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Best TV for RV Use for Durable, Outdoor Entertainment

This post was updated on April 1st, 2021

Having an RV as a second home or as a favorite vacation ride is always a pleasurable experience. You get to combine the luxuries of a mobile home, like a working bath and a comfortable mattress, with the beauty of the great outdoors. However, you’ll eventually experience lull times and get bored with the same activities. You might even miss your old creature comforts.

When you find yourself in need of more fun and entertainment, installing a TV in your RV is the perfect solution. Watching a TV show or a nice movie in your camper is a way to boost your RV experience that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Why Do You Need a TV in Your RV?

Can you imagine a home without a television? Even in the age of mobile phones and handheld tablets, having a mounted or stationary TV is still a different experience. It’s an excellent platform for added entertainment and information.

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There are many reasons why you might need a TV for RV use. If you’re a lover of entertainment and great shows, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to watch a quality movie while cozying up inside your RV. It’s a great way to bond with the family or with your friends. It’s also a better alternative to the smaller screens of personal devices.

Aside from adding to your little luxuries while on the road, it’s also a must-have for times when it’s just too hot or inconvenient to hang out in the open campsite.

Finally, you might also want a connection with local news networks and information channels through your television. It’s a way to get in touch with the local scene as you move through towns and states.

Top 5 Best TVs for RV Use

While camping is about “getting away from it all” an RV television will allow you to:

  • Stay up to date with local and national news
  • Monitor severe weather conditions
  • Watch your favorite sporting events
  • Enjoy movies on rainy days
  • Keep the kids occupied while you cook

Part of RVing is preparing for any scenario. When you’re ready to upgrade your camper’s TV, you’ll want to choose the best RV television like the ones in the reviews below.

Keep on reading, because every review highlights the pros and cons of the top five best TVs for RV use. You also get operational details, feedback from customers, and what type of RV or camping style the TV will suit best so you can pick the perfect RV television for use while camping!

Get ready for camping season with these top TVs for RV use. I reviewed several so you can find the perfect one to suit your needs.

#1 – Axess 19-Inch LED HDTV

BEST FOR – RVers with limited space looking for a multi-use TV they can wall-mount or for anyone with a small camper, motorhome, or travel trailer.


  • Full-function remote control
  • DVD, USB and HDMI inputs
  • Clear reception
  • Low power consumption
  • Lightweight


  • Does not support Blue Ray
  • A bit pricey for a smaller screen TV

The AXESS LED HDTV is a top choice when you are looking for a versatile 12-volt TV to fit in any room inside your RV.

The AXESS provides input for HDMI, USB, Micro SD, and DVDs, which makes it convenient for watching content from many sources. Connect a digital antenna for clear reception of local channels or hook up to campground cable with standard coaxial fittings.

Customers appreciate the compact screen size, which makes it ideal for small campers, or as a secondary TV for a bunkhouse area. The easy-to-load integrated DVD player is a bonus (hint: ignore the directions and load the disc’s shiny side facing you.)

The biggest downside of this 12-volt smart TV model is the weak sound quality. Many overcame this issue by adjusting the sound levels or by plugging in a portable speaker.

#2 – Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24.0″ 720p TV DVD Combination

BEST FOR – RVers who prefer to stay at campgrounds where shore power is available and who like watching a lot of DVDs.


  • Lightweight
  • Built-in DVD Player
  • USB and HDMI ports
  • Voice control for TV functions and guide information
  • Dual-function remote control
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable


  • Only runs on 110-volts
  • Sound quality is lacking

The Sceptre 24-Inch TV DVD Combination is a great LED HDTV option with a sharp screen resolution to make viewing television while RV camping more enjoyable.

Even better, you can use the USB port to view photos or to play your favorite music. The HDMI port provides excellent digital video and audio with the use of only one cable, which keeps wire clutter inside your camper to a minimum.

Customers love the TV and DVD combo that eliminates the need for extra equipment and how well the TV picks up local channels even while camping in remote locations. They also like the brushed-metal-look trim that adds a bit of style to their camper.

The biggest drawback for this TV is that it only operates on 110-volts which means you must plug your RV into shore power or use a generator or inverter while dry-camping if you want to watch.

#3 – Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V DC RV LED TV

BEST FOR – Hard-core RVers who want a durable, 12-volt RV television that will stand up to years of travel stress.


