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10 Family RVing Tips for an Exciting National Camping Month

National Camping Month Is A Great Time For A Family Trip

June is National Camping Month, and that means it’s time to plan some epic camping trips for your family. Whether your family prefers well-groomed RV campgrounds or boondocking in the middle of nowhere, you’re sure to have a blast spending time together in the great outdoors as you enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Not sure how to begin planning your family RVing trip for National Camping Month? That’s why we’re here. Below are some of our top tips to make your next family camping trip an awesome one!

Couple packing an RV for National Camping Month

Do Your Research For A Smooth National Camping Month

First and foremost, it’s important that you do your research before hitting the road with kids. After all, nobody wants to get to their campsite and discover it isn’t what they expected. You especially don’t want to be dealing with something like this with little campers in tow and eagerly anticipating a fun celebration of National Camping Month. 

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Figure out where you will stay, making sure the place is kid-friendly and pet-friendly if applicable. You’ll want to ensure the campground you choose has any amenities you consider “must-haves” (pool, playground, bathhouse, laundry room, etc) and double-check that any water, electric, or sewer hookups you require are available on the site you book.

Of course, you’ll also want to ensure the site you pick is long enough for whatever camper you will be taking. Finally, do some research about what there is to do in the area to make sure there are plenty of fun places for the family to enjoy together outside of the campground. 

Not sure where to look for this info? Reviews on RV LIFE Campgrounds are a great place to start. 

Get the Kids Involved

Another thing to do while planning your National Camping Month getaway? Get the kids involved in the process. Let them have a say in where you go, where you stay, and what you do when you get there. Letting the kids help decide your travel itinerary helps them feel more excited about the trip and gives them ownership of the adventure.

Make Your Camping Month Reservations

Once you do your research and get input from the kids, you should have a good idea of where you’d like to stay. The next step is to make reservations at the campground you choose. This ensures you have a site that will work for you, so there’s no question about whether you’ll have a place to stay during your National Camping Month getaway. 

In addition to campground reservations, it’s also good to make reservations for any attractions that might require them. 

Camp with Friends

One surefire way to make a camping trip more fun is to include friends. This is especially true for kids who love to have peers to run and play with. Consider inviting friends or family to tag along on your family camping adventure, and don’t forget to befriend your campground neighbors while you’re there. 

Prepping a meal
Prepping meals at home can save time.

Plan and Prep Easy Meals

Nobody wants to spend their whole family RVing vacation cooking and cleaning up after meals. Unfortunately, this is often what ends up happening to parents on camping trips.

Avoid this problem by meal planning and prepping food before you leave. Breakfasts can be simple foods such as premade and frozen breakfast burritos, while lunches can consist of sandwiches and salads. Dinners can be slow cooker or pressure cooker meals, or you can cook outside on the grill.

Whatever you choose, prep everything as much as possible at home so you can relax on your trip.

Pack Smart For National Camping Month

Obviously, you will want to pack the usual bedding/covers, cleaning supplies, toiletries, dishes, food, and clothing…but what else do you need? Here are some frequently forgotten items that can really improve your trip during National Camping Month.

Layered Clothing

Layered clothing is key when it comes to staying comfortable outdoors without returning home with loads and loads of dirty clothes. 

Extra Towels, Sheets, and Blankets

Camping is a dirty business. You never know when you might need new bedding or extra towels, so be sure to keep a few extras on hand. 

Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug improves the look of your campsite, helps prevent dirt from making its way into your home, and makes the site a more comfortable place to hang out. 

Vinyl Tablecloth

Placing a vinyl tablecloth on your picnic table means you have a clean surface to eat on. 

Folding Table

Sometimes the campground picnic table isn’t quite enough for outdoor meal prep and other activities. Having a folding table on hand can be helpful in these instances. 

Folding Chairs

Sitting at the lake or around a fire is much more comfortable when you have a chair. Don’t forget to pack enough camp chairs for every member of the family so you aren’t fighting for seats. 

Solar Lights

Solar lights are fantastic for lighting your campsite at night. Grab a few so you can hang out after the sun goes down. 

Cooler for Drinks

RV refrigerators work best when left shut. A cooler full of beverages and ice can be kept outside to remove the need to open the fridge throughout the day. This also helps prevent people from going in and out of the rig, tracking dirt inside, and letting the cool air escape. 

Storage Bins

The best way to keep track of personal items such as toys, phones, and books and thereby reduce clutter in the camper is to give each family member a storage bin. They can keep their bin at the end of their bed and keep all of their things inside. 

Shoe Bin

Shoes often end up scattered around the RV. Not only is this messy, but it’s also a tripping hazard. On top of that, dirty shoes can make RV floors dirty. Solve all of these issues by keeping all shoes in a plastic storage bin under the RV by the door.

Stocked Shower Caddies

Plan to use the campground showers? Picking up a portable shower caddy or two and stocking it with toiletries before you leave home will make shower time a lot easier. 

Board Games, Movies, Books, and Craft Supplies

It’s always good to be prepared for a rainy day. Packing board games, books, craft supplies, and movies ensures you always have something fun to do as a family, no matter what the weather is like. 

Outdoor Toys and Games

Of course, you’ll also want some fun things to do outside. Buckets and shovels are great for beaches or sandy areas. Cornhole is fun for the whole family. Jump ropes can keep kids occupied for a long while, and bikes are great for exploring the campground. 

First Aid Kit

Finally, you will want to go in prepared with a well-stocked first aid kit. Don’t forget to include over-the-counter medicines. 

This video has more great packing tips.

Plan Your National Camping Month Route Wisely

There are some places RVs just cannot drive. Low overpasses and steep grades are no good for motorhomes and trailers, meaning you will need to find ways around them. Planning your route with RV Trip Wizard can help ensure you take an RV-safe route. 

Explain the Rules and Expectations

When you get to the campground and before you let the kids run outside, take a minute to read the campground rules together and explain your family rules and expectations. Make sure the kids know their boundaries and things like quiet hours, helmet rules, and pool safety rules. 

Drive and Park with Kids in Seatbelts

Another safety tip? Make sure the kids are seated and buckled up in your motorhome while in motion. Yes, it is tempting to get up and move around, but it is very unsafe and illegal. 

It’s also good to instruct the kids to remain buckled up while parking your rig. This ensures nobody is in the way of the RV as it backs into the campsite. 

Kid holding a butterfly
Every adventure is an opportunity to learn about the world.

Tie In Learning

Whether you stay in your campground the entire trip or venture out to explore the area—and we do highly recommend the latter—you can tie learning into your family RVing trip in a fun way.

Visit historic sites and national parks, and check out local science museums. In your campground, you can take the time to go on a nature walk and identify various plants or do a bit of birdwatching together. Learning together can be fun and is the perfect way to spend your family vacation during National Camping Month.

Get Planning With The RV LIFE Pro Suite

Are we there yet? While RV LIFE Pro won’t stop that question from being asked on your National Camping Month trip, it will give you the answer. Be in complete control of your RV trip by planning ahead with RV Trip Wizard and navigating that trip with the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds app. You’ll always know exactly where you are on your journey and can answer that question with confidence.

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