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RV Life Tip: 9 Companies That Are Remote

This post was updated on March 29th, 2022

So many people dream of full-time RV life. Why wouldn’t you? You get to continuously travel and check out some of the most incredible places in the country while still having the comforts of your own space to call home. The one thing that holds many of us back from making the jump is the lack of work options for the lifestyle.

Then came the pandemic. Perhaps the one positive outcome of COVID has been the shift towards remote work. According to Find Stack, 16% of the world’s companies are now 100% remote. That means that it’s easier than ever to find a remote job that works for you in today’s world.

Think it’s not possible to work entirely online from your RV? Well – it is! Every day there are digital nomad RVers out there who still clock in for work like Philip from @outdoorishrv.

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Check out this list of entirely remote companies so that you can start making money on the road and make your RV life dreams come true.


Gitlab is a DevOps platform to aid in the collaboration of software creation, leading the push towards fully remote teams. They have been completely remote since their inception. Not only that, but they offer tons of information to help other companies switch over to an all-remote concept. Their website is full of the best practices they’ve learned as a company, including remote-work essentials, hiring and onboarding, designing a remote team, and scaling teams.

They have plenty of jobs available for computer engineers, of course. But they also have jobs available in finance, communication, legal, people operations, talent acquisition, marketing, management, and sales. Have a look and see which positions may work for you!


Buffer helps companies organize and manage their social media across multiple platforms. It does so with a fully remote team located in 15 different countries! They’re pushing a more balanced work-life schedule with four-day work weeks, minimum vacation times, family leave, retreats, and sabbaticals, among other things.

The CEO at Buffer, Joel Gascoigne, is super proud of the distributed team they have created since they founded the company. Thanks to their distribution, they’re seeing positive results that far outweigh the challenges of being a fully remote company. Sign up for their mailing list to be the first to hear about future openings.

The Remote Company

If you couldn’t guess by the name, The Remote Company is a remote-first team with members from dozens of different countries. They feel that their multicultural team helps their employees learn about other cultures, work styles, and personalities, and they pride themselves on making sure everyone feels welcome.

The Remote Company makes sure that all of their new hires fully understand the company’s values, which is how they ensure a team of like-minded people. Plus, they offer paid retreats, paid creative days, uninterrupted time blocks, amazing benefits, and all the tools needed to help you work remotely. If you want to work with them, you can submit an open application at any time.


Toggl is a time management software based out of Estonia, one of the digital nomad capitals of the world. Not only do they hire remote workers, but they also offer a product that helps remote workers around the world. They offer time tracking, team and project planning, and even an automated hiring process. 

Their fully remote team is spread out over 40 countries. They’ve been fully remote since 2014, so they’re way ahead of the trend and definitely know what they’re doing. They’re currently hiring mostly software developers but have other positions available as well.


Another productivity company that has figured out that its employees are most productive when they’re remote is Doist. They have been remote-first since day one, and with a 97% employee retention rate, whatever they’re doing is working. Doist is the company behind two apps: Todoist and Twist.

With current finance and software engineering openings, they offer a fully transparent application process from the jump. With options to work from anywhere and create your own schedule, pursue personal projects, continue your education, and more, it’s no surprise their employees like to stick around.


Elasticsearch is a fast and scalable search and analytics engine with some big-name customers like Netflix, Uber, and Microsoft. According to them, their diversity drives their identity, and they’re continuing to diversify by hiring people from all over the world. 

They have both distributed and hybrid-remote positions across tons of fields. They currently have over 200 job openings in engineering, field operations, finance, human resources, legal, marketing, and services.


Next up, we have the SMS Marketing Software Emotive, which helps customers see a larger ROI on text marketing automation. They offer easy integrations specifically built for e-commerce companies.

Emotive believes that a sustainable and diverse approach to both work and life will help optimize for long-term success as a company. They push work-life balance, pet-friendly offices, health and wellness allowances. All of their current openings are open for remote work, so you can work from where you want.


Everyone’s favorite celebrity video-sharing company that offers personalized messages from your favorite stars has created a close-knit team that they call the “fameo.” They’re currently offering various positions remotely in the United States and other countries.


This global digital engagement services company helps with customer support, content moderation, social media, and communicational management across the globe. And with companies and organizations in tons of different industries, you’ll likely be able to find a job that suits you. 

Modsquad has been hiring remote workers since 2007, so you know they’re the experts. They have plenty of open positions available in multiple languages and countries, plus plenty of opportunities to work from home or wherever you land. 

Not tech-savvy? There are other options for working while living that sweet RV life – How To Find Winter Workamping Jobs

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13 thoughts on “RV Life Tip: 9 Companies That Are Remote”

  1. Sounds like these are all woke companies for 20 somethings and you have to have the same agenda as the company. Companies virtue-signaling diversity and then making sure all their new hires are “like minded”. One or the other, can’t be both.

    • Hi Carin, great question. All of these companies hire more than just developers – so whether you’re an HR professional, project manager, administration, legal professional, or other, there might be a role for you.

  2. I apparently am now a senior. And not a bit of interest working for companies like that. My retirement pay is sufficient, so if I want money coming in I make things, from wood. Any thing made from metal is strictly for myself. Mostly I make useful things, unique wooden canes, kids puzzle rocking chairs, furniture at times, or the occasional painting. If I go on the road it is likely I will pull a small trailer which will be my workshop, plenty of room for what I do. Stop overnight and offer items for sale, kind of like a traveling flea market seller. And if I want to work an hour then stop, no one to tell me I need to get back to work. I do use my computer probably more than most, but for research for inspiration for new designs, all of my projects are original, I may take some inspiration from other people’s work, but never copy it. It is not work, it is enjoyment. Working with a computer is just that, work, dull work. I like using my mind for my own profit, not for someone else.

  3. Carin, Check Creativity RV. Robin has a book out that is on Amazon that has alot of different remote jobs that will work for anyone senior or otherwise.

  4. Definitely virtue signaling and looking for primarily woke single minded young people. There are a large number of older people that have a strong work ethic and want to work remote as well.

    • Hi Michael, there is no reason that older people couldn’t work for these companies or any other remote companies. This is simply a small list of remote-first companies to show that there are roles out there that fit the RV/digital nomad lifestyle.

  5. I think your comment was kind of a JERK one!!!

    “Hi Jeff, these are just 9 companies that hire remote staff.. not sure about virtue signaling or how that’s applicable.”

    CLEARLY Jeff is a senior and some companies won’t hire seniors.
    He was simply asking if perhaps that would be an issue OR are there specific companies you may know about that IS looking to hire seniors???

  6. I’ve read your blurb for “The Remote Company” three times, and not only can’t I guess from their name, I can’t even guess from your description. I’ve even checked out their website, it’s all marshmallow. Lots of info about what they do for the employees, but what exactly is it that they make or do?


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