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Best RV Backup Camera for Safe Reversing & Parking

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If learning more about all my top RV backup camera choices interests you, stick around! I wrote this comprehensive buyer’s guide to the best RV back up cameras so you can find the perfect viewing system to make driving, parking, and reversing your camper a safe and stress-free experience. Follow along as I explain the benefits of having a backup camera system on your RV, the types of camera systems available, the features to look for in a backup camera system, and my review of the top five best RV backup cameras.

Benefits of Having an RV Backup Camera

RV backup camera for safe reversing and parking

An RV backup camera is a rearview camera system that provides assistance when parking or reversing at campsites, gas stations, rest stops, and more.

If you are like me and live an RV lifestyle, you have been witness to many incidents like:

  • Sewer or water line damage, broken power pedestals
  • Dents, scratches, or severe damage to RV rear and sides
  • Pet or children injuries
  • Crushed bicycles, grills, or picnic tables

These events happen because the driver of the recreational vehicle has poor visibility and must either get in and out of the RV repeatedly to check clearance behind the camper or rely on the hand signals or frantic loud voices of others when parking at a campground.

Avoiding disasters and increasing safety while driving your recreational vehicle is the most significant benefit of having a backup camera, but many systems have other features that add value.

Night-vision capabilities make parking at dark campsites more manageable.

A backup RV camera kit can come with two or more cameras so you can have live-stream viewing while driving to help with lane changes or vehicles following too close.

Some offer security characteristics like motion-sensing cameras that will turn on to alert you if animals or people are creeping around your RV during your camping trips.

Remember that most motorhomes do not have rear-view mirrors that are of any use while driving.

My rearview mirror gave me a perfect view of my bathroom door. Even if I left the bathroom door open, it still didn’t expose my back window. A backup camera is like having a true rearview mirror again!

The Different Types of RV Backup Cameras

RV backup cameras come in two types: wired or wireless.

Which is better?

The answer depends on what you need the camera for on your recreational vehicle and how much money you want to invest in your backup camera system.

Let’s look at the difference between these two types of backup cameras for RVs.

Wired Camera System

A wired backup camera system provides high-quality images that run directly to your cockpit display without interference.

While this type of camera system works wonderfully in recreational vehicles built with the wiring in place, it does pose a problem when trying to retrofit the cables along the roof or through a camper that is complete.

The longer the distance between the camera and the monitor, the more trouble and time it will take to run the wiring and secure it in place.

Because of the length of the wires and components needed to install a wired backup camera on an RV, it’s best to hire a professional with experience in recreational vehicle 12-volt and 110-volt wiring so your camera system works as it should.

Wireless Camera System

Many RVers who need a backup camera go with the more technologically-advanced wireless system which eliminates the need to run wires the length of your recreational vehicle.

Important note: During my research I found that wireless systems put on aluminum or metal-skinned trailers can cause more interference in the signal. Combat this by mounting the camera on the side back of the camper, and place the monitor on the same side to the left of the steering wheel which creates a stronger signal strength because the signal line is more direct.

An important secondary fact about “wireless” backup camera kits is that you DO need to connect the monitor (usually to a cigarette lighter 12-volt power source) and the camera to a power source (typically the reversing or running light wiring) in your RV for the system to work.

The term “wireless” in this category of the RV industry means there is no wire or cable between the camera and the monitor.

Wireless backup cameras are a favorite for campers that never had a camera system or for RV backup camera replacement on rigs that have systems that are broken or obsolete.

The most significant benefit of the wireless backup camera for RVs is the ability of just about any handy person to install the system on their camper, which saves on professional installation costs.

The most noted issue with a wireless system is the signal interference that can pixelate or blackout the picture on the cockpit display. Interference can be from outside sources or could be a result of the sheer distance between the display unit and the camera unit on long travel trailers, fifth-wheels, and motorhomes.

I don’t need to tell you that having a poor picture on your backup camera display as you are trying to park your camper into a tight campsite is more than just frustrating; it’s downright dangerous!

The excellent news in RV wireless backup cameras is that many new systems utilize digital signals which reduce interference issues.

What Features to Look for in an RV Backup Camera

The best features to look for when choosing a backup camera for your recreational vehicle are:

  • Image quality/scope of visibility
  • Ease of installation
  • Durability
  • Night vision ability
  • Camera image versatility

Follow along as I break down each topic further to explain how the different RV backup camera features impact your purchasing decision.

Image Quality and Scope of View

Superior image quality is important when choosing a backup camera for your RV because a blurry, distorted, or small range-of-view video feed can put your camper in danger of hitting obstacles you can’t see like power pedestals, trees, or picnic tables.

Another reason you should demand a clear image and broad scope of view in your backup camera is to avoid hitting things low to the ground, like pets, children, rocks, or sharp cement patio corners that can blow out a tire.

