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Excellent Walmart Alternatives For Frugal Overnight RV Camping

By Levi Henley          August 30, 2022

1. Costco

1. Costco

Many Costcos allow overnight RV parking. The best practice is to call the Costco you want to stay at and ask.

2. Home Depot

2. Home Depot

Many Home Depot stores allow RV overnight parking in their parking lots, provided local ordinances allow it and the store manager gives permission.

3. Lowe’s

3. Lowe’s

Like Home Depot, whether or not Lowe’s allows overnight parking is up to the store manager (and the city or local government).

4. Cracker Barrel

4. Cracker Barrel

The popular restaurant chain has RV parking at many of its locations, and most allow RVers to stay overnight.

5. Cabela's

5. Cabela's

Some Cabela's allow overnight parking. Like the other businesses, you will want to call the location you wish to park at ahead of time to ensure their location allows it.

6. Bass Pro Shops

Some Bass Pro Shops allow overnight RV camping. Like all the other stores mentioned, you have to check on a store-by-store basis.

7. Travel Centers/Truck Stops

While some travel centers and truck stops have specific spaces for RVs, the long parking spaces in the back are placed there for truckers.

Truckers are required to stop after so many hours, while RVers aren't. Many RVers will only take a truck parking spot as an absolute last resort out of respect.

Some travel centers like Pilot/Flying J offer RV-specific parking spots at many of their locations. Love's even offers full-hookup RV sites for a pretty cheap price.

8. Casinos

Many casinos allow RVs to stay overnight in their parking lots for free. You'll want to call ahead as some give you a parking pass.

9.  Rest Areas

Most states allow some sort of overnight stay in rest areas. Those that don't prevent overnight stays by a drastically small time limit.

For example, Florida has a 3-hour stay limit, and their rest areas clearly state overnight parking isn't allowed.

You will see many rest areas say that no camping is allowed. Keep in mind that this does not include sleeping in your RV.

As long as you don't turn it into camping by setting up a tent, roasting 'smores outside, lounging outside with your RV awning and slides out etc.

Before We Talk About 9 and 10

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9. Harvest hosts

Harvest Hosts is a network of wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, and attractions that allow RVers to stay overnight at their locations.

While the locations allow you to stay overnight for free, there is a $99 yearly membership fee to access the locations.

They also request that members support their hosts by purchasing at least one of their local products during their stay.

But picking up a bottle of wine at your campsite isn't exactly an arm-twisting ask for most.

10. Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is a $79 yearly membership that gives members unlimited access to stay at privately owned properties.

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