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Our Favorite RV Frame Mounted Cargo Carriers (2020)

This post was updated on June 5th, 2020

RV storage is one of the most important features people look for when buying their coach. Many have compromised wanted cargo items for essential gear that must take its place. Adding RV frame mounted cargo carriers to your unit will help you avoid those compromises by giving you the needed storage space.

These RV cargo carriers attach to the rear, roof, or front A-frame hitch section of your towable or drivable coach. They are usually trays with five-inch sidewalls that allow you to tie down your cargo. Many like to use them as external cargo carriers for generators or other big items.

There is a wide variety of RV frame-mounted carriers in the 2020 market to choose from. We’ll feature our top picks of RV frame mounted cargo carriers and show you why we like them so much. You’ll also learn how useful they are and how to choose the right one for you.

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Best Frame Mounted Cargo Carriers

Camper with the bike rack

In the chart below, we’ve chosen our favorites based on different categories. They were chosen based on their quality manufacturing, customer reviews, and how much value the product gives you for their price point. Later on, we’ll go into detail about why we chose them.

Overall Best Mounted Cargo Carrier:Tricam ACC-1F
Best Budget-Friendly Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier:Goplus Cargo Carrier Basket Hitch Mount
Best Frame Mounted Cargo Carrier:ROLA Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier
Best Bumper Mounted Cargo Carrier:Mount-n-Lock GennyGo RevX RV Generator & Cargo Kit
Best Rooftop Mounted Carrier:JEGS Performance Rooftop Cargo Carrier
Best Front A-Frame Mounted Cargo Carrier:Stromber Carlson Cargo Tray

What Size Cargo Carrier Do I Need

Most cargo carriers on the back of travel trailers can hold up to 500 pounds. If you don’t need to hold that much weight, then sizing will be more important to you. A lot of these rear RV cargo carriers have an average width between 50- 60 inches (4.2- 5 feet)

Choosing a carrier that is smaller might be a better way to go if you’re just looking for an RV generator mounting kit. Cargo carriers that are more square-shaped are still wide enough to hold most generators but don’t take up as much space. This gives you more options on where to place your generator or other items than just the rear of your RV.

Ideal Items for Cargo Carriers

Gear cage cargo carriers are very versatile with what they can hold. They have an open mesh tray bottom and sidewalls around all sides. As long as you don’t mind your storage items being exposed to weather and road debris, you can store almost anything.

Below is a list of ideal items many people choose to store in their RV cargo carriers. You will want to make sure your gear is properly secured to prevent it from “growing feet” when you make rest stops while traveling. If you want to use one of these carriers for ATVs, golf carts, dirt bikes, or other toys, you’ll want to look into other carriers that can handle the weight and size.

  • Barbecues
  • Bikes
  • Camping gear
  • Coolers
  • Firewood
  • Fuel containers
  • Generators
  • Kayaks/small watercraft
  • Mobility scooters and other equipment
  • Pet kennels (empty) and other supplies
  • Portable holding tanks
  • Storage bins
  • Water jugs

How to Choose a Cargo Carrier for Your RV

Cargo carrier for RV

There are many ways to decide on the best RV frame mounted cargo carrier for you. Here are some tips to narrow things down. Many of which are realistic considerations you’ll run across during the entire camping experience.

  1. Plan Your Storage: Have an idea of what you’ll be storing in the carrier. This will determine what size and weight requirements will be needed. It’ll also help you determine if you need more than one.
  2. Know Your Weight Capacities: Most RVs have a chassis and frame that can take on the extra weight. If you plan to add one of these cargo carriers to your teardrop, pop-up, or another small towable, make sure it can handle the extra weight. Many of these ultra-lite RVs are designed with very limited maximum weights.
  3. Shaking, Rattling, and Rolling: As you travel down the road, bumper cargo carriers may increase your dolphin or fishtailing sway. You could hear it rattle with every bump in the road. Using a trailer hitch silencer pad acts as a shock and sound absorber.
  4. Campground Concerns: Some campgrounds have restrictions on what you can have at your campsite. You’re allowed to park your RV, tow vehicle, and some other camping related things. These restrictions don’t allow cargo carriers, toy carriers, or car dollies.

