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Friends on the Road: The 11 Best RV Clubs for Socialization

Into RV travel and keen on expanding your social circle? Look no further than RV clubs. Picking the ideal one can be daunting, especially if you’re budget-conscious. No sweat, though. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, diving deep into the world of RV clubs to identify the cream of the crop—and who they’re most suited for. Scroll down for the deets!

RV Clubs: Something for Everyone

We’ve got the scoop on clubs that cater to RV travelers across the board, offering a plethora of options that meet diverse needs. These inclusive communities are excellent for those wanting a well-rounded RV experience. Fair warning: With such a wide membership, finding your niche within the RV community might take some time.

RV Life Communities

First on our radar is RV LIFE Communities. With some of the most bustling online forums in the RV world, you’re practically guaranteed to find the answers and connections you’re after.

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These forums are organized by rig types and special interests, making it easy to connect and spark up friendships.

Best part? The RV LIFE forums won’t cost you a dime, leaving you with extra cash to splurge on a couple of the premium RV clubs below.

Escapees: A Comprehensive RV Community

Escapees is an RV community that aims to support various aspects of the RV lifestyle. With a range of discounts and support services, it also caters to different types of RVers through sub-groups like Xscapers, which is tailored for those who work while traveling.

Escapees offers educational resources for RVers at all experience levels. This includes in-person training sessions, online courses, and a variety of webinars and blogs. The aim is to help RVers operate their vehicles safely and efficiently.

The community aspect is a significant part of Escapees. Members often describe a sense of belonging and camaraderie that comes from participating in the club’s various events, which range from local gatherings to larger annual events like the Escapade.

On the practical side, members have access to a network of Club-owned and member-operated parks. Additional benefits include discounts at various RV parks and an extensive mail forwarding service. The club also offers roadside assistance and has partnerships for discounted RV tires.

Family Motorcoach Association: A Hub for RV Enthusiasts

The Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA) serves as a vital resource for RV owners. Known for its strong sense of community, FMCA facilitates networking and the exchange of ideas among its members.

One unique feature of FMCA is its “Stoppin’ Spots” program. These are emergency safe havens offered by members for members. Whether you’re in need of a temporary parking spot or require mechanical assistance, this initiative aims to provide a safety net for travelers.

FMCA also organizes RV rallies, which serve as in-person platforms for members to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another. These events often feature workshops, seminars, and social gatherings.

Membership benefits extend beyond community engagement. FMCA provides a range of educational materials on RV living, including a dedicated magazine. Additionally, they offer specialized cell phone plans to ensure you stay connected while on the road.

Specialty RV Clubs: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

If you’re seeking something a bit more “tailor-made,” specialty RV clubs are your go-to. These niche communities have a smaller, cozier member base, which is great for building meaningful connections. However, they might not be as generous on the perks and benefits, unlike their larger counterparts.

Fulltime Families: Your Home on the Open Road

Ever dream of turning the open road into a family affair? Fulltime Families is your jam. It’s not just a social circle; it’s a lifeline for parents and kids who’ve traded suburbia for highways and byways.

One of the highlights is their focus on education. Whether you’re into traditional homeschooling or the more adventurous “roadschooling,” they’ve got your back with resources and tips.

And let’s not forget the community aspect. With a calendar chock-full of family events and specialized groups, you’ll find your tribe in no time.

But it’s not all fun and games; there are practical perks too. Think exclusive discounts on RV essentials, making your nomadic lifestyle a bit easier on the wallet.

Republic of Nomads: Adventure Without the Price Tag

On the rise and easy on the pocket, Republic of Nomads is all about affordable family fun. Centralized Facebook group? Check. Wallet-friendly events? Double-check. And the kicker? Zero membership fees.

Handicapped Travel Club: Making the Road Accessible

If you’re juggling the RV lifestyle with a disability, Handicapped Travel Club is your sanctuary. It’s a tight-knit community offering resources and connections that make the road less daunting.

National African American RVers Association: A Community on Wheels

Looking to connect with fellow African American RV enthusiasts? NAARVA is where it’s at. They’re not just building a community; they’re building a movement.

Rainbow RV Club: Your Road, Your Rules

For LGBTQ RVers, Rainbow RV Club is more than just a club—it’s a celebration. Be yourself, and find others who are doing the same, all while exploring the open road.

RVing Women: Hit the Road, Ladies

For the solo female travelers out there, RVing Women is your ticket to freedom and fun. Think of it as your sisterhood on wheels.

So, there you have it—the lowdown on specialty RV clubs. Whether you’re after something niche or just a place that feels like home, there’s a club out there with your name on it. Do you have a favorite RV club we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments.

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