  • Rugged materials and design
  • HDMI, USB, and VGA inputs
  • Front control buttons and speakers
  • Strong digital tuner
  • Great picture quality


  • 12-volt input only/must buy separate adapter for other connections

The Jensen JTV19DC is the only 12-volt television set that’s made strictly for RVs using an industrial-grade metal cabinet that stands up to the bumps and vibrations of travel.

The Jensen 12-volt TV features a built-in over-the-air tuner to pick up local channels quickly. The unit has a slim design with front speakers and controls for more convenience and better sound quality.

Customers like that this TV is 12-volt ready and easy to wire into their camper’s power source, so even off-grid they can watch programming. Another plus is the crystal clear, bright picture quality.

On the downside, this TV cannot plug directly into a 120-volt outlet. Some customers use cigarette-lighter adapters or AC/DC transformers to make connecting into power more convenient, but you must purchase these items separately.

#4 – SuperSonic Portable LCD Digital AC/DC TV 10-Inch

BEST FOR – RVers who only need a small TV to stay abreast of local weather and news or who like having a TV they can bring outdoors while camping.


  • Portable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Affordable
  • Built-in speakers and earphone jack
  • USB input


  • Small screen
  • Needs a better antenna

The Supersonic Portable LCD TV is the best portable RV television, with great features like a built-in digital tuner to pick up local TV channels so you can stay in the loop while camping in any location.

This Supersonic model requires no power plugin, just charge up the internal battery for hours of viewing time. The small and compact design makes it easy to stow away inside any size recreational vehicle.

Customers like the USB and SD Card inputs that allow them to watch movies or listen to music. They also like how convenient it is to move the TV outside the RV or even take it to the park or beach. Inside the RV you can remove the antenna and hook up to cable for full TV channel reception.

Aside from the small screen size, there is also a learning curve with this TV, like remembering to turn off the side power button when done and to invest in a better antenna if you desire picking up the most channels.

#5 – Free Signal TV Transit LED Flat Panel HD Television

BEST FOR – All RVers who want great sound and screen clarity with a screen size large enough to please everyone.


  • Minimal power consumption
  • HDMI input
  • Conversion to AC power available
  • Large screen with wide viewing angle
  • Lightweight


  • May need external speakers
  • Need to purchase optional adapter for 120-volt use

The Free Signal TV Transit LED Flat Panel HD Television is a nice-size for watching TV inside your RV, yet consumes little power while hooked up to your 12-volt system.

Enjoy watching TV, even off-grid, with the high-quality picture and sound found on this model. The wide viewing angle allows more people to see the screen comfortably.

Customers like that this RV TV comes with a cigarette lighter plug-in or that they can hard-wire it directly to their 12-volt system. Some users even plug the TV into an external power source like a YETI cooler with excellent results.

The only complaint was that the sound level was not strong enough for some larger RVs, but they overcame this issue with the addition of external speakers.

Benefits of Using the Best TV for RV Use

Televisions can be found everywhere in the country, from homes to malls to schools. It makes sense that you can find them in RVs and campers as well. Televisions can be a part of your full RV experience, especially if you consider your RV to be your primary home or your house-on-wheels.

Watching shows and programs on television leads to many benefits. Choosing the best model suited for RV use, and correctly installing the unit, can give you a better experience overall.

Here are some of the benefits of using the very best TV for your RV.

Kick Back and Relax with a Great Show

One of the most obvious benefits of having an RV television set is being able to kick back and relax any time you want to. With a good RV TV antenna, you can pick up local TV stations and enjoy whatever the locals are watching. This can include the latest movies, serial TV shows, and even news programs. You can also connect to cable TV hookups in RV parks to get a stronger connection, or even invest in a subscription satellite TV service so you can get a consistent signal while you’re riding on the road.

While most television sets designed for RV use aren’t as wide or flat-screen as the big screen sets for home use, you’ll still be able to enjoy the experience. After all, you’ll be viewing the screen at a much closer distance.

Watch Your Favorite Movies and DVDs

Most RV owners, especially those with new units, have RV television sets that come with a DVD or USB connection. If you prefer watching your favorite movies, a concert DVD, or past seasons of your favorite TV shows, you can easily switch to a connected DVD set.

With USB, HDMI and VGA inputs, you can share whatever you have on your personal laptop or mobile device and flash the video onto the TV screen. You can get an iPhone TV converter so you can cast your favorite Netflix, YouTube or Hulu shows onto your RV TV. It’s a great way to maximize your mobile watching experience while on the road.

