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Best RV Tire Covers For Your Motorhome or Travel Trailer

This post was updated on March 29th, 2021

Why are RV tire covers so important? Without safe tires, your camper is going nowhere!

No matter if you own a motorhome, fifth-wheel, or a pull-behind travel trailer, they all have trailer tires that need tender loving care. This reason is why I wrote this guide to the top five best RV tire covers to help you keep your camper in top condition.

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Want to learn why you need tire covers on your RV wheels, the types of covers available, what features to look for when shopping for tire covers, our review of the five best RV tire covers, and how to measure your tires, so you buy the proper size?

Read on to get all the answers!

Why You Need RV Tire Covers

The tires on a camper experience harsh terrain more often than car tires. They may sit on wet grass or rough stone for days, even months at a time. Exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays will deteriorate the tire surface, causing cracks and weakness that lead to dangerous blowouts.

Your RV tires carry precious cargo like family and pets, as well as your belongings, and tire damage often leads to accidents that can be devastating.

A great set of RV tire covers will slow down or prevent damage from an array of elements that can lead to rust or corrosion to your rims and cracks, dry rot, and weakness in your tire.

Best RV Tire Cover Reviews

Now that you know why you need RV tire covers, it’s time to get into the top five best RV tire cover reviews.

In this section, you’ll find the pros and cons, pertinent details, customer feedback, and which brand is best for specific recreational vehicles or your camping style.

Follow along to learn more about the best RV tire covers so you can select the perfect set for your camper.

Classic Accessories Overdrive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover

BEST FOR – RVers who take short camping trips or move often and want a durable set of wheel covers that are super easy to put on, take off, and store.


  • Affordable
  • Fits many tires on small campers like teardrops, pop-ups, Class B, etc.
  • Protects tire and wheel from dry rot, corrosion, UV rays, dust, rain
  • Easy to install/remove-no need for bungees
  • Scratch proof finish/fabric
  • Easy to clean
  • Holds up against harsh outdoor elements


  • Sold only as a two pack
  • Color can fade over time

The Classic Accessories overdrive deluxe RV wheel cover helps protect against all weather conditions by offering a custom fit that is less likely to blow off your RV tires as some covers tend to do. While this wheel cover set is for smaller RV tires, this company offers a variety of sizes to fit any RV tire up to 41 inches in diameter.

The Classic Accessories sturdy tire protector fabric will guard against damage from UV rays, dust, and rain while camping so your tires stay clean, rust-free, and prolong the life of your tires. The outside is easy to clean with a damp cloth before storing them.

Customers love the heavy-duty covers with vinyl on the outside and a soft liner on the inside that won’t scratch hubcaps or tires. Customers also like that these wheel covers are easy to slip onto the tires and stay secure with elastic banding.

Another feature that buyers appreciate is that these RV tire covers come in several colors so you can match your camper’s exterior design scheme.

There were some concerns over the outer fabric fading over time, although many customers have been using these covers for years with no issues. Another complaint is that these RV tire covers only come in a two-pack, which may be enough for some travel trailers, but not enough for motorhomes and dual axle campers.

Camco 45323 RV Wheel Cover

BEST FOR – RVers on a budget that want a quality set of white wheel covers.


  • Extrememly affordable
  • Long-lasting heavy-duty construction
  • Buckle and strap design makes it easy use
  • Protects wheels and tires from dirt, rain, and UV rays
  • Stays on tires even in high winds


  • Only two in a package
  • Cover may be too long and drag on ground
  • A few complaints of the plastic buckles breaking

The Camco 45323 RV Wheel Cover is an economical way to protect your recreational vehicle tires from the elements and help prevent dry rot, cracks, and corrosion.

The durable, heavy-duty vinyl material has a fleece liner to keep your tires safe from harmful UV rays from the sun during storage or while enjoying a campground. The buckle and strap design secure the wheel cover onto your RV tires to prevent blow-offs during strong winds.

Customers like the white color, which looks clean and reflects heat away from your camper tires. They also like how simple it is to take the wheel covers on and off, so they can quickly set up at the campsite or fold them up for travel.