    Those that have them end up having to place the carrier either in guest parking or the campground’s storage area for a daily price. Some have been able to comply with this restriction by placing the cargo carrier under the RV. For those that buy the fold-down RV bumper rack, folding it up against the rear wall of the coach complies with the restriction.

Our Top Picks for the Best RV Frame Mounted Cargo Carriers

Tricam ACC-1F Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier: Overall Best Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carrier

  • Cargo Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Carrier Weight: 26 pounds
  • Measurement: 20 L by 50 W inches
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Connection: Class II Hitch
  • Customer Review Rating: 4 ½ stars
  • Price Point: $116.21

Tricam’s ACC-1F is our overall best choice among all of the RV frame mounted cargo carriers on the market. Its the perfect balance of strength and lightweight materials together. The tray itself uses aluminum, but the supports are steel.

We like how the tray floor uses slats instead of a grated mesh. This allows for additional tie-down points to better secure equipment. We also like how the carrier works for our RV and tow vehicle.

Another excellent feature is the height of the cargo carrier. It’s high enough off the ground so you don’t have to worry about dragging, but low enough to make loading easy. If your RV or passenger vehicle needs to be towed by a tow truck, it’s still high enough off the ground to avoid scraping the pavement.

During our research, one reviewer commented on how the sidewall corners were made of plastic. He was concerned about using the ACC-1F on his SUV because the hot exhaust from his tailpipe might melt the corners. Further research indicated the minimum melting point of this polymer is much higher than a car’s exhaust.

The plastic corners help with absorbing vibration. The flexibility of the plastic keeps the aluminum frame intact and reduces the rattling sound. It’s also made out of a hard enough material to stand up against anything the road can throw at it.

We have one issue with this carrier. This product doesn’t come with a hitch pin. If you want to company to provide one, it’s a nominal charge of $3.00.

Benefits: Floor slats, Use for RV and vehicle, Sits at the perfect height, Rattle and noise reduction corners

Burdens: Doesn’t come with a hitch pin

Take Away: The ACC-1F is a great carrier that’s worth the expense, but c’mon guys, what’s the big deal about including the hitch pin?

Goplus Cargo Carrier Basket Hitch Mount: Best Budget-Friendly Cargo Carrier

  • Cargo Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Carrier Weight: 22.7 pounds
  • Measurement: 19 L by 53 W inches
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Connection: 2 inch hitch
  • Customer Review Rating: 4 ½ stars
  • Price Point: $57.99

The Goplus cargo carrier is a great value for if you’re looking for something that’s under $60. Like its more expensive counterparts, it can hold up to 500 pounds, and has solid sidewalls. It’s amazing this all-steel carrier weighs less than 23 pounds.

You’ll like that all of the hardware, including the hitch pin, comes with this powder coated product. The bolts use anti-loose technology, so they won’t relax their hold as you travel. The cargo carrier keeps its rigidity due to its thorough welding.

Like the Reese product, the main shank also acts as a hitch extender. This allows you to hook up your towable to a class II hitch receiver. Make sure your tow vehicle has the capability to handle the weight.

Our concerns with this carrier are two-fold. The first is the sidewalls. While other carriers are at least 5 inches or higher, this one is a little over four inches. This isn’t a big issue, but you want to make sure your tie-down straps are thick and secure.

The other issue is visibility. This product only comes with one red reflector that sits in the middle of the basket. We recommend using reflective tape on the sidewall frame to give drivers behind you a better chance of seeing the carrier. When you’re in those remote highway areas where it’s really dark, you don’t want someone running into it.

