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Best Trailer Tires to Avoid Blowouts

This post was updated on June 5th, 2020

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Trailer tires are literally monster tires made especially for camper trailers. It is a far cry from ordinary automotive tires available in the market. It has higher ply ratings and is thicker, built with strong sidewalls and excellent tread designs.

These tires are made to last and are rugged enough to work for any road and weather conditions. Unlike automotive tires, trailer tires don’t steer and transmit power from the vehicle’s engine. Trailer tires also do not swerve. They come in a wide range of sizes and specifications, so be sure to check your trailer’s manual before you shop for new trailer tires.

If you’re in a rush and need to know the best trailer tire immediately the Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire is our top pick for durability, traction, and a nice load rating at an affordable price point.

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Top 5 Best Trailer Tires

Having safe tires on your travel trailer or fifth-wheel is critical to avoid blowouts, vibrations, or swaying which are dangerous by-products of old tires or an overweight trailer.

Every travel trailer has different needs in terms of:

  • Size
  • Load
  • Weight
  • Pressure
  • Speed

Know these numbers before shopping for tires for your travel trailer from our list below so you can avoid potential disaster while on the road.

The good news is this guide to the top five best trailer tires not only provides the pros and cons of each, but details about important features, feedback from customers, and what type of travel trailer or camping style that model tire is best.

So read on to find the right trailer tire for your needs!


  • Designed for short or long-distances
  • Load rating can handle most trailer needs
  • Long-lasting durable construction and design
  • Affordable


  • Not designed for use on motorhomes

The Carlisle 6H04621 Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire combines a great load rating with solid construction so you can travel to your camping destination safely for many years.

What sets this trailer tire apart is the unique pattern on the tread that wears evenly. Even at high speeds, this tire can handle the heat build-up and other road conditions safely.

Customers like how well this tire handles, and how long the tread remains in good condition, especially for long-range camping trips. Another plus is this tire helps deter sway if you are upgrading from a trailer tire with a lower load rating.

On the downside, while most customer’s tires were recent batches, some customers note that their “new” tire shows they were made up to a year ago, so check dates before installation.

BEST FOR – All RVers who carry the average load in their travel trailer and need a quality tire that is still affordable.


  • Center groove for reliable stability and tracking
  • Affordable
  • Enhanced shoulder dissipates heat
  • Nylon overlay improves wear
  • Load rating can handle most trailer needs


  • Some faulty tires/failures

The Trailer King ST Radial tire is one of the most affordable travel trailer tires on the market.

What makes this such a great RV tire is not only the price but the reinforcement to the shoulder that helps keep tire heat down while on the road. The center groove aids in stability, so your trailer runs smoothly without tracking off.

Customers find the durability of these trailer tires most impressive, with many running on them for five years or longer, making them very cost-effective. Customers also appreciate the load rating that can handle the demands of most travel trailers full of camping gear and supplies.

The few complaints about this tire were about failures within a short time of purchase. This issue seems to be either a bad batch from the manufacturer or possibly old-stock tires, so make sure to check tire manufacturing dates on the sidewall before installation.

BEST FOR – RVers with small to mid-range travel trailers who like to take long-distance camping trips.

Grand Ride Set of 4 Trailer Tires ST205/75R15 205 75 15 8-Ply Load Range D Steel Belted...
3,362 Reviews
Grand Ride Set of 4 Trailer Tires ST205/75R15 205 75 15 8-Ply Load Range D Steel Belted...
  • Set of 4 New Premium Quality ST205/75R15 Radial Tires,
  • Nylon cap ply ( nylon overlay cross entire tread area),...
  • Featured "Scuff Guard" ring on tire wall for better tire side...
  • 8 mm deep tread depth vs 5.6 mm of other cheap competitors,...
  • 8 ply rated, load range D, Speed rating M--- up to 81mph,...


  • Full-tread nylon cap ply
  • Comes in an affordable set of four
  • Sidewall scuff-guard ring
  • Extremely durable


  • Load rating lower than others
  • Balancing issues

The WINDA Trailer Tires are a great choice for those who like to camp off the beaten path.

The tire features a scuff-guard sidewall ring and full-tread nylon cap, which increases durability on any road surface you may encounter while camping.

Customers like how well these tires hold up after long road trips, with the tread showing little to no signs of wear. They also like how well the trailer handles with less vibration and sway.

