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Winter RV Living: the Best RV Brands for Adventurous Cold-Season Excursions

This post was updated on March 24th, 2021

Even during the cold, frosty, and even frigid temperatures of winter, you can enjoy hitching up your trusty RV and heading out on an invigorating winter RV excursion. If this has been a dream since last year’s cold season, but you have not yet acquired a well-insulated camping vehicle, now is a good time to do so. Perhaps you have an older RV in serious need of replacement, but you are undecided about which new model to choose for use as an excellent selection of extreme cold weather RVs. If either of these dilemmas fits your current situation and you are now seriously in the market for a new, winter RV, I highly recommend the top-tier caliber and extremely popular Keystone Montana.

Leading Winter RV Brands and Models with Essential Frigid Weather Comforts and Amenities

Winter camping

Without question, the Keystone Montana RV has superior ratings in all areas of operation and road handling as well as all the necessary and desirable creature comforts and amenities you could possibly need during the course of an extremely cold, wintry excursion. However, there are a number of other winter RV brands and models that you should examine and consider before deciding on the best cold-weather RV to satisfy your specific preferences, needs, and occasional whims.

The major attractive, well-insulated winter RVs for you to consider buying include the following:

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#1 – Keystone Montana

This Keystone Montana and other Montana models all come with the four seasons living package to keep you toasty warm and cozy on winter trips. This all-seasons package includes an enclosed, insulated underbelly as well as 12V electric tank heating devices to prevent freezing damage to your RV. The main floor is kept warm with R-21 insulation while the slide-out floors are protected from cold temperatures by R-5 insulating material. The walls are shielded by a double layer of R-11 insulation, and the roof provides radiant technology R-38 protection for maintaining adequate heat inside your RV. In addition, the centralized heated external water and convenience center provides the luxury of an outside shower, water heater bypass, and low-point drains that are enclosed to ensure optimum functionality.

Your Montana model may also offer elite design features such a pair of fireplaces and an expansive walk-in closet for storing your myriad bulky winter sweaters, jackets and other items of cozy or insulated clothing. This top-rated RV also offers a dual thermostat and remote sensor and a second A/C (duct design) that is a frame and wire construction. Its foam core straight line heat duct system measures 3 by 14 inches, and this model is equipped with an auto-ignition 35,000 BTU furnace. Additional features of the Keystone Montana RV include in-floor water lines, dump valves, and holding tanks that are enclosed and insulated, a well-vented attic system, and free-flow air conditioning at 15K BTUs (for the sweltering days of summer).


• The Keystone Montana offers the ultimate comfort and convenience for year-round road trips and camping excursions. Its optimal quality insulation makes winter adventures just as enjoyable as trips during the milder seasons, keeping you and your family or camping friends warm, cozy and enjoying luxurious creature comforts on even the most extreme icy cold days of winter.


• This advanced fifth wheel trailer is in the higher price range, selling for $48,000 to $49,000 at most dealerships, which may be more than some all-season campers want to spend for a new RV.

#2 – Forest River Arctic Wolf

The comprehensive extreme weather package of the new Arctic Wolf fifth wheel makes this stylish and practical trailer a good choice for the coldest winter climates. Its very effective 35K BTU furnace keeps the entire interior of this RV warm and inviting during the most frigid days of the cold season. This model also has a powerful ceiling fan to circulate the warm air evenly throughout the trailer’s interior. The sophisticated arctic weather insulation secures the heat while preventing cold drafts from entering your warm, cozy haven on wheels. Regardless of your travel route, you need not worry about problems with freezing, damaged or bursting lines and tanks, since they will be continuously protected.

With your strong and reliable heating system, your deluxe trailer will be well safeguarded against damage from low temperatures and ice accumulation as a reliable choice among extreme cold weather RVs. Especially since the underside of your RV is enclosed, you can expect smooth operating action throughout the winter cold. With this brand’s bunkhouse design, your entire family or group of friends can share the joys of camping together. An attractive option is a 5,200 BTU fireplace to make your trailer interior, even more, inviting this winter. The largest model of this RV design has a weight upwards of 10,000 pounds with a hitch weight of up to 1,452 pounds. It measures 35 feet in width and 11 feet in height. This model features a solar energy system, upper bunk windows, a full home entertainment system, and entry doors with friction hinges.


• The extreme weather package of the winter RV keeps your entire trailer interior bathed in warmth, making it possible and pleasurable for you and your family or camping buddies to travel during cold, blustery weather or snowfall.


Drivers who are novice RV navigators may have some difficulty parking this trailer and maneuvering it along narrow or winding roadways.

#3 – Heartland Bighorn

Built with fine caliber design and construction methods, this modern RV is ready to protect you from the harsh winter temperatures while operating at full capacity. With its generous supply of block foam insulation, the interior maintains soothing warmth, even on frigid days and nights. While the trailer flooring is safeguarded against drafts from outside by thermo-board luan and flex foil R-14 insulation, the roof is kept warm with the aid of R-34 insulation. The RV’s enclosed underbelly is heated to keep your spacious, attractive camper cloaked in warmth with the help of the large slam-baggage doors that are also insulated against ice damage. Your comfortable indoor surroundings will stay well-heated and relaxing, due to the trailer’s highly effective 42K-BTU furnace.