Benefits: Budget-friendly, Steel construction, Hitch extension, Hitch pin included, Anti-loose bolts

Burdens: Low visibility, Shorter sidewalls

Take Away: The Goplus cargo carrier has great value for the price. Adding a few strips of reflective tape and using strong tie-down straps will minimize any potential problems.

ROLA Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier: Best Frame-Mounted Cargo Carrier
  • Cargo Capacity: 600 pounds
  • Carrier Weight: 76 pounds
  • Measurement: 23 L by 56 W inches
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Connection: 2 inch hitch
  • Customer Review Rating: 4 ½ stars
  • Price Point: $197.84

The ROLA Vortex holds up to 600 pounds, beating the competition by 100 pounds. It has a diamond grid mesh tray steel tray and steel tube sidewalls. It comes with a five-year limited warranty.

The center shank rises to provide greater ground clearance. The rough powder coating protects the metal frame from moisture and scratching. This product does come with a hitch screw and clip.

Since it sits so low, the back center has a mount for your license plate. The wide oval openings allow for optional reflectors, a DOT light kit, or an LED light kit. You can also purchase a cargo net or cargo carrier bag to secure your gear.

If you’re looking for a cargo carrier with a hitch extension, this isn’t the one for you. Per the instructions, you must use an exhaust tip to redirect the flow away from the carrier. This could potentially harm the powder coating.

Benefits: 600-pound weight capacity, big reflective kit, License plate mount, Raised center shank, A lot of optional components

Burdens: No hitch extention, Can’t deal with vehicle exhaust

Take Away: We love the extra weight capacity, but wonder why the manufacturer would make their product so sensitive to vehicle exhaust.

Mount-n-Lock GennyGo RevX RV Generator & Cargo Kit: Best Bumper-Mounted Cargo Carrier

  • Cargo Capacity: 125- 400 pounds
  • Carrier Weight: 11-31 pounds
  • Measurement: Varies
  • Frame Material: Aluminum, Hybrid, Steel
  • Connection: Bumper Mounted
  • Customer Review Rating: 5 star
  • Price Point: $229.95- 339.95

This hitchless cargo carrier is great for those RVs that don’t have a rear hitch receiver. As long as your bumper is firmly attached to your chassis, the GennyGo RevX is a versatile product for your generator or other cargo needs. There are 60 tie-down points on the side and eight in the center of the tray.

The versatility of this cargo tray starts with its width. You can choose a single 2 by 2-foot square tray to hold an external generator. If you need more space, you can connect up to four to create an 8-foot wide space. Each tray has dual mounting arms to keep it stable.

There are six different versions you can choose from. They transition from all aluminum to all steel. The four in-between mix the arms and trays between the two metals to give you different weight capacities.

The lightest model, the GGKA, is 11 pounds and holds up to 125 pounds. They scale-up to the GHKS that holds 400 pounds and weighs 31 pounds. Whatever version you choose, the company ships it to you free of charge.

Unlike the many other cargo carriers, The GennyGo trays are solid instead of mesh. This does add strength, but you’ll want to keep an eye on the tray for dirt or other contaminants building up. The center tie-down points do act as water gutters, but after a good rain, you may want to take a dry rag to soak up any residual moisture to prevent mildew buildup.

Benefits: 6 models to choose from, Build out to your needs, Bumper mounted, Easy to store, 68 tie-down points

Burdens: Solid tray instead of mesh, doesn’t hold as much weight as others

Take Away: This tray has great versatility and gives campers a rear cargo carrier option if they don’t have a hitch receiver. We would like it much better with a mesh tray instead of a solid one.

JEGS Performance Rooftop Cargo Carrier: Best Rooftop Mounted Carrier
  • Cargo Capacity: 18 cubic foot/110 pounds
  • Carrier Weight: 28 pounds
  • Measurement: 57 L by 39 W by 19 H
  • Frame Material: High-density polyethylene
  • Connection: Roof rack connectors
  • Customer Review Rating: 4 ½ stars
  • Price Point: $209.99

The JEGS rooftop cargo carrier attaches to your RV or vehicle’s roof rack. The 18 cubic foot model assembles without the need for any tools and comes with two keys. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty on this aerodynamically designed carrier.

