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Prevent RV Theft With the Top 5 Fifth-Wheel Locks

Published on February 7th, 2023 by Jennifer Jennings

One of The Best Ways to Protect from Theft Is Using a Fifth-Wheel Lock

Buying a fifth-wheel trailer is no small investment. Even a small, used RV will cost you tens of thousands. For newer, larger models, costs can get well into the hundreds of thousands. With so much money invested, you want to be sure your RV is protected. One of the best ways to protect from theft is using a fifth-wheel lock.

Let’s take a closer look at fifth-wheel locks and show you the best fifth-wheel locks on the market right now. 

What is a Fifth Wheel Lock, And Why Do You Need One?

A fifth-wheel lock is a device that you attach to the kingpin on your fifth wheel to prevent it from being connected to a hitch.

Usually, these locks come in the form of a round steel shaft that slides over the kingpin – although other designs do exist. For example, some fifth-wheel locks have a U-shaped design similar to a U-lock for a bicycle. Whatever the design, once the lock is in place, it makes it impossible for your kingpin to slot into the head of a fifth-wheel hitch.

Why do you Need a Fifth-Wheel Lock?

Fifth-wheel locks increase the security of your trailer when it’s parked and not in use. Without a lock, anybody with the right hitch can theoretically hitch up your trailer and drive away with it. You might think that nobody in their right mind would steal anything so large, but you’d be wrong

Because of the danger of theft, any fifth-wheel owners should have a fifth-wheel lock. A good lock is especially recommended if you own an expensive trailer or frequently leave your trailers parked in public places. If your RV will be parked anywhere unattended for a long period (like during the winter), you definitely want a lock on your kingpin.

A good lock won’t make theft impossible (as anyone who’s ever had a bike lock cut off can attest). But the lock acts as an added security measure that makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your RV. And the harder your RV is to steal, the more likely a would-be thief will skip over it for an easier target. 

The Top 5 Fifth Wheel Locks You Can Buy Right Now

Now that we know about fifth-wheel locks let’s look at the best ones you can buy right now. 

CURT 23255 Fifth Wheel Trailer Lock

First on our list is the CURT 23244 fifth-wheel trailer lock. This is a U-shaped lock with rubber grips on the sides for easier handling. Unlike some locks, which can be hard to get a solid grip on, the handles on this lock make it easy to grip when attaching and removing it. 

This is a 2″ diameter lock designed to fit any fifth-wheel trailer with a 2″ kingpin. The lock is made with a high-strength steel pin and an aluminum bracket. A watertight dust cap is included to protect the lock’s internals from the elements. 

2. BOYISEN Fifth Wheel Kingpin Lock

The BOYISEN fifth-wheel kingpin lock is next on our list thanks to its sturdy design and great features. This is a cylindrical lock with a unique side handle that helps make attaching and removing the lock a breeze.

The lock is made with heavy-duty, drill-resistant steel. This prevents the lock from breaking (or being broken by would-be thieves), as well as from corrosion from the elements. 

For extra security, the device features an upgraded lock, which is guaranteed to be keyed uniquely. That means someone else who buys the same product won’t be able to use their key on your lock. 

Lastly, the BOYISEN lock has an attached tag that advertises a kingpin lock is installed. This helps ward off potential thieves and ensures you never forget to take the lock off before hitching up your trailer and doing a tug test

3. AMPLock U-LPCVR Conical Fifth Wheel Lock

The AMPLOCK U-LPCVR fifth-wheel lock is a super-heavy-duty lock that’s one of the strongest and most reliable on the market. Made from 10 pounds of steel, this lock is designed to resist being cut by a torch or made brittle by liquid nitrogen. 

The lock features a unique conical design that prevents traction with any attached chains. It’s also designed to be unpickable and features a protective face to prevent drilling.

Plus, this lock is made by a family-owned company. The AMPLock is manufactured in North America using materials sourced exclusively from USA and Canada. Even better, AMPLock is so sure of its products that they back them all with a five-year warranty!

4. Proven Industries PL-5 Fifth Wheel Kingpin Lock

Next on our list is the Proven Industries PL-5 Fifth Wheel Kingpin Lock. This super-sturdy lock is made with a solid steel TIG-welded collar, held in place with a 303 stainless steel pin. That means the lock is tough enough to resist power tools and bolt cutters, ensuring no thief will make off with your trailer. 

The super secure internal lock mechanism is designed to prevent anyone from being able to pick the lock. While the unique interior locking system also ensures nobody will be able to make a copy of your key. 

Proven Industries is a family-owned company, and they make all of their products in the USA.  

5. KAYCENTOP Fifth Wheel Lock

This uniquely designed fifth-wheel lock from KAYCENTOP is the final on our list of the best fifth-wheel locks. The lock is made with a clamp design that’s super easy to fit onto your kingpin. Simply open the lock, close the “clamp” around your kingpin, push in the locking mechanism, and your fifth wheel is secured. 

A triangular handle makes the lock easier to attach and remove. It’s made with aluminum alloy that makes it durable while still weighing under 2 pounds. An attached caution tag helps deter thieves and ensures you won’t forget to remove the lock before hitching up your trailer. 

A Fifth-Wheel Lock Is Essential To Prevent RV Theft

Coming home to a missing fifth-wheel trailer is something no RVer wants to experience. Thankfully, a simple fifth-wheel lock is an easy way to deter theft and keep your RV safe. Simply apply the lock and go about your day with the peace of mind that your RV will still be there when you get back. 

Which fifth-wheel lock do you use?

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  1. We have an Anderson hitch so the kingpin lock don’t work. We use locking x chocks on both sides to prevent theft or accidental movement.

  2. I use a Blaylock EZ Lock for King Pin. Very happy with it. Have owned a Blaylock EZ Lock for a gooseneck coupler for nearly 20 years and have been pleased. Both 5th wheel and gooseneck are made from aluminum, so no worries about rust/corrosion and are light weight for their size. Need to by a separate disc type padlock and you’re all set.

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