RVezy Review

RVezy Review – The “EZY” Way To Rent An RV?

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RV Rentals Are Very Popular

Over the past few years, peer-to-peer RV rentals have become more and more popular in the US. We can’t say we’re surprised as the concept just makes sense. On one hand, RV owners can earn additional income when their RVs are not being used, and on the other hand, outdoor enthusiasts get access to a more authentic RV experience at competitive prices. It’s like Airbnb for RVs. In this RVezy review, we’re taking an inside look at RVezy, one of the leading RV rental marketplaces to see if they really are the “EZY” way to rent an RV.

About RVezy

RVezy was founded in 2016 by two Canadian entrepreneurs who were looking for an easier and more secure way to rent out their RVs. Leveraging what they call an “owner-first” mindset, RVezy rapidly grew to become the largest rv rental marketplace in Canada. RVezy’s President and Co-Founder, Michael McNaught, attributes their success to understanding the needs of RV owners.

“As owners ourselves, we understand what’s important when renting out your RV. From insurance, to renter screenings, to customer support, everything we do is to make the experience as easy and secure as possible.”

Michael McNaught – Co-Founder of RVezy

After completing over 150,000 successful bookings in Canada, the company decided in June of 2020 that it was time to make their way into the American market. In this RVezy Review, we’ll see what that rental process looks like.

The RV Rental Process

The rental process with RVezy is pretty straightforward. You can browse available RVs on their site at RVezy.com or download their mobile app (iOS and Android) in order to manage bookings and communicate with owners while on the road.

Browsing available RVs

You start by entering the location and dates for your trip. The location is either where you want to pick up the RV or where you want it delivered. After you hit search, you’ll see all available listings and their location on a scrollable map. You can further narrow your search using any of the available filters, including: RV type, pet friendly, amenities, price, and delivery options. For this RVezy review, we’ll look at RV rentals in Phoenix, Arizona.

Rent an RV
Choosing an RV with RVezy is a simple point and click process

RVezy Review – The New Kid in Town, Sort of

RVezy is the new kid in town, sort of. After those years of success in Canada, RVezy is rapidly growing in the US. However, because RVezy is new in the US, one thing we noticed is that most of the RVs we looked at didn’t yet have any reviews. We did confirm that they did have a lot of positive reviews on their Canadian listings.

Booking process

Once you’ve found the perfect travel trailer or motorhome, it’s time to book. The right hand side of the listing gives you a date and a number of guest fields so that the owner knows how many people are looking to use the RV. Prices automatically adjust to the length of your trip based on the discounts offered by the owner. Typically 10% for trips over a week and 20% for trips over a month. The booking request also highlights mileage restrictions (if any) and additional fees such as insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and taxes. 

RVezy Booking
Request to Book with RVezy

After you click on “Request to book”, you go through two additional screens where you are asked to provide the owner with information about your trip and choose your desired protection plans. You will also be able to select any “add-ons” offered by the RV’s owner such as delivery, a BBQ, generator, or even an airport pickup. All fees appear clearly on the right-hand side. Once the request has been submitted, the owner can accept or decline your booking request. As with any peer-to-peer service, the response rate and speed of owners will vary.  RVezy says that most owners tend to respond within 24-48 hours.  Additionally, some owners offer the “Instant booking” feature which expedites the booking process, allowing you to pay for and confirm a booking all within 24 hours. This can be a lifesaver when planning a last minute getaway.

Booking is easy
RVezy offers two levels of protection

Communicating with owner

When you’re logged into your RVezy account, you will have access to an “Inbox” where you can communicate with owners. You can ask questions and organize all the logistics for your rental. Most owners are relatively flexible on pickup/dropoff times and are willing to work to accommodate any special requests. With the RV’s being privately owned, each owner will offer slightly different amenities and offerings.

For the most part, owners are quick to respond and are happy to answer renter questions.  Although RVezy’s support team is always available, specific questions about the functionality of an RV or what is included in the rental are best answered by the owner. Just like with home owners on Airbnb, RV owners are happy to give renters suggestions for their trip and tricks to enhance their vacation.

Payments & service fees

Here’s how rental payments work:

“If you book more than 37 days before your start date, you will be charged a 25% initial deposit. Then, 37 days before the start date the remaining 75% balance will be charged on your credit card saved on file.  If you book at 37 days and less before the start date then you will immediately be charged the full amount stipulated on your booking. 72 hours prior to your trip start date you will be charged the security deposit mentioned on the booking details. This amount will be held for the duration of your trip and will be refunded once the closeout has been done on the website or the app.”

Also, in order to provide customer support, market RV listings, manage insurance products, and run their business, RVezy takes a service fee from both the owner and renter. On the owner’s side, RVezy takes a 20% cut. So if an owner rents out their RV for $1,000 per week, the owner would receive $800. Renters pay a 10% fee, meaning that there would be $100 added to the price of a $1,000 booking. 

Note: We’ve found that most of the peer-to-peer rental services use a similar pricing structure.

