Essential Gear for New Travel Trailer Owners

Essential Gear for New Travel Trailer Owners

Congratulations! You just purchased your first RV. Now it’s time to get those 15 things you have to buy after getting a new travel trailer.

1. Hoses

Invest in a quality sewer hose and a sanitary drinking water hose. Consider attachments that make draining easier.

2. Electrical Equipment

Equip yourself with a surge protector, an extension cord, and different adapters. A fuse kit can also come in handy.

3. Jacks

Jack pads, blocks, tire chocks, and bubble levels are must-haves for the stability of your trailer.

4. Toilet Essentials

Use black tank chemicals and RV-specific toilet paper to maintain your RV toilet.

5. Emergency Kits

Consider road side kits with hazard signs, jumper cables, and tow cables. A comprehensive first aid kit is also crucial.

6. Tool Kit

Basic tools like a hammer, screwdrivers, allen wrenches, an adjustable wrench, a tire gauge, and a grease gun are crucial.

7. Generator

Portable generators come in many types and sizes and are great for dry camping or as a backup to your solar system.

8. Pet Supplies

Keep dedicated leashes, latching devices, and outdoor toys for your pet in the RV. Also, keep a copy of their vaccination records.

9. Backup Camera

A backup camera can make traveling and parking much easier. You can find both wired and wireless versions.

10. Kitchen Supplies

Cooking on the road calls for specific types of cookware, dishware, and utensils designed to withstand the challenges of an RV lifestyle.

11. Linens

Remember, RV mattress sizes can differ from residential sizes. Have designated sheets and towels for your RV.

12. Outdoor Furniture

Portable folding tables, lounge chairs, and an entry mat can enhance your outdoor camping experience.

13. Cleaning Supplies

Keep RV-friendly cleaning supplies like vacuums, laundry detergent, and cleaning wipes on hand.

14. Internet Gear

A wireless hotspot solution can keep you connected. There are also options like Starlink too.

15. RV Insurance

Don't forget to insure your RV for peace of mind. Talk to your RV dealer or car insurance carrier for recommendations.

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