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Remove Bugs Residue Safely Before You Winterize Your RV

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Don’t Skip This Step When You Winterize This Year

Sometimes you see something in an article, an ad, or a video that you don’t yet need but still tuck away that knowledge for future reference. Safely removing the bug residue (aka dead bug goo) from the front of my RV suddenly became a bigger priority after a recent road trip. Normally the bugs come off the front of my RV without too much concern. While I don’t winterize my RV here in Texas, I do perform a few other storage procedures each time I park it. Removing dead bug carcasses dried to the front of my rig in the Texas heat is one of them.

I remembered reading about Bugs Off ® Pads in this Do It Yourself RV article. I decided this might be a good time to see how well they worked. Like every other RVer, knowing what products you can safely scrub your RV with isn’t always obvious, and the Bugs Off ® Pads were noted as being one of them.

Scrub Before You Winterize

Hearing the word winterize in early October can feel a bit like seeing Christmas decorations in the store before Halloween comes. Still, it’s best to start planning early, and items like the Bugs Off ® Pads can be used all year long. Again in my case, I don’t winterize. However, the front of my coach gets direct sunlight through the mid part of the day. I learned the hard way to remove and store my expensive windshield wipers after every trip. I’ve also learned to clean debris off the front of the RV before it bakes into my RV’s surfaces.

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Power washers are great but must be used with caution as they can strip off paint, decals, trim, and other items if not carefully managed. I’ve also learned that some chemicals, such as acetone, aren’t good for certain RV surfaces. I decided to give the Bugs Off® Pads a try.

Clean With No Chemicals and In a Pinch, No Soap

On their website, the parent company Awesome Products Corp makes some bold statements about their products, stating that there is “No need for bug removers, glass cleaners, sponges, tar removers, clay bars, etc. The Bugs Off® Pad does the work of all of them,” QUICK & EASY, as you are washing with only car wash soap & water and there are no chemicals in the Bugs Off® Pad, just American made fibers.”

This is great for those looking to winterize their RV later this year, being able to clean their RV with simple soap or even no soap when a campground does not allow “washing” your RV. Certainly, while traveling, whether you winterize or not, being able to clean up that front end with little or no soap is highly beneficial.

Bugs Off Pads only need a car or RV wash soap and water; nothing else, and there are no chemicals in the pads.  Many of our customers use them with just a spray bottle of water to clean off bugs in RV parks that do not allow washing. They work equally well inside the RV also. Just rinse out when finished and use over & over & over again.

Don Meyns – Awesome Products Corp.

Safe Enough For Your Entire RV

A couple of other statements found on the Bugs Off website are as follows;

  • After using the Bugs Off® Pad your car will be the cleanest it’s ever been GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
  • Bugs Off® Pads are the only product on the market that is safe to use on: Paint – Clear Coat – Plastic – Glass – Wraps – Graphics – Metals

I decided to cut one of my Bugs Off® Pads in half and try one side of the front of my RV with soap, and the other side without. On the side with soap, you could feel the lubrication of the soap, making it easier to clean, and overall the surface, in general, was cleaner. However, there was no difference in the actual removal of bug residue, as they both performed that specific task the same, with or without soap.

RV Washing & Winterizing Tip

One important tip for washing your RV before winterizing is to delegate sections of your washcloth or Bugs Off® Pads to different tasks. For example, whether car or RV, I will typically wash above the waistline or to the bottom of the door with one cloth, and then everything below the door, including the rocker panels, with a different one, making sure I do this consistently across the vehicle. 

The reason for this is that the lower cloth will typically pick up debris that could be spread to the upper, more visible parts of the vehicle and potentially scratch or mar the paint. The rocker panels and lower door sections often contain tar and road debris that will come off with the Bugs Off® Pads, and you don’t want to drag those up to the upper sections of your RV. Keep those pads separate until they have all been cleaned, rinsed, and washed.


Whether you are preparing to winterize or just need a safe way to remove bugs from the front of your RV, the Bugs Off® Pads are a great option. Check out all the available options and prices at

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