Some models of this design have a built-in electric fireplace beneath the entertainment center to provide additional radiant heat for your relaxing, leisurely enjoyment. As a leading manufacturer of all-seasons trailers, the Heartland Company offers close to one dozen different floor plans for the new Bighorn design, in varied sizes. The largest model weighs over 14,000 pounds in dry weight with a hitch weight of almost 3,000 pounds. Its length equals about 45 feet. All these models are equipped with R-14 upper deck flooring insulation and R-38 insulation for the main flooring areas. The roof has R-34 insulation, while the walls are protected with R-11 insulation. This model offers 42,000 BTUs, Plump-PLEX water piping, fiberglass walls and laminated flooring. This RV also offers top level detailing and craftsmanship.


• This updated RV design has a one-piece heating duct installed beneath the floor, which will keep your flooring toasty-warm throughout the winter.


• The heating capacity of the new Heartland Bighorn may be over-done for winter campers who live in locations with moderately cold winter climates.

#4 – Windjammer 3008W Travel Trailer

I like the fact that travel trailers like this Windjammer are a great help to novice campers getting accustomed to comfortable and even luxurious life on the road. This spacious 3008W model has room for five beds, enabling you to go camping with your family or group of good friends. Weighing 7,482 pounds with a hitch weight of 897 pounds, this RV is well insulated and will keep everybody warm and comfy throughout your excursion. This model’s black water tank has a storage capacity of 45 gallons, and its gray tank can hold 75 gallons. The freshwater tank can store 45 gallons of water as well.

This updated trailer design also features all-around insulation and heated holding tanks that are electronically controlled. Thermo-pane window upgrades are also offered, and the large master bedroom has a heated mattress for wintertime comfort. Also included are a powerful furnace with duct work under the floor and a fireplace upgrade. Other useful features are the vent cover and a Maxxaire ventilating fan. This trailer also offers a wardrobe in the spacious master bedroom, a dinette area measuring 44 inches as well as microwave and gas grill connectors.


• Although this is not an especially glamorous looking camper trailer, it is a comfortable and highly efficient choice for novice campers getting used to life on the go.


• This camper trailer is both heavy and long, which can make it difficult to manage on the road for some new trailer drivers.

#5 – Jayco Eagle

This latest Eagle model winter weather RV from Jayco is spacious and has a full-size bathroom that includes a sink, shower, toilet, and linen closet plus a kitchen hutch with a second sink. Other enticing creature comforts are a luxurious L-shaped sofa and extra reclining chairs for all to enjoy. The kitchen is equipped with an updated refrigerator measuring 21 cubic feet. Additional amenities of this stylish RV include a queen-sized bed in the master bedroom with measurements of 60 by 80 inches, walk-in closet space, a TV console, a washer, and a dryer. The exterior of this camper sports a 19-foot awning.

Optional amenities and items of interior decor for this fine example of extreme cold weather RVs include a Girard Gen3 tankless water heater with a digital thermostat and a Sani-con Turbo waste management system. It also offers double pane, frameless safety glass windows that are tinted for your privacy and to prevent glare from the sun. The second power awning can be helpful, and the dry camping package provides extra space for storage of cargo, camping necessities, and sports or leisure activity equipment.


• This updated Jayco Eagle model offers the ultimate in amenities, upgrades and options for comfortable, relaxed living while on the road.


• If you want the luxury and style of the new features and upgrades offered in this fashionable RV model, you will need to allow for a substantial increase in the price to purchase this contemporary recreational vehicle.

#6 – Keystone Raptor

This Raptor model from Keystone is extremely well insulated against outdoor frigid temperatures and freezing drafts. Its roofing is shielded with R-38 insulation, and the walls are protected with R-9 insulating material. The flooring is insulated with R-31 protection as well. Well safeguarded against harsh weather and low temperatures outdoors, the interior of your Raptor will bask in the warmth generated by your powerful 35K-BTU furnace. The well-heated, enclosed underbelly of this trailer model will resist any danger of freezing water in your RV water tanks and piping. Attractive features of this model’s interior include a luxurious king-sized bed and a pair of large reclining sofas for relaxing over hot beverages with family or friends.

One popular feature of this version of the Raptor is that customers have a choice of eight different floor plans. Each plan includes the same standard rooms and storage space, but each one offers a different layout. Another desirable feature is this camper’s MaxFlo zone-controlled all-seasons air conditioner with 15,000 BTUs, which ensures strong, even, and dependable heating of your RV’s entire interior. The outstanding arctic package provided by this contemporary camper trailer design is a joy for anyone who enjoys planning camping excursions during the extremely cold winter weather.


• With its protective arctic package and selection of multiple varied floor plans, the Keystone Raptor RV may win your heart and coax you out on the road for camping trips all through the winter this year, regardless of frigid temperatures.


• The only possible disadvantage to owning an updated Raptor model from Keystone is that it may entice you out on the road most weekends throughout the winter season, leaving all your necessary chores and tasks at home undone.


There’s a wide selection of attractive, effective and efficient extreme cold weather winter RVs available on the consumer market today for beginning and avid campers and adventurers. Although every one offers myriad features, both standard and optional, for safe, comfortable and cozy warm excursions throughout the freezing cold of winter, some features and amenities will appeal to you more than others.

My favorites among the RV choices discussed above are the Keystone Montana and the Heartland Bighorn, due to the Bighorn’s superior detailing and craftsmanship and the Montana’s four seasons living package. However, regardless of the recommendations of others, your RV buying decision will ultimately depend on your own personal preferences, needs, desires and whims for a top-tier winter weather camping experience throughout this year’s coldest season and many more to come.

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