Another positive feature that customers agree on is the elastic banding around the top that slips snugly over the tire, which is great for times you don’t feel like messing with the bottom strap-like during a weekend camping trip. These RV tire covers also get rave reviews for durability, with many customers getting many years of use from this set with no signs of wear.

The downside of these wheel covers is there were a few complaints of the plastic buckle on the bottom strap breaking over time. Another consideration is that these only come in a two-pack, but at this price, you can afford to buy another set if you need to cover four wheels.

Amfor Tire Covers

BEST FOR – Any RVer, especially with pets, who need to cover four tires on their camper and wants all the bases covered when it comes to protection from the elements.


  • Four covers per set
  • Secure fit/wind-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install and remove with hook design
  • Durable, waterproof aluminum film material
  • Cotton wool interior lining
  • Protects tires from rain, sun, snow, pet urine, and dirt


  • Can’t adjust strap to make shorter
  • Sizes seem to run small

The Amfor Tire Covers are a top pick for a waterproof RV wheel cover that protects against the rain, sun, snow, dirt, and even pet urine!

The aluminum film material gives this tire cover a sleek, modern appearance while keeping your tires from dry rot and corrosion that comes with exposure to the elements.

Customers love that these Amfor RV tire covers come in a set of four, which makes them great for people with motorhomes or dual-axle camping trailers. If you only need two-wheel covers for your camper, this set allows you to store a pair as a back-up, so you never need to be without proper tire protection while camping.

Customers also note the thick cotton wool lining inside the wheel cover, which adds to the tire protection and prevents hubcaps or rims from scratches. Another plus is how easy these covers are to clean and keep them looking nice.

The most critical comments are about fit, with many customers encouraging a step up in size if your tires are close to the max limit for diameter. Another issue is that you cannot adjust the lower strap to make it smaller so you may need to alter the strap for a snug fit.

ADCO 3753 Silver Tire Guard Wheel Cover

BEST FOR – RVers looking for another way to add a touch of style to their camper while also getting a quality set of covers to protect the tires.


  • Cool diamond-plate look
  • Treated to prevent cracks from cold and UV exposure
  • Protects wheels from the sun, rain, and corrosion
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Secure fit with elasticized hem


  • Pricey
  • Only two tire covers in package
  • Bungee strap design

The ADCO 3753 Silver Tire Guard Wheel Cover is the most durable tire cover set this manufacturer makes for recreational vehicles to help prolong the life and safety of your tires.

Expect these RV tire covers to exceed expectations when it comes to the quality of materials and how long they will hold up through years of camping seasons. These covers will protect against rain, snow, UV rays from the sun, dirt, and corrosion.

Customers love the diamond-plated design stamped into the vinyl, which makes the material stronger against the elements and helps these covers stand out from the crowd.

Another high-point is that these covers fit true to size, which eliminates guessing which size cover will fit correctly on your camper’s tire.

On the downside, the bungee strap design to secure the wheel cover is harder to connect than other models. This type of strap typically entails having to get down on the ground or even crawl a bit under your camper to reach the cord around your tire.

Like other brands of tire covers, this set only comes with two covers per package so if you need another set, at this price range the total cost may be a bit high for some people.

ELUTO Set of 4 Motorhome Wheel Covers

BEST FOR – All RVers who want an affordable set of four wheel covers for their camper that will withstand the elements, keep your tires dry, and look great for years.


  • Affordable
  • Four tire covers in package
  • Waterproof
  • Protects tires from dust, corrosion, rain, frost, and UV damage
  • Eco-friendly non-woven material
  • Breathable
  • Comes with carry case


  • Hook design may be hard to secure

The ELUTO Set of 4 Motorhome Wheel Covers is the total package when it comes to a great set of tire covers for your RV, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome. Achieve protection from the elements, durable materials, a snug fit, easy storage, and great value.

The ELUTO RV tire covers use durable non-woven material that is waterproof, UV resistant, eco-friendly, and scratch and tear-resistant. The neutral silver-gray color will blend well with most RV exteriors.

