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Is An RV Washer Dryer Combo Right For You

An RV Washer Dryer Combo Is More Convenient Than A Laundromat

Doing your laundry at campsites and laundromats can be a pain. For one, you have to leave the comfort of your RV, not to mention hoping there are machines available and paying for every load. However, an RV washer dryer combo is a great way to make laundry easier and even save money in the long run. So let’s iron out the details with the pros and cons of installing one in your RV. 

What is an RV Washer Dryer Combo?

These machines are exactly what they sound like: an all-in-one washer and dryer for your RV. They combine both laundry processes into one unit, rather than having a separate RV washer and dryer. (This is also an option, though).

A good example is the Splendide washer dryer combo. Splendide makes some of the best RV washer dryer combos, such as the Splendide WDC7200XCD Combo Washer/Dryer. A washer dryer combo for RVs is one small unit with a single compartment where washing and drying occur. 

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An all-in-one washer dryer for RVs is an alternative to an RV stackable washer and dryer with two separate appliances that can be stacked on top of the other. 

An RV washer and dryer combo are smaller and usually cheaper than a stackable unit. But are they right for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Pros of an RV Washer Dryer Combo

There are many great things about an RV washer and dryer combination unit.


The biggest is probably convenience. With a washer and dryer in your RV, you can do laundry from the comfort of your camper any time of day or night. You don’t have to worry about finding a laundromat or a campsite with laundry facilities.

Wrinkle-Free Clothes

Another plus is that you can avoid your clothes getting wrinkled when you transport them from the laundry facility to your RV. Instead, you can put clothes away directly from the dryer.

Cheaper in The Long Run

Over the long run, an RV washer and dryer can also save you money. The Simple Dollar estimates that a washer and dryer pays for itself in around 600 loads of laundry. They also share that home laundry is $2.15 cheaper per load versus a laundromat.

How RV Washer Dryer Combo Units Compare to A Stackable Set

A washer and dryer combo also has some advantages over an RV stackable washer dryer.

  • Size – A combo washer-dryer will take up less room than a washer and dryer stacked on top of each other, freeing up precious space in your RV. 
  • Weight – RV washer and dryer combos are also lighter than stackable units. For reference, the Splendide 2100XC weighs 153 pounds. Meanwhile, the Splendide WFL1300XD washer and the Splendide DV6400x dryer have a combined weight of 213 pounds!

Cons of an RV Washer Dryer Combo

While an RV washer dryer combo has a lot of positives, there are also some negatives to consider.


One of their biggest upsides is also one of their greatest downfalls: their size. Because they’re designed to take up less space, a washer dryer combo will usually fit less clothing than larger units. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to do more, smaller loads of laundry.

Longer Drying Time

RV washer dryer combo units can also be slower at drying clothing. This is partly because many RV combos have ventless dryers. Instead of venting hot air outside, a ventless washer dryer combo relies on methods that remove moisture into the air in the unit and recondense it away from the clothes. Though ventless dryers take longer to dry clothes, they use 20%+ less energy overall to dry the same load as a vented unit—something to keep in mind if you frequent parks that charge for electricity.

You can speed up the drying time by getting a vented dryer. However, this comes with its own drawback. You’ll have to make a vent to install a vented RV washer dryer combo. This involves making a small opening in your RV’s sidewall. Overall this isn’t too complicated, but it might still be undesirable for several reasons.

Extra Weight

While washer dryer combos are lighter than two stacked units, they still add a fair amount of extra weight to your RV. Besides weight limit issues, the extra weight will make your vehicle less fuel-efficient. In fact, according to the US Department of Energy, every extra 100 pounds on your vehicle reduces your fuel efficiency by 1%.

No Multi-Tasking

In comparison to stackable units, combo washer-dryers also have the downside that you can’t dry one load of laundry while you wash another. Because everything happens in the same compartment, you can only do one load at a time. This, combined with smaller capacities, means that laundry could take you longer than if you had a stacked washer and dryer.

Unintentional Movement

One last downside is that an RV washer and dryer will cause your rig to move a bit while it’s working. This is just a bit of rocking back and forth and isn’t anything to worry about. However, some might find it uncomfortable or annoying, especially if you’re trying to run a load of laundry while you sleep. 

The Verdict: It’s a Wash

The argument whether you’re better off installing an RV washer and dryer combo is a wash. For some, the investment is absolutely worth it: convenient, space-saving, and can even be money-saving. 

However, if you have a lot of laundry (like for a full-time family), a combo unit might be more painful than going to the laundromat or installing a stackable unit.

So what do you think? Do the pros outweigh the cons for your RV lifestyle? Or are you still going to the laundromat?

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13 thoughts on “Is An RV Washer Dryer Combo Right For You”

  1. And we wonder why campground fees are going up, campground guest should be charged by how many air conditioners and now if they have a washer and dryer.

    This is completely ridiculous.

  2. Been full timing for 8 years and have the combo described in your article. Wouldn’t be without it!! For just the two of us, it saves time and money. I throw a load in every other night and fold in the morning. Love it!!!! Now if I could just get it to fold and put away, I’d really be a happy camper lol!!!

  3. Only savings is time.
    Takes up much space, Uses precious water.
    Easier to spend an hour in a laundromat with several machines doing it fast and with serious cleaning.
    Some things are too easy.
    And in a pinch – wash in the sink.

  4. We had a new splendid installed in our 2020 trailer and have had to repair it 3 times. Twice by my husband and once by a splendid mechanic. Howe have one that is 22 years old in an old motor home and running like a champ. Can’t complain a out the old one, but would seriously have to think about getting a new one.

  5. Pros outweigh the cons for sure. If I had to use a laundromat I would just buy clothes before every trip and throw them away when too dirty to wear again.

  6. It quit working so we had it removed. No one knew how to fix it it was a dealer head scratcher.
    Turned the space into another closet

  7. We full-time, we had a washer dryer at home, why would I not have one in my RV. I hate wasting my time in a laundromat. It was the first thing I installed in my RV. We have the Splendide 2100XC vented all in one unit. Wouldn’t be without it.

  8. We had the combo and it left our clothes so wrinkled that it wasn’t worth it. I stopped using it until we traded the unit.

  9. Had a Splendid in a class A it worked so so, if your being charged for electric, your better off using a laundromat, quicker and cheaper, their expensive to repair or replace, a Hassel to winterize, take a long time to do a small load, now have a clas” C”don’t miss it

  10. Live in our motorhome 4-5 months out of the year than head down south for winter, so no winterizing. For small trips or long it’s such an asset, we love the convenience. Our MH has room for separate units but came with the all in 1. We have plenty of storage space, but have come to love are unit for all it’s conveniences. Would highly recommend.

  11. If you drive almost every day, I figure it is an unnecessary cost, takes up room, and so on. Put a 5 gallon bucket on your rear bumper, add soap, water, clothes. At the end of your drive use a folding clothes rack to hang the clothes to dry – best if you squeeze some of the water out first. Or, you could buy one of those hand powered washers, for around $50 or so, or make something along the same lines for a lot less. Dry clothes as written earlier. There are other simple ways you can wash clothes, and even spin water out of them. I haven’t bothered thinking about how to dry them because the foldable clothes rask does the job, and costs little. Yes, I could buy a setup like that, buy if I did I wouldn’t be using my brain, just my wallet. I’m not talking about things to make that would take a rocket s cientist to make them either, they are all simple builds. I just think that a lot of people out there listen to what someone tells them, and just follow that lead. I know that a lot of people out there giving advice don’t know what they are talking about, and many just are passing along bad information that they have not even tried to see if it works or not.


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