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Best RV Golf Cart Carriers (in 2020)

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Golf carts are not just for getting around the greens. Many RVers use them as their go-to transportation within their favorite campgrounds when they travel. To bring their personal carts, they need the right golf cart carrier to haul it with them.

Campgrounds that offer full features, like RV resorts and RV retirement communities, offer services where campers have everything they need within the property. Campers can shop for groceries, enjoy vacation attractions, and take advantage of other features using their golf cart instead of their passenger car. It’s an easier and more enjoyable way to travel within the property.

The average golf cart weighs between 900- 1,100 pounds and measures between 4 to 8 feet long, depending on how many it seats. Electric carts generally weigh more than gas-powered versions due to the weight of the batteries. Those that want to ride in style can have their cart customized to resemble their favorite car, like a Rolls Royce.

For this discussion, we’ll show you the best golf cart carriers you can hook up to your motorhome and fifth wheel. There are different methods you can choose and companies to pick from. You’ll also learn about what to look for and the legal considerations surrounding toy hauler carriers.

A Quick Spec Chart

The Best Golf Cart Carriers for 2020

Common Features You’ll See On Golf Cart Carriers

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There are common features you will find between all of these golf cart carriers. The platform versions are going to measure around six feet long and four feet wide. Some of these manufacturers have longer and wider versions that will fit bigger carts.

They all use rectangular tube steel for their framing. Most will flip up against the back cap of your RV when not in use for storage purposes. If they down move, the carriers come with ramps you can drive your golf cart up and down on.

1. Mighty Hauler 1200G: The Most Stable Non-Wheeeled Golf Cart Carrier

  • Type: Floating platform
  • Mount: Class IV or V
  • Weight Limit: 1,200 pounds
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Diesel Class A
  • Price Point: $2,695

The Mighty Hauler 1200G is a floating platform carrier with a steel diamond plate deck and tie downs on either side. To load your golf cart, there are two optional loading ramps you can use to drive up and down without having to back down. The ramps easily store underneath the deck.

To attach the carrier, the provided dual hitch receiver fits into your RV’s Class IV or V hitch receiver. This provides stability as you travel. To provide further balance, you can adjust the leveling screws on the deck.

DOT lights come standard on the platform and plug into your seven-pin hitch electrical plug. When its folded up, the carrier doesn’t get in the way of your engine’s intake grill, ladder, or other components. The manufacturer backs their product up with a five-year warranty and is upfront with the only additional $275 shipping cost.

For additional towing, you can purchase their three-point hitch that will allow you to tow your toad vehicle or something else. We recommend this golf cart motorhome carrier for its stability and ability to adjust its balance. We also like that the company minimizes its additional costs.

2. Fastmaster Swivelwheel- 58 Single Wheel: The Ultimate Single-Wheeled Golf Cart Carrier

  • Type: Single wheel platform
  • Mount: Class III or IV hitch receiver
  • Weight Limit: 1,000 pounds
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Class A, B, and C motorhomes, fifth wheels, pickup trucks, SUVs
  • Price Point: $2,550

This single-wheeled platform connects directly to your class III or class IV hitch receiver. It’s excellent for fifth wheels that are over 30 feet long, pickup trucks, SUVs, and all classes of motorhomes. It has a single point hitch assembly, but you can always upgrade it to the dual hitch for more stability.

The manufacture uses treated plywood to keep the eight by five-foot-long deck light. You’ll find tie-downs on all sides of the deck to make your golf cart secure. If you need additional space, you can purchase their six-inch extension to widen the deck.

The eight-inch wheel itself is comfortably rated at 65 mph. The single torsion suspension will minimize road vibration and any backing up complications. The only thing you’ll have to remember is that you have a little extra length behind you.

Loading is easy. When you back up, the platform bends down naturally. It also comes with two ramps to load your golf cart in seconds.

Options include a power ramp, spare tire, and other features to make the carrier more convenient. This carrier gives you the best of the wheeled features and still folds up like the lift carriers. We do caution you to not exceed the speed limit that the wheel can handle to avoid blowouts to the tire.

3. Smart Trailers SL 400: The Best Golf Cart Carrier for Backing Up

  • Type: Four-Wheeled trailer
  • Mount: Class III/ Dual ball mount hitch provided
  • Weight Limit: 2,500
  • Vehicle Compatibility: All motorhomes, fifth wheels, pickup trucks, SUVs
  • Price Point: $5,995/ $6,245 with five foot attached frame

This diamond plate deck has three sides protected by guard rails. They work great as tie-down locations since its apart of the frame. To handle all of this weight, you have four highway rated wheels that independently turn with you.