The manufacturer adds a UV inhibitor to the high-density polyethylene shell to prevent sun damage. This prevents the plastic from drying out or cracking. They further protect the carrier by covering the locks making it more difficult for someone to break into it.

For easier loading, the casing hinges on one side, opening the other three. Once you’re loaded up, the weather-tight seal prevents moisture and other elements from getting inside. JEGS has their own line of cleaning products to help you clean your cargo carrier without damaging the integrity of the shell.

Before you buy the 18 cubic foot version, make sure it will fit properly. RV’s won’t have a problem, but if you plan on placing it on your tow vehicle, make sure you have the surface space for it. Some trucks and SUVs would fit the 9 cubic foot version better.

Issues that other customers identified in their reviews had to do with the flexibility of the plastic and the thin latches. Others found that they had some trouble trying to position the carrier correctly. They would position it and then have to spend more time adjusting to make sure it was perfectly centered.

Another concern was the small latches. Some people didn’t like how thin and small the latches were. They had to use small padlocks and felt a good pair of tin snips could cut through them.

Benefits: Easy to put together, Lightweight, Simple to access, UV protected, Weather sealed

Burdens: Challenging to position at times, Thin latches

Take Away: JEGS makes a great carrier that withstands weather and the road. Once you have it in place, it’s easy to access. Just check the latches every now-and-again when you stop if you’re worried about tampering.

Stromber Carlson Cargo Tray: Best Front Frame-Mounted Cargo Carrier

  • Cargo Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Carrier Weight: >25 pounds
  • Measurement: 20 L by 32 W inches
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Connection: Brackets on front hitch A-frame
  • Customer Review Rating: 4 ½ stars
  • Price Point: $207.06

Stromber Carlson was the first to design a cargo carrier that fits on the front of your RV. This tray-style cargo carrier fits on the front A-frame of your coach, above your propane tanks. It supports up to 300 pounds and comes with a one year warranty.

Since every RV is made a little bit differently, this RV cargo carrier adjusts to the width and height you need. Once in position, you’ll need to drill holes in the support legs to place the locking bolts. You may need to drill holes in the A-frame to lock the support brackets.

Many customer reviews repeatedly comment on how solid the construction is. Many have driven thousands of miles with a generator, or other heavier items on the carrier, and it never came loose. Having their generator up front gave them more of a sense of security since they could see it while traveling.

Other concerns that came up were the installation instructions. They don’t read well and people often became confused trying to follow them. They ended up pulling up a walkthrough video on their mobile device or calling the company directly for assistance.

During installation, many people had to reroute the electrical wires that run behind the A-frame of their RV. This is due to the locking bolts that need to go through the frame itself. Most of the time all they had to do is grab some electrical tape and secure the wires away from where they drilled the holes in the frame.

Another issue has to do with propane covers. You’ll have to replace your hardshell propane covers with softshell. The hard shells get in the way of the support arms and tray.

Benefits: Solid construction, Holds up to 300 pounds, Adjusts to your individual width and height needs, Ideal for generators, Lightweight

Burdens: Instructions don’t read well, Be extra careful where you drill, Remove hard shell propane cases

Take Away: This cargo carrier finds extra storage space for you. It’s well-built and the first of its kind. The company really needs another technical writer to figure out the instruction manual.

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  • [DURABLE DESIGN] A powder-coated finish protects this cargo rack...
  • [LARGE STORAGE SPACE] This is the perfect rack size to haul...
  • [SAFETY REFLECTORS] This bumper-mounted cargo rack is equipped...
  • [HARDWARE INCLUDED] It is easy to assemble, attach and detach...

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