With an RV TV DVD, you won’t have to worry about the reception, cable connection, or satellite equipment you have installed. You and your family can enjoy the movie with no problems.

Play Your Favorite Games

When it comes to playing console games, there’s nothing more satisfying than looking up to a big screen TV. With the latest flat widescreen TV models for RV use, you can bring the same gaming experience from home to the RV.

Have Fun While It’s Pouring Outside

What are the best ways to relax while you’re out on the RV? Is it watching the sunset on a beautiful landscape? Is it waiting for the stars and constellations to reveal themselves on a quiet night?

While seeing the wonders of nature and getting to enjoy the camping experience with your family are more than wonderful, there are simply times when you need to have an alternative. Imagine if it’s pouring outside, or the clouds aren’t quite cooperating with you. You need a stable and reliable background for fun and entertainment.

It’s one thing to break out the scrabble board, and it’s another to switch open the TV screen to the latest show you’ve been following. While both activities can be fun, the point is to have as many options as possible to keep the joy going.

Keep Children Entertained with Their Favorite Shows

It’s not just you who will have a good time watching top programs and old movies. Getting to watch animated programs is an essential part of growing up. It provides a platform to explore ideas and creativity. You can give your kids access to their favorite cartoons with a TV set.

By entertaining your children with their favorite shows, a fun blockbuster movie, or an educational mystery program, you won’t have to keep answering their repeated questions of “are we there yet?” and “how many more minutes?” While we can’t always account for inquisitive and talkative kids, you can at least keep them occupied for the duration of a couple of shows.

Plus, you can give yourself one or two hours of productivity while your kids are entertained by the television set. You can go around and clean the camp area, do some repairs, or look at other concerns while your children watch their favorite cartoon shows.

Enjoy Watching with the Whole Family

Most people who are skeptical of the benefits of an RV TV usually lean towards mobile devices. It’s true that you can watch good video content on your laptop, tablet, or even your phone. However, all of these devices have limited screen dimensions. You’ll have a pretty hard time trying to share the screen with the entire camper. Newer RV TV sets include LED widescreen models offering a great viewing experience for everyone.

Depending on the interior design of your RV, a well-positioned TV can reach everyone who wants to have a little bit of entertainment. You can mount your flat screen TV onto the wall, and you’ll get an experience you can share with everybody. The best TV for RV use can turn simple movie night into a communal bonding experience. After all, the point of most RV trips is to have fun together as a family or group.

Turn Your RV Camper into a Movie House Experience

The fun doesn’t stop just because the sun has set and it’s time to pack up camp. After you finish cleaning up dinner and setting up the RV, you can always continue your day of fun with a nighttime movie house experience.

While RV TV sets obviously won’t be as big or impressive as home movie screens, the best TV sets still provide outstanding picture quality. Aside from high definition and even vivid colors against the dark, you can enjoy an even better movie house RV experience with the right surround sound system.

Get a Strong Connection to Local Networks and TV

RV TVs can never promise you a consistent and strong connection. It’s just one of the many drawbacks of going on the road. However, you’re more likely to connect with local TV programs with ease if you have a TV. The cable connection at an RV and camper park, or the antenna picking up signals while you’re parked, can provide a strong access line to local shows.
Compared to relying solely on mobile devices and splotchy inconsistent mobile Internet, you can be much more confident when you have a TV.

Enjoy a High-Quality Viewing Experience with the Best TV and Sound System

The television sets designed especially for RVs and campers are getting better and better. You don’t have to suffer from the mobile TV sets of the past, which featured static-like images and weird glitches.

There are plenty of LED TV models which offer a high quality viewing experience. With a TV set with noise reduction feature, you can enjoy a crisp sound for all the shows you watch. Nowadays, you have your options when it comes to excellent picture quality, color performance, high definition, and sound.

Reliable TV Entertainment with Reinforced Durability

Imagine bringing a regular television from your home, stacking it on top of an empty cabinet in your RV, and then praying that all goes well when you set out on your drive. It’s just a recipe for disaster. A TV or TV DVD set that’s not installed with the RV lifestyle in mind won’t last days before breaking.

The benefit of having a TV for RV use is that you can enjoy television sets with industrial-grade reinforcement, quality design, and durability. Unlike other TV sets, a TV for RV use can withstand the repeated force of vibration from the constant travel. You also need to complement the robust build of the TV with proper mounting.

