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Lightweight RVs: Campers Under 2,000 Pounds

This post was updated on July 4th, 2020

You see the RV industry throw around words like “ultra-lite,” “lightweight,” “easy to tow,” and other catchphrases all the time. What do they actually mean? You have the desire to get into the RV lifestyle, and an SUV, but does that mean you have what you need to start the buying process?

In our three-part series, we’re going to explore the different subgroups of lightweight travel trailers. This article focuses on ultra-lite travel trailers that weigh under 2,000 lbs. The second part will discuss small lightweight travel trailers that weigh under 3,000 pounds. Our final piece of the series will talk about mid-size lightweight travel trailers that weigh under 5,000 pounds.

The towable trailers that we will evaluate will not delve into pop-up campers. Some may have expandable aspects, but we are avoiding this category. Pop-ups, while they are RVs, are different enough from travel trailers that they need their own feature articles.

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Why Are These RVs Classified as Light?

The light camper

An RV that fits into the lite or ultra-lite groups are built specifically to have a lean weight rating. There are full-size trailers that are considered lightweight when compared to other RVs of the same length and standards. To be considered lite, these coaches are built specifically to be under a certain weight, use specific materials, designs, and other elements to fit this category.

The RVs under 2,000 pounds are designed to be towed by most mid-size SUVs and other vehicles. Teardrop style trailers that have a kitchenette outside of the living space fit in this category. There are a few self-contained travel trailers that do fall into this weight range that we will mention as well.

Finding the Right Tow Vehicle

For a detailed explanation of determining if you have the correct tow vehicle, see our discussion of tow vehicles in part three of this series ( travel trailers under 3,000 and 5,000 pounds). To sum up, you’ll want a vehicle that has enough power to tow the coach and everything/everyone coming with you. Here are some example vehicles that will fit the bill:

Company Model Tow Capacity, lb
Chevy Trax 3,267
Ford Escape 3,500
Honda Pilot 3,500
Mazda CX-9 3,500
Mercedez GLC 3,500
Range Rover Evoque 3,968
BMW X3 4,400
Jeep Gladiator 4,500
Toyota 4runner 5,000
Subaru Outback 3,500

Best Examples of Travel Trailers Under 2,000 Pounds

Happier Camper HC1

  • Dry weight: 1,100 pounds UVW
  • Length: 13 feet
  • Sleeping: Up to 5 people
  • Price: Base model $14,000

This big-hearted little trailer is one of our favorites. Its Adaptiv modular interior system makes it a fully versatile ultra-lite travel trailer for a family of five. It’s retro-inspired, cutting-edge designed, and multi-adaptive for almost any need.

Unlike its fixed-furniture competitors, the interior starts with an empty long rectangular floor. Square cubes lock into place in thousands of different configurations. If you need a place to sit, just set a storage cube in part of the floor you want, place a cushion on top of it, and you have your seat.

Not all of the cubes are for storage. Some specialty cubes include a refrigerator drawer, kitchenette, cooler, toilet, and other types to make your camping experience more comprehensive. Power sources include a shore power connection, solar panel option/pre-wire, or a portable lithium battery accessory you can buy from the company direct or on Amazon.

For 2020, the manufacturer now uses sustainable bamboo for its wood features. The side door and windows now have built-in screens and nightshades that slide up/down. Besides making the doors stronger, this year’s models now come standard with low-profile A/C units to make the summer adventures more enjoyable.

Taxa Tiger Moth

  • Dry weight: 1,359 pounds UVW
  • Length: 12.5 feet
  • Sleeping: Up to 2 people
  • Price: $17,000- $24,000

Taxa Outdoors was created and designed by a former NASA engineer. Garrett Finney took his I.S.S. and lunar habitat knowledge to create rugged ultra-lite travel trailers for those that want an off-road experience with a teardrop trailer. The Tiger Moth gives outdoor adventurers the ultimate experience with customizable capabilities.

Starting in the rear of the coach, there’s a pull out drawer that can either be used for storage or a kitchenette. You decide how and what you want to put in this lockable space. If you choose the kitchen option, you can have a cooler-style refrigerator with a dual freezer and two-burner LP stove.

There are doors on the back and passenger side. An awning or tent attachment can be placed over the rear or side doors to expand the living space. The three windows have to pull up screens to let the breeze in and keep the bugs out.

To help you stay off-grid, the trailer has a solar pre-wire port or an optional solar panel package you can purchase. There are multiple electric outlet/charger ports built-in and a TV pre-wire. The bed jackknife’s into a sofa for daytime sitting.

Prolite Lounge

  • Dry weight: 1,485 pounds UVW
  • Length: 15.2 feet
  • Sleeping: Up to 3 people
  • Price: $22,000- $23,000

The Prolite Lounge is proudly made in Canada. Its an ultra-lightweight travel trailer that’s SUV-friendly. The unit has great construction features starting with the one-piece roof that extends through the front and rear caps. They also use frameless windows that secure tightly against the seals to prevent leaking.

You can expect to find all hardwood maple cabinetry throughout the coach. The kitchen features a 4.2 cubic foot refrigerator with a freezer. To cook your meals, you’ll have a 2-burner stove and microwave that come direct from the factory.

The bathroom is a wet bath. To make things convenient, you can remove the cassette from an exterior bay to dump your black tank contents safely. The unit also comes with a six-gallon water heater that is connected to the single propane tank upfront.