The only concern about these tires is that some people note it took more weight than usual to balance the tire, but that this did not impact tire function, nor was this a problem with every tire in the group. Also, note that these tires have a lower load rating than other models.

BEST FOR – RVers who like to take their travel trailer to hotter climates for camping trips like the Southwest.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Design upgrade from the M-108
  • Load rating can handle most trailer needs


  • Some confusion over actual load rating

The Freestar M-108+ Trailer Radial Tire is a top pick for travel trailers that have 15-inch rims.

This radial tire has the durability to withstand even high-speed highway travel through the hottest of locations, so you don’t have to worry about blowouts.

Customers appreciate the deep tread that provides traction during rain or on slick roads, so their travel trailer does not slide. The load rating is sufficient for most trailers loaded for a camping trip.

The biggest issue with this tire is the load rating, with some stating it’s a D while others say it’s an E. Check with the seller for the actual load rating.

BEST FOR – RVers with large travel trailers or fifth-wheels who want a commercial grade tire for the most durability and safety while traveling.

Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire - 235/85R16 126R
97 Reviews
Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire - 235/85R16 126R
  • Package Weight: 57.5 pounds
  • Package Height: 9.3"
  • Package Length: 31.8"
  • Package Width: 31.8"


  • Commercial-grade
  • Long-lasting
  • Heat-reducing tire tread design
  • Great for larger/heavily loaded travel trailers


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

The Goodyear Unisteel G614 Radial is a workhorse trailer tire that can handle even the harshest of conditions.

The heavy-duty materials provide even tread wear and superior traction on any road surface. The innovative shallow tread and rib design lower the temperature of the tire during travel, adding to the life of the tire.

Customers like that these tires are commercial-grade so that you can pull your travel trailer down gravel roads for miles with no worries. Customers also like how long these tires last, sometimes twice as long as other models, which lowers your overall RV maintenance costs.

The only negative, aside from the price tag, is that your trailer must have the right size wheel to fit these tires, so double check before purchasing.

Why Do You Need Trailer Tires?

The top reason why you should need to invest in trailer tires is that they are precisely what your camper trailer needs to function. It is built tough to withstand different conditions for your road travels.

Trailer Tires Are Built for Tough Applications.

Unlike ordinary vehicle tires, trailer tires are created for tough and rough roads. They have higher load capacities to be able to support and carry your trailer. They are also durable and are heavy duty. These characteristics enable them to handle rough roads and harsh conditions.

Trailer Tires Can Be Used for Any Road and Weather Conditions.

Trailer tires are built tough and durable. They are perfect for use no matter the weather and road conditions. You can use it on muddy roads, wet pavements, heavy snowfall, and inclined roads.

Trailer Tires Dissipate Heat Properly.

Trailer tires are designed with a good shoulder, and they dissipate heat evenly and properly. No matter how heavy your trailer load is, as long as it is within the specified limit, your trailer tires will not overheat and blow out when you are on the road.

Trailer Tires Have Maximum Load Capacity.

Trailer tires are designed and rated with extreme load and weight capacities. It has a high ply rating, for higher load demands and requirements.

Benefits of Using the Best Trailer Tires

Benefits of using best trailer tires

You may be tempted just to buy any trailer tires that catch your eye. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best trailer tires. Purchasing the best trailer tires are definitely worth your investment. Here are the reasons why.

The Best Trailer Tires Are Reliable.

Not all trailer tires are of the same make and material. The best trailer tires in the market are reliable when it comes to their performance and specifications. When they say that they can handle extreme road and weather conditions, they truly can do. You can use them on different road terrains and on different weather. The best trailer tires are definitely dependable, whether you are using your trailer for a short trip, or a long cross-country trip. No matter the environmental conditions, the best trailer tires can take you to your destination safely.

These Tires Can Handle Abuse.

The best trailer tires are made from tough and solid high-quality materials. These tires can withstand heavy use and abuse, and still be able to perform at its optimum. Choose only the best trailer tires if your trailer has heavy usage, and is used for deliveries and transportation of cargo.

They Have a Good Load Range.

The best trailer tires have a wide and good load range, allowing them to carry heavier loads. Whether you are using your trailer for camping, or you are using it for cargo transport, your trailer tires need to be able to support your load requirement. These tires are designed and built with sturdy and durable materials so you can maximize their life span.

They Have Long Life Spans.

