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Does Insurance Cover RV Delamination Repairs?

A Closer Inspection of RV Delamination Causes and Solutions

RV delamination is a common problem with fiberglass RVs. Delamination is when the fiberglass layer on the outer wall of an RV separates from the substrate layer (typically made up of thin plywood or luan wood). As the fiberglass separates from the substrate, it creates bubbles in the outer wall, which will yield to pressure.

What Causes Delamination?

Moisture will find a way in between these two layers either along the seam where the roof and the wall of the RV meet or where there are fine cracks in (or damage to the surface of) the wall. Regular RV inspection and maintenance can help avert the issue almost entirely. Once you discover the issue, you should find out where the moisture is getting in and seal it immediately.

Degrees of Damage Severity

Sometimes, delamination is only a cosmetic issue that can negatively affect the resale value of your unit. Other times, delamination can become severe enough to affect other components of your RV. While unlikely, in rare cases, RV insurance may cover the cost of delamination repairs if the damage hasn’t progressed too far.

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When Does Insurance Cover Delamination Repairs?

According to Clovered insurance agency out of Florida, RV insurance sometimes covers the cost of delamination under your comprehensive policy. But you’ll have to prove it happened suddenly and wasn’t the result of neglecting RV maintenance. Events that can cause sudden delamination may include hurricanes or storms, a tree falling on your rig, or a single vehicle accident (like hitting an overpass that’s lower than your RV). You should always keep records of RV maintenance, just in case you are faced with something unexpected.

What’s Involved In Repairing RV Delamination?

It’s imperative to get on top of delamination before it gets out of hand. The more extensive the repairs, the more they’ll cost. Repair fees can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on how far the delamination has progressed. No matter how bad the case, if you’re dealing with this problem you’ll want to know if your RV insurance will cover the costs.

Repairing minor delamination on your RV can be a simple DIY fix if utilizing delamination kits like this one. On the opposite, extreme end, the process may involve removing the entire external wall and rebuilding it, which can get expensive fast. This may or may not be cost-effective for your particular RV.

Stay On Top of RV Maintenance To Avoid Issues Like This

RV repairs, like delamination, are no fun and can easily be prevented with proper maintenance. If you need help staying on top of your RV’s maintenance needs, look no further than RV LIFE Maintenance Tracker. RV LIFE Maintenance is an online service for RV owners that helps them build, schedule, track, and manage RV maintenance online, keeping their RV in top condition – saving them time and money so they can maximize their RV lifestyle.

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