rugs. I use my RV awning cleaner with my extendable RV brush to wash my patio mat at the same time I wash my motorhome. By doing this, I make sure my rug is getting clean on a regular schedule
SaleBestseller No. 1
Camco 41024 Awning Cleaner 32 Oz, 32. Fluid_Ounces
156 Reviews
Camco 41024 Awning Cleaner 32 Oz, 32. Fluid_Ounces
  • Restores the appearance of RV awnings
  • Removes mold stains, dirt, tree sap and road...
  • Safe for all fabrics
  • Professional strength
  • 32oz bottle
  • The quick-dry, lightweight material of most RV patio mats means you can lay it out over your picnic table or a couple of chairs to keep it off the ground until it dries and you can fold it for storage
  • For a daily clean while at your campsite, brushing a broom in the direction of the long weave of the rug (typically the width, not the length) will sweep of any debris like leaves off the surface

Use the Correct Ground Stakes

Many ground stakes that either come with an RV patio rug purchase, or you buy separately do not work well with the looser weave of these types of outdoor rugs. They can slip through the fabric, or slip out of the ground (especially on sandy soil) and soon you find your mat blown about in the wind.

So How Do You Avoid This Issue?

  • No matter what comes with your patio mat purchase, I know from experience that it’s wise to keep a stash of extra ground stakes in your RV at all times. These back-up stakes should offer a wide grommet that will hold the fabric around your main stake securely and keep it from tearing
  • You can get a secure hold in sandy or loose soil by using plastic stakes that have a broader head to make it easy to use a hammer to pound them into the ground. Place the small hook at the top of the stake over the edge of your mat which will pin your mat down
SaleBestseller No. 1
AdvenGO 10 Strong Polypropylene Stake Set for Grass, Soil -...
  • STRUCTURALLY UNIQUE: The Reversi ground...
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: Our kit comes with 10,...
  • WON'T BEND OR BREAK: When we designed these...
  • A MUST FOR EVERY OCCASION: Anyone who is the...
  • Another good tip is to place many more stakes along your RV patio mat edges than only at the four corners manufacturers recommend. I use a stake every two feet all around the perimeter of my outdoor awning rug when on grass or other natural surfaces. Doing so has kept my rug in place even during some high-wind thunderstorms
  • If you have no choice but to place your RV patio mat on concrete and have no way to secure it down, place chairs, tables, coolers, or other heavy items at each corner to help keep it in place
  • Nothing will ruin your rug faster than having it twisting and folding up repeatedly during a windy camping trip, so having a set of good-quality secure ground stakes is a must-have

Reinforce the Edges

The weakest point on an RV patio mat is the point where the plastic woven material attaches to the fabric-sewn edges. This point is where many people find their rug tears after many months of use because this is where the ground stakes usually attach.

So What Can You Do to Prevent This from Happening?

  • Silicone adhesive caulk!
  • Get a tube of clear (or a color that matches your rug) of 100-percent silicone adhesive caulk. Using some rubber gloves, run a bead of caulk in short sections around the patio mat at the line where the fabric edge meets the plastic weave
  • Spread the caulk bead with your finger and slightly push the caulk into the mat weave, so you create a seal between these two materials
  • Continue along the entire edge of your mat and let dry. Flip the rug over and repeat the steps on the other side if you want a firm hold
  • The flexibility of the caulk will allow you to fold the rug like normal as long as you keep the layer of caulk reasonably thin
  • This low-cost caulk enhancement will support the rug edges and help secure the ground stakes without tearing the plastic weave away from the fabric trim.
  • I put caulk on my outdoor mat and have been using that same rug for four years. While the pattern on my mat is worn down, the edges are still intact


Best RV patio mat to reduce dirt

Finding the right patio mat for your campsite space will make it more welcoming and useable.

I hope this guide to the top five RV patio mats will help you make the best choice when selecting this important RV accessory.

Watch this quick video to see for yourself the difference between RV patio mats and RV patio rugs to help you decide which type of outdoor ground cover is best for your camping needs.

Professional EZ Travel Collection RV Awning Mat Reversible...
  • DIMENSIONS - 9 feet x 12 feet, Black/Beige...
  • DURABLE - UV Resistant, Mildew and Mold...
  • VERSATILE - Light Weight, Foldable,...
  • STAKE IT DOWN - Reinforced Looped Grommets on...
  • COMPLETE KIT - Includes Storage Bag and Mat...

What’s your favorite type of RV patio mat? Share your top pick to help others in the RVing community!

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