Customers appreciate the reflective finish on the fabric that diffuses the sun’s rays to keep their RV tires cool. They also like how snug these elasticized wheel covers fit around a large portion of the tires, even without using the hook strap, so they stay on even when windy.

The diameter size will fit many recreational vehicles with the brand offering other size ranges as well. Another nice touch is the carry and storage bag, so you can keep your covers together and protected when not in use, which is a feature other brands don’t include.

The only negative is that the hook strap is hard to reach when you wish to secure these to your camper’s tires completely. Most customers find that the elastic banding is enough to keep them in place most of the time and don’t see this reach issue a deal-breaker when the rest of the product performs so well.

What Features to Look for When Shopping for RV Tire Covers

Not all recreational vehicle tire covers are the same. Certain features are more important than others when it comes to the protection to the tire, and in ease of use while camping.

The best RV tire covers offer protection from:

  • Excessive heat
  • UV rays
  • Rain or water
  • Snow
  • Dust and dirt
  • Bird droppings
  • Pet urine
  • Leaves or debris

The best RV wheel covers are also quick and easy to fit and secure onto your tires. The covers should be durable to avoid tearing and fading after exposure to the elements during storage or while in use during camping season.

Expect quality RV tire covers to wash off with a cloth or hose, and fold into a compact package for storage.

Weatherproof Materials

Look for recreational vehicle tire covers that are waterproof to keep water from rain, snow, or campground sprinkler systems from rotting out the rubber in the tire.

Find a fabric that protects from heat from the sun and UV rays that deteriorate tires fast. A light or reflective fabric outer surface will deflect the worst of the sun’s rays. Some tire covers are made to hold up to extreme cold without cracking.

A thick, non-permeable outer fabric should keep dust, dirt, animal droppings, pet urine, leaves, or other debris from getting onto your rims, hubcaps, and tires which can lead to corrosion and rust that can be costly to fix.

Don’t forget that the outer fabric should also hold up to the elements without the material cracking, flaking, or ripping.

Cheap fabric will quickly disintegrate and expose your tires, leading you to pay for another set of covers. Covers made of quality materials should last for years.

Ease of Installing/Removing RV Tire Covers

RV tire covers can be as easy to install as slipping them over the top of your tires.

Some covers will require you to pull a strap around the base of the tire and use a clip or hook to keep it in place. This type of cover means you’ll have to stoop or kneel to secure the strap. (Pro tip: Use a grabber pole to make this task easier!)

The most effort to fully secure an RV tire cover is when the design makes it necessary to clip or hook the strap behind the tire, which could require laying down to get under your camper to see what you are doing.

Consider how much time and energy you want to invest in putting on and taking off your RV wheel covers.

A cover featuring elastic bands is excellent for short-term camping trips because it takes just moments to slip them on.

During months of storage, you’ll undoubtedly want a solid, adjustable strap holding your tire covers secure, so they stay in place. In this instance, you may not mind the extra time and possible gymnastics needed to get them onto your RV tires.

Improve the Look of Your Camper

A nice set of RV tire covers can make your RV look nicer to other campground guests.

A unique color or pattern on your wheel covers add flair to your recreational vehicle’s overall appearance.

Another benefit of covers is hiding rusty or dirty rims or tires that make your RV look unclean and old.

For example, when I put new tires and shiny new hubcaps on my vintage RV, my whole motorhome took on a much nicer, more modern look.

Unfortunately, a trip to North Carolina during Spring left my tires permanently stained by red clay that would not wash off!

Now my tire covers protect from not only damage from the elements, but also hide the unsightly red on my tires which I admit is a little embarrassing.

RV Tire Covers Can Save You Money

In the long run, RV tire covers will save you money because your tires will last longer and maintain their integrity, so blowouts are less likely to occur. New tires and structural repairs are expensive, so it’s smart to do all you can to prevent such a hit to your wallet when possible.

Types of RV Tire Covers

There are two types of RV tire covers available: hard and soft.

The differences between them in terms of protection and convenience are many. I often see a motorhome or travel trailer utilize both types of tire covers, so let’s get into a bit more detail about each type.

