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Summer’s Over: Should I Sell My RV?

This post was updated on July 8th, 2022

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Summer is coming to a close, and with it, the RV season is winding down. The family vacations are close to wrapping up and kids are preparing to go back to school. Perhaps you completed several trips with your RV this summer or maybe you never took the RV out of the driveway.  Either way, you may be looking at a different option than storing your RV through the fall and winter months. Maybe you are wondering, summer’s over…should I sell my RV? You’ve come to the right place, as we will highlight the pros and cons of selling an RV at the end of summer.

When is a Good Time to Sell My RV?

With the closing of the primary travel season, you might be thinking now is the time to sell the RV. Other than not wanting to store it during the off-season, perhaps you just don’t use it as much as you had planned and selling it makes sense in your situation.

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If you aren’t sure whether selling your RV due to the changing of seasons, ask yourself these questions:

Do I use it enough to justify the loan payment?

Let’s face it, RVs are not cheap. If the use of your RV is non-existent or sporadic at best, then selling may be your best bet.

If the RV title is free and clear, should I sell my RV to pad my savings account?

With the increased demand in today’s RV market, the sale of your RV could reap you a heftier sum of money than you would see in a standard or more typical time.

If I sell my RV, would there be a profit after the loan is paid off?

The honest answer is…it depends. Without knowing exactly what you owe, what your RV is worth and how much it has depreciated, it is hard to answer that. However, as mentioned before, the RV market is on fire right now with RVs yielding more during the sale than ever before.

If summer were just beginning, would you want to take more RV trips?

If you answered yes, then not selling might be the best answer. If you answered no, a little time to reflect about your time on the road, memories made and what you would do with more time on your hands without an RV is needed.

Should I Sell My RV in the Fall?

While summer is the most common season for travel, some prefer the autumn months. Fall and winter seem to call the snowbirds from up north to flock to Florida. Selling your RV at the end of summer could easily catch the attention of those wanting to journey south. Knowing whether you want to sell at the end of the travel season is a personal one. But, if you are ready to sell, for any reason, don’t go the process alone.

Get Some Help to Sell Your RV

Individually selling a vehicle can be a lengthy, drawn out, headache of a process. Just weeding out the tire kickers and looky-loos from the serious buyers can be time consuming. Knowing what it’s worth and researching the best places to list, can be daunting tasks. To receive the best sales results, reach out to the best sales company.

For the best sell price and easiest process, reach out to National Vehicle and let them do all the work for you. Call to discuss your vehicle, find the best selling price and share your goals for selling. Take the guesswork out of the sales process and hand it over to the reputable and knowledgeable staff at National Vehicle.

13 thoughts on “Summer’s Over: Should I Sell My RV?”

  1. I’m selling my 2013 eagle cap camper. It’s a model 995. 10.5 ft long one slide solar. Fully self contained. Carys 65 gals. Fresh water.

  2. First , I would never have a trailer. If I can’t go from the driver’s seat to the rear, I don’t want it. When I was a kid we had an outdoor toilet until the 7th grade, when we moved. Believe me, it is not fun to have to get up and go out any time of the day or night, regardless of the – could be snowing, raining, windy, whatever, you still had to get out in it to go. When I finish my van, I will be able to go in the back to go to the toilet, to eat, to sleep, whatever, without getting out in the weather. And will not be planning on selling it, will serve as a backup vehicle, any time of the year, can use for fishing trips, coffee trips, whatever.

  3. Better to have one bird in hand then 10 in a bush. What does that even mean.

    Better to have an RV and not need it, then to have no RV and want it, or something like that.

    Need the money? Sell it. Otherwise, when in doubt, do nothing.

  4. What is National Vehicle? looks like they want to sell insurance. Is this what you are recommending? How do I contact the group you are recommending?

  5. Ad article for a broker…Where’s the discussion on broker fees vs consignment fees at your local RV dealership/shop? Having to jack your asking price to adjust for those fees may spoil your goal selling. Pandemic Pricing is not as glorious as advertised. Smart folks won’t bite at over inflated pricing. You’ll have tire kickers, etc. no matter who eventually comes to visit in reality, after the fisheye lens pictures are scrutinized. Trading in for newer may save you tax dollars for example at a dealership while possibly reaping “seller’s market prices”. IMHO


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