The hitch system connects into your Class III receiver. The trailer itself connects to the dual ball mount hitch system for strength. For stability, there is a series of stabilizer and safety chains that prevents the trailer from rotating on its own axle.

This hitch system has the advantage of giving your vehicle a zero tongue weight on your vehicle. SmartTrailer calls this a floating hitch assembly. If you want something a little lighter, the SL200D is their two-wheeled version that has a weight capacity of 1,200 pounds.

This trailer does a great job staying inline when backing up. The zero tongue weight feature means that all of the weight is on the carrier, so you just have to worry about towing. We also like how well the two-wheeled version performs.

4. Freedom Hauler Carrier: A Great Golf Cart Carrier At Any Size

  • Type: Two- Wheeled Trailer
  • Mount: Dual point pressure sensing steering axle
  • Weight Limit: 1,800- 2,700 pounds
  • Vehicle Compatibility: All classes of motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer
  • Price Point: $5,400- $9,900

Freedom Hauler Carrier designs their products for multiple needs. You can choose a length between 4-12 feet in length. Each version comes with at least 24 tie-down points.

The proprietary hitch system doesn’t require any fabrication work if you’re attaching it to your towable RV. Since motorhome chassis are different by brand, welding the mount is a must. You can use either your own dealership, or they can do the work for you.

The LED DOT lights include reverse lights. Like all of the other featured models, the deck stays inline with your RV when you’re backing up, so you don’t have to worry about another pivoting axle. Many people like this carrier due to the many options it comes with.

  • All sizes come with a front stabilizer jack so you can disconnect
  • Mud flaps
  • Diamond plate can be added to the deck
  • The six-foot model comes with side rail tie-down extensions and custom wheels
  • The 10-foot model has an optional under-mounted toolbox available
  • The 12-foot model gives you 28 tie-down points instead of 24

Freedom Hauler Carriers come with a three-year warranty. Each one has 15-inch steel rims (13 inches on the 4-foot version). You can also add an optional rear hitch for triple towing.

This manufacturer gives you more choices to find a golf cart carrier that fits what you need. They have a lot of optional features and are competitively priced. The front stabilizer jack allows you to use the carrier independently from your coach.

5. Hydralift: The Best Lift Golf Cart Carrier

  • Type: Hydraulic Lift
  • Mount: Directly on to chassis
  • Weight Limit: 1,000 pounds
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Diesel Class A motorhome
  • Price Point: $6,000- $15,000

The 42A4874HBGC Hybrid is the hydraulic lift for golf carts. This 1,000-pound carrier measures four by six feet making it the perfect size for standard carts. If you need added weight or sizing, their 4896P has a 5,000-pound weight limit and measures four by eight feet.

The onboard 12-volt battery powers the hydraulic lift. The lift goes high enough so you can still tow your passenger vehicle with an extension bar. If you want to have the ability to move your lift to a future motorhome, there is an optional installation feature that allows it.

Many RVers love Hydralift products because its the only lift system that doesn’t use wires or other components that break. It easily folds up against your RV when not in use. Due to its weight and the stress on the chassis, it can only be used on diesel class A motorhomes.

Hydralift does the best job if you want to avoid triple towing issues. Their customer reviews are outstanding and they are the benchmark for lift system carriers. We are looking forward to seeing how they further develop more accessories for golf carts.

Two Issues to Be Aware Of Before You Buy Your Golf Cart Carrier

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State Triple Towing Regulations (a.k.a. Towing Two Trailers At The Same Time)

If you are considering wheeled golf cart carriers, you’ll want to check the regulations with your state. Almost half of them consider these carriers as towed vehicles. The state that you’re in may stop you for triple towing.

Triple towing is simply towing two trailers with a tow vehicle. A traditional example would be an SUV towing a travel trailer and having a boat trailer connected to the hitch on the back of the RV. Almost half of the states in the U.S. allow it (most of them are western states).

For those states that allow it, there are maximum lengths you cannot exceed. States like Michigan require you to have a special license to triple tow. Non-wheeled carriers don’t have this concern since they are considered an attachment. You can find more information about RV towing in our article “What can my vehicle safely tow“.

Be Mindful of Campsite Storage Limitations

Public and private parks have limitations on what you can and cannot have on your campsite. They allow you to have your RV, a passenger vehicle, and a freestanding tent structure. Those that have passenger vehicle dollies or trailer golf cart carriers have had problems with storing them on the campsite.

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For those campgrounds with these policies, people have had to store this equipment in either guest parking or the campground storage areas for additional costs. Carriers that fold up against the RV are usually accepted, but not always. Make sure you understand the policies of your destination or call them ahead of time.

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