Brian Newman

Although he’s from Motown, Brian is a legacy RVer that grew up on I-75. He, his wife, and three working-class fur-babies have enjoyed the full-time RV lifestyle since 2017. Like John Madden, he hasn’t “worked” in years because he gets to write about his passion. When he’s not working, he supports his daughter’s dog rescue efforts and disability causes.

Group of friends at an rv tailgating party

RV Tailgating: What You Need Know

We’ll show you some of the best campers and essential accessories for your RV tailgating party and the tailgating rules you need to know.

A couple sits in bed in their RV master bedroom

RV Master Bedroom Claustrophobia

There is a reason why RV manufacturers make the RV master bedroom so small. I’ll explain why designers do this, and what the trade-offs are.