The best trailer tires are built and made to last. This means that with proper care and maintenance, your high-quality trailer tires will last you longer. These trailer tires are designed to be durable and carry heavy loads for a long time. Their tread will also last longer than similarly designed tires but are not intended for the same load.

The Best Trailer Tires Can Be Used for Many Types of Vehicles.

The best and quality trailer tires are more flexible than others. They can be used for many types of trailer vehicles, such as cargo trailers, stock trailers, towable recreational vehicles, boat trailers, utility trailers, specialty trailers, and haulers. They can be used for many different purposes and applications. The heavy-duty construction of the best trailer tires allows them to take on many tasks efficiently.

These Tires Minimize Noise Generation When in Use.

RV parked at the lake

The best trailer tires are designed to generate less noise while on the road. The tread design of these wheels allows for a smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride. With the best trailer tires, you can say goodbye to the grating and scraping sound of your trailer tires on the road.

These Are Heat Resistant.

With the constant rubbing on road surfaces, it is vital that your trailer tires can withstand and dissipate heat properly. Some states are also warm for most of the year, so buying trailer tires made from special rubber compounds to withstand extreme heat is essential. Some trailer tires have extra weather and ozone protection that also protect your tires.

These Tires Help You Save on Fuel.

The best trailer tires can decrease rolling resistance. This just means that these trailer tires can reduce the resistance that results from the tires rolling on the surface. When this resistance is reduced, your truck will require lesser energy to run, enabling it to run more efficiently. What does this mean? These high-quality trailer tires actually help you save on your gas.

They’re Stable and Are Shock Absorbent.

The stability of your trailer tires will be more appreciated when you are on long road trips. The roads can be bumpy, but your ride does not need to be uncomfortable. The best trailer tires have a shock absorbing mechanism, which can make your trip less bumpy and smoother. This feature is not only crucial for your comfort, but also for your valuable and fragile cargo.

These Tires Have High Sidewall Strength.

The best trailer tires are built tough and are designed to handle maximum pressure. To be able to do this, your trailer tires must have high sidewall strength. A substandard trailer tire with low sidewall strength may ruin your trip when it folds under maximum pressure. The best trailer tires have higher ply ratings.
Ply refers to the number of layers that make up your sidewall. The higher the ply rating of your trailer tire, the higher its sidewall strength.

This is extremely important if you plan to carry heavy loads over a long distance. Your trailer tires’ sidewall must be strong and stiff enough so it won’t bend to the weight and pressure of the load. A low sidewall strength can have your load squashing your tires, which may result in a dangerous blowout. You will not want your tires blowing out in the middle of nowhere.
Even if you are lucky to escape a blowout, a low sidewall strength can mean shorter tire life. Heavy loads will take a toll on these low-quality trailer tires, weakening them, and significantly reducing their life span.

They Will Save You Money.

The best trailer tires come with a steeper cost than low-quality trailer tires. You may think that choosing cheaper tires can save you money. However, these low-quality tires are less durable and are not as tough. You may have to change them more often than you will have to with high-quality trailer tires. What’s worse, these substandard tires are more prone to blowouts. The hassle and the risk that these cheaper trailer tires bring is definitely not worth the initial money that you have saved.

Investing in the best trailer tires give you the peace of mind that your trailer and its cargo are in good hands. High-quality trailer tires are designed to carry heavier loads and over long distances. Their longer life span and durability will not have you changing your trailer tires frequently. You can save both time and money on good trailer tires, and be more efficient.

The tires reduce risk and ensure your safety on the road.
The best trailer tires are built and designed to perform effectively and be dependable. Their strength and durability reduce the risk of blowouts on the road. Their stability despite heavy loads ensures that your trip is smooth and safer. They offer smooth traction on the road, allowing you to make safe turns and brakes easily. Invest in superior quality trailer tires that can improve your safety while you are on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trailer Tires

What to Look for in the Best Trailer Tires?

If you are planning to buy new trailer tires for your camper trailer, there are factors that you should take into consideration to get the best trailer tires. Not all trailer tires are created equal, and you should be able to know how to compare your choices.


Getting the best trailer tires not only gives you a comfortable ride, but it also ensures your safety. Quality trailer tires offer you consistency and performance, not just on its first year, but for the long run. It also provides you longer mileage. A decent and smooth ride is essential, especially for very long trips. Invest in quality tires, so you don’t have to suffer bumpy and uncomfortable rides.