Save on Energy with the Best TVs

With only the best in the market, you can enjoy a television or TV DVD combo that’s designed, tested and built for RV and camper use. You can check the energy rating of a particular model to see whether or not it will be great for both your wallet and for the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About a TV in an RV

How Do I Get a TV Signal Inside an RV?

The question of how to get a working TV signal while inside an RV is a recurring concern. The first thing you have to know is that there are three main options to consider: satellite, cable or antenna. Like with any additional investment for RV equipment, it’s always important to consider what makes the difference across the different options. Your travel needs and budget will also determine how you’ll get a consistent TV signal.

Having a satellite dish on your RV is a big step. It’s a relatively costlier investment compared to the other options for access. You’d have to buy and then install the technology. The satellite dish can be fixed to the roof of your RV, or they can be detachable units which can be placed on the ground.

One of the downsides of this arrangement is a limited location. Because most satellite connections operate on a subscription basis, you’d have to be careful about staying within the range of that subscription base. Otherwise, you might have to switch to a different program provider. However, you can always choose among the best signal service providers.
As the name suggestions, a cable connection requires a physical cable hookup to get access to local programs and shows. While this is cheaper and requires less investment upfront, it does limit your option in terms of where to go. Most RVers can find a good cable connection in RV parks –you definitely won’t find one in the middle of an untouched forest. Some RV parks and campgrounds can also charge you for using their cable connection.

Third, antennas were one of the first options tested when TVs for RV use were attempted. With an antenna, you can check out local channels for free. However, they can be unreliable and subject to disturbances.

There’s a new emerging source for TV signal, and that’s Internet streaming. While you’ll probably still run into kinks as the technology is sorting itself out, you’ll probably enjoy watching Netflix on your TV screen.

How Do I Mount My Television Inside My RV?

There are many options when it comes to installing your TV for RV use. The most common installation techniques differ in location and style. At the end of the day, it depends on your preferences and even budget.

  • Fixed wall mount – if you have an empty space along your RV walls, or if you’ve made a fixed or tilted plywood surface specifically for this purpose, you can install your TV easily
  • Fixed or tilted mount on cabinet door – with an appropriate hinged mount, you can attach your TV set onto the movable door of the cabinet
  • Mount with arm – you can attach an articulating arm mount onto any area of your RV
  • Overhead mount with pull-down function – for more flexibility, you can buy a mount with a pull-down function for height adjustment
  • Under-cabinet mounting – if you have limited space inside your RV, you might have to get creative. This type of mounting is excellent for smaller TVs
  • Outdoor mounting – if you’re aiming for outdoor entertainment, then you can install your TV with an articulating arm mount inside the RV basement or luggage area
  • Mount with arm – you can attach an articulating arm mount onto any area of your RV
  • Overhead mount with pull-down function – for more flexibility, you can buy a mount with a pull-down function for height adjustment
  • Under-cabinet mounting – if you have limited space inside your RV, you might have to get creative. This type of mounting is excellent for smaller TVs
  • Outdoor mounting – if you’re aiming for outdoor entertainment, then you can install your TV with an articulating arm mount inside the RV basement or luggage area


Watching a TV show while on the road has gone a long way from clunky TV sets in the 70s. Nowadays, you can enjoy high-quality picture performance and surround sound with the best TV models for RV use. You can trust that these models can withstand the constant vibration thanks to a rocky road.

The best TV for RV use? The Free Signal TV transit LED flat panel HD television is our top pick for its crisp picture and sound quality, lightweight design, and 12-volt power source perfect for any recreational vehicle.

With a TV in your RV, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, old movies, and even local TV programs without any effort. You won’t have to squeeze the show into a tiny screen and try to get everyone to join in the fun. With proper positioning and installment, everyone in the family can join in the film night.

Whether you want to stick with a cable connection, antenna or satellite dish, you’ll be able to get the latest and most current television content. Aside from leveling up the entertainment and bonding the family, having a TV is also handy during rainy and lazy days. They also help you stay connected with the rest of the world.

In an ideal world, you’ll get all of these benefits. You’ll also have enough space in your camper to mount a TV for RV use with high definition quality, Internet streaming capabilities, widescreen dimensions, DVD and other input connections, all at a friendly price. When it comes down to it, what are the top features you are looking for when it comes to RV TVs?
What are your thoughts on having a TV in your RV? Will it add to the camping experience, or make it too luxurious? If you’re on team television, what’s the one TV show you can’t live without when you’re on the road?

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