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Top Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 30 Feet Long

This post was updated on April 14th, 2021

The bunkhouse floorplan has added new life to the RV industry. Families are finding these configurations more fitting to their lifestyles. Before bunk beds, sleeping space for the kids existed on fold-out sofas and dinettes. This prevented them from having their own personal space they could retreat to. These new plans give everyone a more permanent place to call their own. Here are the top bunkhouse travel trailers that are under 30 feet long.

At first, many of these travel trailer floorplans came in heavy units. Shoppers would need full-size SUVs or trucks to pull them. Parents want to keep their midsize SUVs and still have the benefits of a bunkhouse coach.

In the past few years, RV manufacturers have introduced bunk beds in shorter travel trailers. Many of these units are under 30 feet in length and are within midsize SUV towing capacities.

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Many of these bunk configurations are set in split floor plans. This gives parents and children a chance to enjoy their evenings apart from one another. Parents can relax while the kids can glue themselves to their mobile devices.

We’re going to present some great examples of coaches that fit this category. Many of them offer the same features, like:

  • Sound systems
  • Solar panel prep
  • Rearview camera prep
  • Power awnings
  • LED lights both inside and outside
  • Two bunk beds
  • Full kitchens with built-in gas/electric refrigerators

The Long and Short of Mattress Sizes

bunkhouse travel trailers - bunk bed mattress
The long and short of mattress sizes

Not all RV manufacturers publish the measurements of their mattress sizes. RV mattress sizes are similar to residential sizes. Some can be wider or shorter, but generally, they keep the sizes close.

  • Twin size: RV sizes can either be 28 x 75 or 35 x75. The 35 x 75 is the more popular mattress used.
  • Full size: This size measures 54 x 75. When compared, this is about one inch wider than a residential full.
  • Three-quarter size: These mattresses are three-quarters the size of a queen mattress. They measure 48 x 75. Smaller units use this mattress to maximize space in the master bedroom. Foldout sofas measure like this as well.
  • Queen size: These are the most popular size for master bedrooms. They measure 60 x 80.
  • King size: These are rising in popularity and are a special feature. They measure 72 x 80.

There are other sizes that RVs use. These are the more traditional mattresses you are going to come across in bunkhouse RVs. Many of the bunks share walls that block most of the space. If you have a child that rolls in their sleep, this wall will protect them from falling.

Top Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 30 Feet Long

Here are the top 6 bunkhouse travel trailers that are under 30 feet long.

Starcraft Autumn Ridge 180BHS

  • 22′ 3″ in length
  • 3,710 pounds dry weight
  • $19,020- $23,827

This coach has two twin-sized bunks in the rear of the coach. It shares a wall with the full bathroom toward the head area of the bunks. The foot end of the beds are open, which allows the occupants easy access to get in and out.

The flooring uses sturdy five-eighths-inch decking. On top of that is wood Congoleum. This laminate material is a patented material that is durable and absorbs sound. This means that it will last as long as your coach and still look great.

The cabinets use lumber core materials. The drawers use ball-bearings on their slides to prevent wear. To prevent toes and pet claws from catching, heat registers are on the walls instead of the floors.

To help drivers, Starcraft made self-adjusting brakes a standard feature on the coach. This prevents drag and added stress on your tow vehicle’s braking system.

The 180BHS gives an added feature that its sister coach, the 19BH doesn’t. It has a slideout for the dinette. This adds increased walking space within the RV.

Rockwood Geo Pro G19BH

  • 20.0 feet in length
  • 3,088 pounds dry weight
  • $23,999- $30,784

For those families that like to make their own road, the Geo Pro G19BH has everything they can ask for. This is the trailer for those families that love the off-road outdoor experience.

This coach has an all-aluminum frame and rugged axles to keep up with your adventures. For further protection, the sidewalls, roof, and floor go through a lamination process.

The rear bunks measure 26 x 74. The beds are enclosed, except for the lower leg side facing the interior. There is a utility door that doubles as an emergency escape door for the bunks. During travel, the bottom bunk does fold up for added storage space.