Pressure Rating

Tire pressure check

Check the pressure rating of the trailer tires that you plan to buy. Not all tire brands and models have the same pressure rating. Check that it matches with the required pressure of your trailer.


The size of the tires that you choose for your trailer matters. A tire that is either too large or too small for your trailer is not safe. The size of your tires must match the specifications of your trailer. Look for tires that are fit for your trailer and will not compromise your safety.

Sidewall Strength

Choose trailer tires with excellent sidewall strength. Trailer tires with weak sidewall can compromise your safety when you are on the road.

Ply Rating

Ply ratings indicate the load at which the trailer tire is designed for, at industry specified pressure. It can give you the load range that your trailer tires can support.


A tire that is easily deteriorated is not safe to drive with. Choose trailer tires that are known to last for a long time, and have higher mileage. This can save you time and money from replacing your tires frequently.

Easy to Mount

You will never know when you will need to change a tire. Pick a trailer tire that is easy to mount. Replacing and mounting tires should not be complicated. Tires that can be easily mounted requires less installation time and less effort on your end.

Cooling System

Choose a trailer tire that has a functional and dependable cooling system. A tire that has a cooling system can reduce the risk of explosions and blowouts.

What Are the Types of Trailer Tires Available?

There are basically two types of trailer tires available. These are the radial tires and the bias tires.
Radial trailer tires have plies that run perpendicularly across the tire and the belts. They have superior tread wear compared with bias tires and can last up to 40,000 miles of travel. They are more temperature resistant than bias tires and can stay cool even during long trips. This makes radial trailer tires suitable for high volume usage and long haul trips.

Bias trailer tires have plies that run at an angle of 30 degrees. They have steeper sidewalls compared to radial tires, which allows them to carry heavier loads. However, in terms of mileage, bias trailer tires are less superior to radial tires. Bias tires can only run up to 12,000 miles. Bias tires, however, are cheaper than radial tires, but can also perform well under moderate use.

How Long Will My Trailer Tires Last?

The average life of a travel trailer tire is 5 to 6 years. Some tires last longer, while some well-worn ones last for a shorter span. If used with proper care and regular maintenance, your tires should last you around at least 5 years. It is essential to give your trailer tires the attention they deserve because they take all the load in your camper trailer. It is necessary to replace them when it is time to, rather than wait for them to blow out on your next camping trip. Tire blowouts are especially dangerous and can result in deadly crashes.

When Should I Replace My Trailer Tires?

Replace tires on wheels

While the average life of trailer tires is 5 years, it is important to have it periodically checked by a professional. You cannot judge a trailer tire by merely looking at it. Cracks may develop which can escape an untrained eye.
Another way to keep track of a travel trailer tire’s life is based on its mileage. Travel trailer tires should be replaced after it is used for its specified maximum mileage (usually 8,000 to 12,000 miles). Whichever goes first, the mileage cap or the average lifespan, you should go and replace your tires. A professional can also give you dependable advice on when you should replace your trailer tires, based on your regular visits and check-ups.

How Much Do Trailer Tires Cost?

A new trailer tire usually will cost you around $60, up to $140. When buying a trailer tire, make sure that you buy from a reputable brand and dealer. It is best to buy the tire with the latest manufacturing date.

What Is the Correct Pressure for My Trailer Tires?

Maintaining the correct pressure for your trailer tires are very important. Underinflated tires can result in your trailer tires blowing out. The pressure that your trailer tires should maintain depends on the size and weight of your trailer. Trailers usually need their tires to have a pressure of 70 psi to 90 psi. Your trailer’s manual will indicate the pressure for its tires which you should follow. It is recommended to check the tire pressure before you head out for a long road trip.

Invest in High-Quality Trailer Tires

There are many trailer tires available in the market that you can choose from. However, these trailer tires are not created with the same specifications and ratings. It is important to get acquainted first with your trailer and to determine its specifications. Use only trailer tires that match the specifications required by your trailer. Deviating from these requirements increases your risk while on the road.

Next, determine the use of your trailer. How often and how far you intend to use your trailer can also influence your choice in the perfect trailer tires. The load you plan to carry in your trailer is also an important determining factor.

Making an informative choice is important. Make sure to do the necessary research so you can get the best value out of your money, without sacrificing your safety.

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