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Holiday Gifts For RVers: 11 Gadgets They Will Love (Updated)

This post was updated on April 25th, 2024

With RVers constantly buying the necessities, they may skip out on other gadgets that they would genuinely love to have. So this holiday season, play Santa with the RV lover in your life by getting them the gadgets they really want! Here are 11 gifts for RVers that they will actually use.

Top 11 Gadget Gifts for RVers for 2022

Here are our top 11 holiday gifts for RVers!

Waggle RV Pet Monitoring System

Price: $199.00 $99 during their Holiday sale!

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Product picture of the Waggle device
Waggle helps RVers keep track of the conditions in their RV to make sure their pets stay comfortable!

For RVers who always travel with their furry friends, this Waggle RV Pet Monitoring System can offer peace of mind when they have to stay behind. Many people think that summer is the only dangerous time for pets, but in the winter, temperatures can drop dangerously low as well. 

Waggle will monitor the temperature and humidity inside a camper while owners are away and send real-time alerts directly to their phones as soon as conditions become dangerous for their pets. The pet lover on your holiday list will love the thought behind this gift! (Note: A subscription is required)

Jackery Solar Generator

Price: $250-$6000

Jackery E1500 with four solar panels
Harness the power of the sun with the Jackery Solar Generator!

If you’re shopping for an RV owner that dreams of going off the grid, a solar-powered generator can help them do just that! While installing an entire solar panel system on the top of a rig can be a long and expensive process, Jackery Solar Generators are fully portable, easily set up, and simple to operate.

They come in many sizes, from a smaller Explorer 500 to the expansive Solar Generator 2000 Pro kit, which comes with six 200W solar panels and can practically run a basecamp.

With this RV gadget, RVers can camp in more remote areas and still benefit from the comforts of their trailer while also becoming more eco-friendly. Plus, portable panels can be moved to follow the sun without moving their RV!

Otzi Adventure Gear Flat Pack RV Grill

Price: $50-$400

A flat-pack RV grill setup in the woods.
This entire grill can lay flat, making storage a breeze! Photo from the Otzi website.

Not every campsite has grills available, or there are only a few for the whole campground, and they’re already being used. Plus, grills take up way too much space to carry around in your RV – or do they? 

Otzi Adventure Gear has created a genius grill that can be taken apart and laid entirely flat. The lightweight grill is easy to use and easily stored away when not in use. In addition, they come in 3 sizes, so there’s no problem finding the perfect grill for your loved one’s needs.

Lazy Daze Portable Double Hammock

Price: $75.99

A striped blue and yellow double hammock with a portable stand. 
The Lazy Daze hammock is the perfect gift for nappers, readers, and big chillers!

Napping in a hammock just hits differently. But RV campgrounds often have to make campsites away from the trees so our RVs can fit! Help the RVer in your life ensure a cozy nap spot just outside their door by gifting them the Lazy Daze Portable Double Hammock!

This hammock is big enough for two adults to snuggle up together and comes with a sturdy steel stand that doesn’t require trees for setup. The frame then breaks down and tucks away into a convenient carrying case when they’re ready to move on to their next destination. 

Portable Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

Price: $129.99

A light blue portable telescope with an astronaut surfing through space in the background.
This portable telescope is perfect for bird watchers and astronomers alike!

Campsites often have some of the best stargazing conditions since they’re away from the cities’ light pollution. If the RVer in your life is particularly fond of astronomy (or bird watching), consider giving them a portable telescope to help them get a closer look at the night sky!

This telescope is beginner friendly and compact, breaking down to store in a small backpack. Users can gaze at the night sky or use it to get a closer look at nature’s creatures during the day. It even includes a phone adapter to make taking pictures a breeze!

JBL Flip Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $79.95

A JBL portable speaker and sunglasses on an orange and white beach towel.
With a JBL Flip, you get amazing sound quality and portability!

Some RV models may come with speakers on the outside, but if not, installing them can be a pain. The best solution is a portable speaker that you can use indoors, outdoors, and anywhere else you go.

JBL is a long-time favorite for portable BlueTooth speakers, thanks to their premium sound quality. The Flip is also waterproof, making it perfect for winter and spring camping. In addition, it comes in many colors and can connect to other speakers for party mode, making it the ideal holiday gift for music lovers.

Car Generator

Price: $749

Say goodbye to loud, smelly, heavy power generators when you need camping and emergency backup power. Instead, check out a modern, simplified version by CarGenerator.

We all associate the ability to produce power in an emergency with loud generators that require hauling gas cans and heavy machinery around for power. The clever minds at CarGenerator have created a device that uses the power-generating hardware you drove to your campsite to produce all the power you need to cook, entertain, or light up your campsite.

Setup is as simple as hooking up the CarGenerator to your car, starting the engine, and then you have power for up to 80 hours. Learn more at their website.

Digital Wireless RV Backup Camera System

Price: $199.99

Two backup cameras meant for installation on RVs and travel trailers. 
Backing up big rigs is hard! Give an extra pair of eyes this holiday season!

We’re not questioning the driving skills of the RV owner in your life, but there’s no denying that maneuvering those giants isn’t easy! Especially for owners of a fifth-wheel or travel trailer, backing into small campsites or squeezing through tight parking lots can be extremely difficult.

These Digital Wireless Backup Cameras can help lower stress rates for RV drivers. This package comes with 2 cameras that can be viewed side-by-side and placed wherever is most helpful. 


Price: $189.99

The LevelMate Pro+ can connect with your phone or smartwatch.
The LevelMatePRO+ will help your loved one get their rig level in a jiffy!

According to LevelMate, this gadget can save relationships! Most experienced RVers have probably had a less-than-stellar experience trying to level their rig with their travel buddy. This gadget is meant to take the guesswork out of the leveling process and simplify the steps needed to get your RV level.

The setup is straightforward, and the app shows you the adjustments you’re making in real-time. It will even tell you how to correct leveling issues! The RVer on your holiday list will thank you each time they pull into a new campground!

Outland Living Portable Propane Fire Pit

A couple enjoys their portable propane fire pit in the woods. 
Fire bans can ruin a camping trip, but preventing forest fires is essential! Give the best of both worlds with a portable propane fire pit!

A warm fire during cold weather RVing is non-negotiable. Sourcing firewood, understanding local regulations, and preventing forest fires make campfires stressful for those in charge.

This Outland Portable Propane Fire Pit makes enjoying a warm fire a much more relaxing experience. This pit connects directly to the propane tank you already have on hand and is much safer than a wood fire. Giving a portable fire pit is giving the gift of countless memories created around the campfire. 

Spread RV Cheer This Year with These Gifts for RVers

Every RV owner is different, but we’re sure you can find the perfect gift for any style of RVer on our list! No matter what you decide to give them, we are confident they will appreciate the thought behind it.

What are you getting the RVer in your life for the holidays this year? Comment below!

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