Other features include a manual awning, dimmers on the light switches, and a 16,000 BTU furnace. An extra-large ventilation fan comes standard with the trailer, but you can ask for an air conditioner to be included as an optional amenity. Another option is an audio entertainment center that comes with a Bluetooth radio.

inTech Flyer Pursue

  • Dry weight: 1,546 pounds UVW
  • Length: 13.9 feet
  • Sleeping: Up to 2 people
  • Price: $10,000- $17,000

The Flyer Pursue is far from an entry-level travel trailer under 2,000 pounds. This teardrop-style RV contains a strong base for many add-ons and customizable features for your off-road outdoor adventures. With its rear double-doors, it does great for camping and utility.

inTech starts with an all-aluminum cage frame that is riveted and welded together. The interior walls, insulation, and other materials are bonded to the Azdel shell. They moved the kitchenette to a pullout upfront to give the trailer its utility for your long items and extra sleeping space.

For added interior space, you can choose the attachable tent that connects to the rear of the coach for more interior space. The door side has a batwing awning that spreads past the walls of the coach for maximum shade.

The kitchenette has a 3-way, 50-quart cooler-style refrigerator/freezer. The two-burner stove runs off of one pound propane bottles that connect directly under it. Where most trailers would store a 20-pound propane bottle, inTech gives you a toolbox and tray for additional storage.

Inside, you’ll find an A/C, heat strip and three-speed Maxx fan with remote for your climate control needs. The air conditioner is low profile, so it won’t get in the way of the roof rack with a 250-pound capacity. The front wall comes with a Bluetooth radio and is pre-wired for a TV.

Jayco Hummingbird 10RK

  • Dry weight: 1,570 pounds UVW
  • Length: 12.11 feet
  • Sleeping: Up to 2 people
  • Price: MSRP $13,503

We’ve mentioned a lot of independent brands, but what about the big guys? The first RV manufacturer that comes to mind is Jayco. Their 10RK from the Hummingbird series reminds the competition why Jayco has been leading the industry with the amazing features they offer in this quality teardrop camper.

They have some amazing out-of-the-box features that resets the benchmark. The awning connects to the roof rack, not the coach itself. With a door on both sides of the unit, you can attach the awning to either side or have one on both sides.

Jayco solves the A/C getting in the way of the roof rack by taking it off the roof. In this trailer, they install an 8,000 BTU air conditioner high on the sidewall. To help with air movement, they have a powerful vent fan on the roof.

The extra thick mattress can be repositioned into a sitting position against the front wall. During the day, you can sit up comfortably on a rainy day inside your coach watching TV, listening to your radio, or work on your laptop.

The kitchen is in the rear hatch. Back here, you’ll have an over 4 cubic foot fridge, two-burner stove, sink, and TV behind the sink. The biggest storage bay passes through to a passenger-side exterior bay door.

KZ Sportsmen Classic SE 100RKSE

  • Dry weight: 1,760 pounds UVW
  • Length: 13 feet
  • Sleeping: Up to 3 people
  • Price: $16,000- $22,500

When you think of teardrop-styled RVs, no one imagines one that you can stand up in. KZ’s Sportsmen Classic SE 100RKSE stands as tall as a standard travel trailer. It even has enough room in it to have a walkway.

The rear hatch contains the kitchen with a tall dorm-like refrigerator, single bowl sink, and under shelf storage. The RV comes with a side mount griddle on the rear door side, where most barbecues mount on other coaches. This unit doesn’t have a black water tank, since it doesn’t have a bathroom, but it does have a 26-gallon grey water tank.

Interior features start with a queen-size bed. There is a walkway that leads to a shirt closet and a side-mounted air conditioner. The other side wall has a ledge that can double as a bunk for a child.

You’ll also find an entertainment center with TV pre-wire. There are multiple electric ports to charge devices and plug-in whatever you need. The overhead storage above the main bed is deep and wide for all of your personal items.

Safari Condo R1713

  • Dry weight: 1,825 pounds UVW
  • Length: 17.26 feet
  • Sleeping: Up to 3 people
  • Price: MSRP $28,352

The Safari Condo R1713 is unique in many ways. It has an expandable hardshell roof, amenities similar to a 25-foot travel trailer, and the weight of a teardrop. So what category would you place this trailer that can be towed under 2,000 pounds?

This is another Canadian manufacturer that has dealerships around Quebec and the Ontario province. Americans can order this popular trailer direct from the factory but expect the wait to be about a year and a half before you can take delivery of it. If you’re going to order one, you might as well check out their brochure and see what all of the available options are.

The rear twin beds double as a U-shaped couch. They can also be joined together with another piece and cushions to make a king-size bed. The coach comes with wedged-back rests so you can sit up comfortably.

The kitchen is split into both sides of the RV. You have a tall dorm-sized refrigerator with a freezer, microwave, two-burner stove, and multi-shelf storage cabinet. The bathroom can either be a wet bath or pop-up camper style commode space that empties into a black tank.

The two-person dinette is upfront. The tabletop slides and swivels to allow the diners to get up without disturbing the contents on the table. Blackout curtains can be slid in place to cover the windows on the expansion walls for privacy. Storage is maximized under the sofa and other strategic places.

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When you raise and lower the roof, the motors are so quiet you wouldn’t know they’re working if you didn’t see the roof moving. The coach also comes with a remote that allows you to move the RV into place with a remote. For those times where you need to make those little adjustments on your campsite, all you have to do is plug in the remote, and have the RV move itself.

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