The unit has a standard 100-watt roof-mounted solar panel and a 1000-watt inverter. To save water, the shower has a water-saving feature. It even comes with WiFi Booster and connectivity so that you can post your adventures to the world.

The glass cover stove and dinette give you plenty of counter space to prepare meals. You can finish out the day watching your videos on the arm-mounted LED TV.

Lance 2185 Travel Trailer

  • 25.8 feet in length
  • 4,565 pounds dry weight
  • $33,550- $58,150

If you have three children, this may be the travel trailer for you. The unique feature of this coach is the three bunk configuration in the back. What’s the best way to avoid the argument of who sleeps on the foldout? Have three bunks!

The bunk area comes with a ladder so everyone can get to their bed. They share a wall with the bathroom and a closet to secure the sleeper. If you don’t need the lowest bunk, the space doubles as added storage space.

The master is a queen-size bed that has enough room to walk around. To add more living room space, a convertible sofa can take the place of the bed. For added walking space, the U-shaped dinette is on a slide-out.

Lance uses rounded European-inspired cabinetry to give their coaches a luxury yacht appeal. This also provides storage with added space to store all your personal belongings.

The kitchen appliances use stainless steel for easy cleaning and high aesthetic appeal. The refrigerator is seven cubic feet to store enough food to feed everyone in your family.

Coleman Lantern 242BH

  • 28′ 11″ in length
  • 5867 pounds dry weight

The Coleman Lantern offers upgraded features both outside and in. The styling of the interior has a residential feel to it. The upgraded furniture, hardwood cabinetry, and other materials feel like a home.

The kids will enjoy the extra space with the bunk beds. Each one is a double bunk that measures as a full-size mattress. They are fully enclosed except for the lower left-hand corner. Each bunk has its own window with a privacy shade to add natural light to the space.

The Lantern comes with a powered tongue and stabilizer jacks. For those of us that remember those days of manual jacks, setting up became a lot easier.

Grand Designs Transcend Xplor 247BH

Grand Designs takes the idea of listening to the customer to a whole new level. Many of the features that they offer in their floor plan designs seem little at first. Yet, the significance can be immense.

Some of those little details include:

  • Built-in shoe racks at the entrance for muddy footwear
  • Coat racks in the bathroom to hang wet clothing
  • A floor-level pet drawer, for pet toys
  • Propane hose outside the main door for a barbeque
  • Under furniture storage

The Transcend Xplor 247BH offers double-sized bunks that are open at the foot and left corner. Grand Designs adds a privacy curtain and shade to the windows for each bunk. This can give your child that space they need to re-center themselves if the world gets too chaotic.

The living area has a 69-inch sofa in the living room area and four-seater dinette. The corner-style kitchen has plenty of counter space to work on.

Grand Designs found a way to make the front storage bay the biggest in the industry. It measures 43 cubic feet, and it’s pass-through. This should allow you to store almost anything you need to bring with you.

Venture RV Sonic Ultra-Lite SN211VDB

Sonic’s bunks are some of the biggest in the industry. The lower one measures 48 x 88 and the upper bunk is 48 x 72. These are near three-quarter queen sizes. They open midway so that the head and foot are secure.

The master bedroom area is dynamic. Buyers have the option of having a queen-size bed or a sofa with a murphy bed fold out. This option creates different perspectives for the coach. It can either be a family bunkhouse coach with three beds. With the murphy, owners can use the bunks, and guests can use the murphy bed.

Venture creates a one-piece fiberglass mold to make the roof and front of the coach. They use state-of-the-art framing technology to give their RVs sturdy frames and chassis. Their goal is to prevent corrosion, breaking, or other issues down the road.

Part of the electronics package they add to all their RVs is a wireless vehicle leveling system. This downloadable app to your phone communicates with the trailer. Forget using the bubbles. Let the coach tell you how to level itself.

The trailer comes with an outside kitchen. It includes a small refrigerator and a two-burner stove. The front of the coach has a pass-through storage bay that is large enough to hold all your outdoor equipment.

Do you have a favorite bunkhouse travel trailer? Which one is it?

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