Keeping Mice Out of Your Camper

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Camper Smarts

The Three-Pronged Approach

The key to mouse-proofing your camper is a three-pronged approach: Deter, Discourage, and Repel.

Deter: Seal Entry Points

Seal potential mouse entry points with spray foam and steel or copper wool. Use wire mesh where airflow is needed.

Discourage: Secure Food and Paper

Make your camper inhospitable by securing food and eliminating potential nesting materials.

Repel: Use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a natural mouse repellent. Apply it on fabric scraps and place them where you've noticed mouse activity.

Repel: Commercial Botanical Mixes

Commercial botanical mix products can also repel mice effectively and are safe for humans and pets.

Repel: Use Light and Traps

Mice dislike light. Placing a string of lights under your camper can keep them at bay. Traps can also be used if necessary.

The Result: A Mouse-Free Camper

By implementing these methods, you can enjoy a mouse-free camping experience.

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