Hard RV Tire Covers

Hard tire covers can be made from a molded plastic material or stainless steel. Many hard tire covers use both of these materials in construction.

A faceplate protects the sidewalls and rim, while the ring protects the tread and holds the whole cover in place. The ring will also have a latch or locking mechanism to prevent blow off and theft.

For RVers, you’ll typically see a hard tire cover on the spare tire you keep on the back of a camper or motorhome.

Are hard tire covers better?

To protect your spare tire while traveling a hard-sided cover is better since the thick, rigid material will not blow off or tear from the wind pressure when traveling at highway speeds.

I have had both a soft and hard tire cover over my spare, with my preference being the hard version since my softcover would flap about too much during travel no matter how tight I would cinch the cord.

Because hard-side wheel covers encapsulate the entire tire, these are not made to fit onto your RV while camping since a portion of the tire sits on the ground.

Soft RV Tire Covers

Soft RV tire covers use vinyl or non-woven material. The soft cover will utilize elastic banding and a strap to hold it onto your tire.

A quality soft cover will also have an interior lining made of soft material to keep the outer fabric from scratching up your hubcaps or tire sidewalls.

Soft tire covers are made to fit snugly around the entire tire (as for use on a spare tire) or over the top portion of your RV wheel, with a long flap of fabric that hangs down to the ground and will wrap over the treads. This flap is held in place by a hook, clip, or bungee strap system that slides behind the tire.

RV Tire Cover Sizes

Most RV tire covers come in size ranges to fit the most common sizes of wheels found on recreational vehicles like:

  • 18″-21″ diameter tires, up to 6.75″ wide
  • 24″-27″ diameter tires, up to 8.5″ wide
  • 30″-33″ diameter tires, up to 9″ wide

As you can see, as the tire cover size gets larger, the width also gets wider.

Don’t see the size of your camper tires in this list?

No worries, many brands sell RV tire covers in smaller and larger ranges to fit most any size tire on the market.

Do they make covers for dual rear wheels?

New RVers often ask this question. The answer is that RV wheel covers are made to fit on the outer tire of a dually, with the inner tire under the RV getting protection from the shade of the camper.

Most soft RV tire covers are made specifically for wheels that are sitting on the ground and being taken on and off easily, such as during camping trips or while storing your recreational vehicle.

The Right Way to Measure for RV Tire Covers

It can be frustrating to purchase RV tire covers only to discover they won’t fit correctly on the tires of your camper and you have to return them.

How can you avoid this happening to you?

When I bought my RV tires, I had to buy them based on the 16 1/2-inch rims on my Class C motorhome. When I went shopping for tire covers, I was wondering why they didn’t sell them by the same parameter.

Now I know that I need to measure the diameter of the tire in its entirety, not go by the size of my 16 1/2-inch rim!

Tires can vary due to thickness differentials in the tread, so measure the diameter of your tire from the outer edge of the tread on one side to the outer edge of the tread on the opposite side.

Another important measurement is the width of your tire. Some wheel covers are for fitting onto thinner tires, while some brands make several width sizes for a custom fit. A tire can be 6 inches wide, while others can be 7 or 8.

You want your tire treads covered in their entirety when possible, not only just the sidewalls.

Once you have your tire measurements, make sure you also check any fitting or size guidelines the manufacturer lists, so you select the RV tire cover that will provide the best fit.

I can attest from experience that the last thing you want to do while setting up camp is to struggle with your tire covers. You want them tight enough to stay put when it gets windy, but certainly not so much you have to strain and pull to get them on.

If you find your tire size is at the top of a brand’s size range, it may be wise to move up to the next wheel cover size for the smoothest fit.


Anyone with a camper knows that recreational vehicle tires are expensive! Protect that investment by buying the best RV wheel covers like the affordable Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel and Tire Protector. It gets high marks for durability, looks, and overall value which makes it my top pick.

I hope this guide to the top five best RV tire covers helps you select the right set for your camper, so your tires remain in excellent condition for years.

Watch this informative video that talks about which color RV wheel cover is better to protect against tire damage from the sun.

What do you think the most important feature is when buying RV tire covers? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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