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Choosing a Domicile for Fulltime RVing

By Chelsea Gonzales

Oct 11, 2022

having a domicile is important to receive mail, register your vehicles, renew your driver’s license, and file your taxes.

There are a number of things you should consider when choosing your domicile.

Choosing Your RV Home State

If you have a piece of property you are leaving behind in your state of origin, it might be best to hang onto that state as your home base.

Take Your State of Origin Into Consideration

Take a Look at Mail Service Options

There are a few different mailing services that are popular in the RVing circle. 

Take a Look at Mail Service Options

These include: Escapees Saint Brendan’s Isle Anytime Mailbox FMCA and Dakota Post.

Know Where You’ll Be

It’s always best to domicile in the state you’ll spend the most time in or will be returning to for a period of time on a yearly basis.

Know Where You’ll Be

This makes things like like serving jury duty, voting, renewing your driver’s license, and getting annual vehicle inspections a whole lot more straightforward.

Consider Taxes

Not all states charge income tax. Not only that, but things like vehicle taxes vary quite a lot from one state to the next.

Think About Schooling

Some states have homeschooling laws that make it difficult to homeschool on the road. Therefore, homeschool laws are something to consider if you have school-aged children.

Keep Your Business in Mind

Those taking a business traveling with them—or planning to start a business in the future—will want to look into the small business laws in any state they consider using as a domicile.

Look Into Driver's License Renewal, Vehicle Licensing, and Vehicle Inspections

Some states require yearly vehicle inspections, while others don't.

Some states need you to come in to renew your driver's license each time, and others allow you to do it online. The same goes for renewing your vehicle tags.

Choosing a state that does not require you to have your vehicle inspected and will allow you to renew important licenses online is definitely the way to go if at all possible.

Ask If You Can Vote

Learn whether absentee ballots are allowed in state and local elections and the process for voting from out of state.

Best Home Base for Fulltime RVing: Top 3 Picks


Many RVers spend each winter in Florida, and they use these months to get important things done in their domicile state.


There is no state income tax there, and homeschooling laws are relatively lax if you join an "umbrella school."


Vehicle inspections are not a requirement. Insurance rates are pretty low.


Texas is another place where people spend the winter, making it easy to take care of important business while you're down there.


This state has the most laid-back homeschooling laws of all, does not charge state income tax, and has low insurance rates.


While Texas does require annual vehicle inspections, this is something you do not have to have done until you eventually return to the state.

South Dakota

While not many people make a point of returning to South Dakota each year, some are willing to add it to their travel plans fairly regularly to take advantage of the benefits of calling it their home state.

South Dakota

Homeschooling laws are pretty relaxed in South Dakota and they have no income, inheritance, or personal property tax.

South Dakota

There are no vehicle inspections, and registration fees are very reasonable.

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