Adding a driver

After making a payment for your booking, you will receive an email prompting you to add a driver. It’s also possible to do this through your dashboard by clicking on “My Profile” then “Add a Driver.” Every RV rental made through RVezy, including RVs being delivered, need a validated driver. The main driver will be liable and responsible for the RV during the entire rental period. In order to be approved, a driver must have possessed a full driver’s license for at least 8 years without restrictions, a clean insurance profile, and pass through identity validation software.

Picking up the RV

This is one of the most important parts of the rental process. Owners are required to complete a departure and return checklist with every rental, similar to when you are renting a car. The checklists can easily be accessed and completed on the RVezy app. The owner will go through the checklist with you, teaching you how to properly operate everything in their RV. If you are going to be driving or towing the RV yourself, the owner will do a test-drive with you to ensure that you are comfortable operating the unit. Remember that delivery is always an option if you don’t want to be driving.

Owner Checklist
The RVezy App makes picking up the RV a snap

It’s critical that both you and the owner take photos of the RV during the handover so there is agreement on the condition of the RV. Again, the checklist can be completed by the owner with the RVezy app. Proper documentation and photos will protect both parties in the case of damages or accidents. It’s important that you confirm the details for the return of the RV with the owner.

During your rental

Throughout your rental period, the owner of the RV will generally be your main point of contact. Being that they know their unit best, they should be able to answer any questions about the RV and help troubleshoot any situations you might encounter.

In case of any problems or questions, you can reach out to the RVezy customer success team. They are available 7 days per week and are very quick to respond. You can reach them via phone, email, or live chat. In case of a breakdown, you can also make use of RVezy’s roadside assistance (if purchased before the beginning of the trip). Roadside is available 24/7 for help across the US and Canada.

Dropping off the RV

At the end of your trip, you will return the RV to the owner (or they will pick it up) and say goodbye. Similar to the start of the trip, the owner will complete a return checklist and take pictures using the RVezy app. Once the condition of the RV has been reviewed, both parties will sign the checklist and be on their way.

After the booking

After the booking, RVezy has a closeout process for both the owner and renter. This closeout allows for both parties to bring up any issues or concerns as well as address any charges to be imposed. The owner can add charges for the renter to review and accept. If the renter doesn’t agree with any of the charges, they are able to open a dispute with the RVezy resolutions team. In the rare case of an accident or major damages, the owner can open an insurance claim. RVezy mentions their claim rate is well below 1%. Once the closeout has been completed by both parties, the renter’s security deposit will be refunded and the owner will be issued the second portion of their payout.

RVezy’s team mentions: “withholding money from both parties helps incentivize closeouts to be completed faster” and that “most closeouts are completed within 24 to 48 hours.”


  • RVs come fully equipped and are ready to use
  • RV owners and renters are fully protected with RVezy’s insurance (under 1% claim rate)
  • Easy-to-use app for both owners and renters (iOS and Android)
  • Renters can have an RV delivered to the location of their choice so they don’t need to drive if they don’t feel comfortable or have access to an adequate towing vehicle
  • The booking process is very straightforward and there are no hidden fees or surprises
  • Free to join for both owners and renters
  • Best-in-class customer support and 24/7 roadside assistance
  • In house resolution and claims team


  • Certain areas of the US don’t have very many RV listings 
  • Not a lot of verified reviews in the US
  • RVezy doesn’t require owners to submit mechanical certificates for their RV
  • The app doesn’t have all of the same functionalities as the website so there are a few functions you can only perform on a computer
  • It can take a few booking requests before one gets accepted by an owner

Information for RV owners

RV owners can list their RV for free on RVezy. 

Here’s a breakdown of the average revenue per night for different types of RVs available on the site:

  • Class A – $250/night
  • Class B – $200/night
  • Class C – $175/night
  • Truck Campers – $150/night
  • Campervans – $125/night
  • Fifth Wheels – $110 – $150/night
  • Travel Trailers – $100-$120/night
  • Tent Trailers – $50/night
  • Hybrids – $90/night
  • Toy Haulers – $100 – $150/night
  • Micro Trailers $50 – $90/night
  • RV Cottages – $100 – $200/night 

As an owner, you also have complete control over everything on your listing:

  • Availability and minimum trip duration
  • Prices and long-term discounts
  • Description and pictures
  • Add-ons and overage charges
  • Instant booking” and delivery
  • The ability to accept or refuse booking requests

When looking to make money renting out your RV, it’s important to keep in mind the seasonality of RV rentals. Northern States will be much more affected by the winter climate than southern States. Adjusting your prices based on the demand is the best way to maximize your revenue.

RVezy Review Summary

RVezy’s peer-to-peer RV rentals are a great alternative to traditional RV rental companies like Cruise America or RVs rented through your local dealership.  As a renter, you get access to a much wider range of authentic RVs at a slightly lower cost and without the headaches of having to bring all your own stuff.

Despite the fact that RVezy doesn’t have as many listings or reviews as some of its competitors, it’s clear that they are on the right track for success. Their team is passionate, knowledgeable, and puts their customers first. We’re confident RVezy will do as well in the USA as they have in Canada.