Damage to persons, pets, campground equipment, or belongings is a scary possibility when operating such a large vehicle. The bill to repair damage to your RV when you back into a tree can be astronomical.

In my years full-time RVing, I have seen more backup accidents than I care to mention.

Avoid devastating mistakes by making sure your RV backup camera system lets you see clearly day or night.

Ease of Installation

Time is money. Time is a lot of money if you have to hire a professional to install your RV backup camera system.

Choose a system that features components that are quick to install, and a package that comes with all necessary equipment to avoid trips to the hardware or electronics store for a mounting bracket or other gear.

The faster it takes to install the RV backup camera system, the less money you have to pay a technician to do it. For DIYers, the less time you need to spend making your camper safer to drive is more time you can enjoy actually camping.

How Much Does a Backup Camera Installation Cost?

An average professional installation can take up to two hours at the cost of around $75-$80 per hour. The price of the backup camera system itself is the real expense, so try to select a backup camera system that has all the components included, and also fits within your budget.


You need your recreational vehicle backup camera to be weatherproof and made of durable materials that can handle the bumps and vibrations of RV travel.

Internal components must be shock-proof to provide years of reliable use in all types of climate and weather conditions.

Look for thick metal housings on the display unit and camera, with commercial-grade coatings that won’t rust, dent, or flake. A waterproof rating is a must.

If a backup camera looks and feels cheap, expect a short lifespan. You may feel you got a marvelous deal on a low-cost camera, but it won’t be such a bargain if you have to replace it after a few months due to poor function from cheap materials and construction.

Night Vision Option

Seeing clearly at night when backing up your RV is especially vital when you reach your camping destination after dark.

Some backup camera systems don’t offer night vision capability, or the image is unclear after several feet. A camera that provides an extended range of night visibility with plenty of definition of objects will reduce the stress of parking your RV after a long day of driving.

Camera Image Versatility

When choosing a recreational vehicle backup camera system, you should look for options to change the camera image into color, black and white, infrared, or night vision. Ensure that each setting provides a clear image.

A crisp, well-defined daytime color image may turn murky when switching to night vision.

The higher the quality of the camera, the better image you should expect, but don’t rely on anyone’s word for it. Test it yourself to make sure you and anyone who may be driving the RV can see the images clearly on the screen day and night.

Top Five Best RV Backup Cameras

The demand for backup camera systems for travel trailers, motorhomes, fifth-wheels, and even teardrop campers increases daily.

Safety and convenience are the top reasons to install a backup camera on your RV, but many other details come into play when choosing the best RV backup camera systems.

In this section, I review the top five best backup cameras for RVs, with the pros and cons of each. I also give more detail about each brand and model, plus what type of RV or camper is best for each backup camera system.

So come along and see why I find the backup cameras below to be the top picks for RVs of any kind.

BEST FOR – RVers who demand all the latest technology and features in an easy-to-install wireless backup camera to use while camping.


  • Wireless
  • Infrared night vision
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Wide-angle view
  • Supports up to four cameras
  • Automatic wake-up security camera
  • Parking assistance with distance and rear-assist grid lines
  • Offers surveillance/motion detection feature


  • Small monitor screen
  • Pricey

The Furrion FOS43TASR is a top pick due to the extra features that aid in safety while driving and parking your RV that justify the higher price tag.

The Vision S system offers wide-angle lenses, helpful parking lines you can turn on or off, and rear-assist and distance grid lines for backing up your RV with ease. The night vision feature uses infrared technology that allows you to see clearly at night, which makes parking in the dark so much safer.

This anti-glare Furrion model also adjusts automatically in color, brightness, and contrast to the lighting conditions at the display monitor so you can always see the image. The waterproof RV backup camera is capable of handling the extremes of any climate so your investment will last for years.

Customers relate the peace of mind they have when using the auto-awake monitor at night because it can turn the cameras into a motion-detecting security device. They also appreciate the wireless digital signal that minimizes outside interferences in image quality.

Customers like that this system can support up to four cameras, so they can have complete live-streaming coverage around their RV at all times, which makes changing lanes while driving down the highway much less stressful.

Customers were not so happy with the size of the monitor screen and installation instructions that do not make it clear that the camera must connect to the running light wires to operate. Luckily, most newer model RVs have backup camera wires in place, even if a camera is not pre-installed.

BEST FOR – RVers who want a complete wireless backup camera system that has enough cameras to cover critical areas around their RV to make parking and backing up a breeze.


  • Large monitor
  • Complete kit
  • Crisp images
  • Waterproof
  • Superior night vision
  • Clear and easy installation
  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Responsive customer service


The ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System is an essential tool if you need help for parking or reversing your recreational vehicle.

The large digital wireless monitor screen features a 100-percent no-interference signal for sharp images even while at highway speeds up to 75-MPH. The durable materials and waterproof design make it ideal for any RV installation.

The advanced rear-view camera features infrared lights and a high-definition image processor for confidence while backing up your RV day or night.

Customers like how the monitor turns on automatically when you put your motorhome or tow vehicle into reverse. They also approve of the way the camera can be set to cover the hitch area for when you must hook up your trailer while alone.

Customers also like you can mount the monitor either on the dash or visor to make viewing the image most comfortable.

There were some complaints that an antenna booster had to be used on longer recreational vehicles to maintain a sharp image. A few customers note a slight lag time in image display while driving at highway speeds.

BEST FOR – RVers looking for an audio feature to go along with the backup camera so they can hear helpful information while parking or reversing the camper.


  • Large 7-inch display
  • Reduces visual and static interference
  • Clear image with audio
  • Highest waterproof IP rating (IP69K)
  • Wide-angle camera
  • Complete kit-install right out of box
  • System can support four cameras


  • Expensive

The Rear View Safety RVS-770613 backup camera is a complete high-definition package with crisp imagery to make parking at campsites day or night less stressful.

The camera is made of superior materials and has an IP69K waterproof rating, which is the highest in the industry. Eighteen infrared night-vision lights provide excellent visibility up to 50 feet on the darkest of nights.

This RV backup camera kit offers two ways to view the camera; either when you put the vehicle into reverse, or to remain on at all times while driving for continual observation.

Customers give top marks for the camera’s 130-degree ultra-wide viewing angle which eliminates rear blind spots. They also like the audio feature so the driver can hear instructions or warnings coming from behind the RV.

The grid lines are another feature customers appreciate, which makes judging the distance to obstacles concise. Users additionally like how the monitor auto-dims or brightens when the ambient light changes, which makes it comfortable on the eyes when viewing the screen.

BEST FOR – RVers looking for an affordable, yet well-functioning backup camera system that provides extensive views and clear images even at night.


  • High-definition imagery
  • Large monitor
  • Clear infrared night vision
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic function when backing up
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable


  • Wide angle may not be the full 175-degrees they advertise

The Dual Backup Camera Monitor Kit by Coolwoo is an affordable and reliable observation system perfect for recreational vehicle use.

The backup camera comes as a complete kit so you can install and operate it right away which eliminates extra trips to the store for random parts or cables.

The night vision camera has six filter layers in addition to a built-in CCD chip, so the image on the monitor is crisp and clear. Eight infrared LED lights assist in creating a bright image when parking after dark.

Customers praise the wide-angle of the camera that is broader than most other RV backup camera brands. They also like the large monitor screen that lets you see the space behind your camper without straining your eyes and the remote for changing the video feed or turning off the unit without having to touch the monitor.

Customers like the two video inputs so they can utilize two separate cameras at once, or use one and have one to store as a back-up. The auto-on reverse function turns the unit on with no fumbling for buttons or switches when you are ready to park your RV.

The only recurring critical comment about this backup camera system is the claim it offers a 175-degree wide-angle view. While users agree that the camera has a wider angle than other brands, it doesn’t seem to reach this mark.

BEST FOR – RVers with large recreational vehicles who want the best and can afford the best.


  • Huge 9-inch monitor
  • Shock resistant
  • Double CCD rear camera
  • Weatherproof
  • Military Grade Night Vision
  • Wireless
  • Easy to install
  • Watch all cameras on one screen simultaneously
  • Metal sun shield visor protects rear camera


  • Very expensive
  • Monitor may be too large for some spaces

The TadiBrothers 9 Inch Wireless Ultimate RV Backup Camera System truly is the ultimate in a wireless RV backup camera for your travel trailer, truck, bus conversion, fifth-wheel or any other type of recreational vehicle because of the oversize monitor that won’t let you miss a thing.

This backup camera system kit offers military-grade high-definition night vision, as well as sharp colors during daytime use. Another great feature this TadiBrothers kit can boast about is the ability to watch all your cameras at once on the monitor. No more flipping between camera angles!

Customers love the two cameras that give you 120-degree views of the side of your RV and makes changing lanes on the highway or pulling through tight spaces effortless. They also appreciate the low-profile, so you don’t have to worry about them getting knocked off your RV if you drive through low-hanging branches.

Customers also like the waterproof, 120-degree-view dual-camera for the rear of your camper that has a sunshade on the mount to provide additional glare reduction. This rear camera is a favorite because it allows you to angle each camera separately so you can see your hitch AND the traffic behind you at the same time.

The only downside to this RV backup camera system is the very high price. You do get a lot for the money and customer service is superb.


Having a backup camera on your RV that works reliably is another way to make camping trips much more enjoyable and a whole lot safer.

Watch this short video for more tips and information about just how a backup camera assists you when driving and parking your recreational vehicle.

What’s the most helpful feature on your RV backup camera system? Tell us about it below!