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Best RV Cover to Protect Your Roof

This post was updated on June 5th, 2020

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Some RV owners are lucky to have enough space in their garage to fit an RV.

For most of us, however, our RVs would have to settle outside, in an open area, exposed to harsh elements of nature, for days, weeks, or even months.

The part of your RV that takes the beating from the harsh sun to the torrential rain is the roofing. It keeps you and your family warm and dry from rainstorms, snowstorms, and protected from the heat of the sun. Because of this, your RV’s roof is likely to break down. Cracks will emerge, leaks will start to appear, and depressions may form in some parts of your roof.

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It’s, therefore, a great thing that you can find the best RV covers, which will maintain and protect an optimum shape.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know what we think the best RV cover is, the S2 Expedition EX2A3738 Gray RV Cover is our top pick for protecting your recreational vehicle through any weather.

Eevelle S2 Expedition Class A RV Cover - Waterproof, Marine Grade Roof - Water Resistant,...
43 Reviews
Eevelle S2 Expedition Class A RV Cover - Waterproof, Marine Grade Roof - Water Resistant,...
  • Marinex Marine Grade Waterproof Fabric Roof with Endurance Roof...
  • Heavier Duty Side Wall Panel Construction. Durapel UV Agents for...
  • Sewn in Dual Flow Vortex Vents. XT Zippered Panels for All Entry...
  • Heavier Duty Side Wall Panel Construction. Integrated Landscape...
  • INCLUDES - S2 Expedition Executive Duffle Bag, Integrated Strap...

What Are RV Roof Covers?

RV covers are protective blankets for the roof and exterior of your recreational vehicle. They can give your RV an extended life, protecting it from damages that can degrade its look and functionality. RV covers are special covers designed to fit recreational vehicles specifically. The common benefits of these roof covers are waterproofing, UV protection, and protection from dust and dirt. High-quality covers can give your RV the ultimate first level of protection it needs.

If you do not have a covered parking space for your RV when not in use, a good RV cover may be what you need to keep it looking clean and keep it protected.

Top 5 Best RV Cover Reviews

Why is an RV cover necessary?

RVs are not cheap to purchase and maintain. A quality RV cover will protect your investment from damage caused by:

  • Rain
  • Sun
  • Snow
  • Dust and dirt
  • Falling branches
  • Bird droppings

So how do you find the right RV cover for your needs?

Easy! Just read this guide to the top five best RV covers and find out what makes these brands stand out, like pros and cons, features, and more so you have the tools to make an informed purchasing decision!

BEST FOR – RVers with a travel trailer who need short-term coverage in moderate climates.

ADCO 52244 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover - 26'1" - 28'6", Gray
  • Length 26 feet 1 inch, 28 feet 6 inches (345 inches x 100 inches...
  • Protect your travel trailer with ADCO’s designer series SFS...
  • Designed for moderate climates with high moisture. Water...
  • Features triple layer SFS AquaShed top panel and triple layer...
  • Significantly reduces premature aging of RV and helps maintain...


  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Protects against moderate UV rays
  • Easy to install/snug fit
  • AquaShed top panel


  • Not suitable for months of extreme climate
  • UV stability not for high-UV climates

The ADCO Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer Cover gives your RV three layers of protection from the elements.

The sleek design not only looks good but keeps rain and moisture away to avoid mold and mildew while you store your RV. The precise fit covers vents and air conditioners with ease, and the snug strapping system prevents the fabric from flapping around.

Customers love the size ranges available, and the weighted strap that tosses under the RV to the other side, so they don’t have to crawl. Another bonus is how effective it is against fading from UV rays and how lightweight, yet durable the cover is.

On the downside, read all information about protection carefully and install the cover properly for best results. The manufacturer does not suggest this for prolonged use in climate extremes.

BEST FOR – RVers with toy haulers or travel trailers that want a Tyvek top to repel the most water and provide the best UV ray protection.

Camco ULTRAGuard Supreme RV Cover | Fits Class C RVs 23 to 26-Feet | Extremely Durable...
  • Shields Your RV From The Elements: The sides, front and back are...
  • Compatibility: Fits Class C RVs, 23-foot to 26-foot
  • Zipper Entry Doors: Provide easy access during covered storage
  • Covered Air Vents: Help stop trapped moisture and billowing in...
  • Near Custom Fit: Front and rear cinching straps reduce loose...


  • Bonded DuPont Tyvek top
  • Long zipper pulls
  • Air vents
  • Easy installation
  • Door access panels
  • Many sizes available


  • Expensive
  • Some complaints of tears

The Camco Ultraguard Class C Travel Trailer Cover is a top choice for travel trailers and toy haulers that need protection during storage.

From the adjustable tension panels on the front and rear to the elasticized hem corners, this RV cover provides a close fit. Air vents aid in moisture reduction and keeps the cover from lifting during high winds.

Customers love the Tyvek top that provides the best protection against water and UV rays. The extra-long zipper pulls, and weighted strap puck makes installation easy without the need of a ladder or crawling under the camper.

Most issues appear to be with tears in the fabric, which could be due to improper preparation of sharp edges on the RV like gutter spouts, or a loose fit which causes flapping.

BEST FOR – RVers who need a cover for their extra tall fifth-wheel or toy hauler but are storing their camper in a location where the sunlight is less intense.

Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Extra Tall 5th Wheel Cover or Toy Hauler...
  • 5TH WHEEL COVER: Fits 5th wheels & toy haulers 37' - 41' long,...
  • RV ACCESSORIES: Adjustable front and rear tension panels and...
  • RV STORAGE COVER: Triple-ply PolyPRO 3 keeps out rain and snow....
  • RV COVER WITH ACCESS PANELS: Zippered panels allow access to the...
  • CAMPER COVER WITH WARRANTY: Stuff sacks are included on all...


  • Adjustable tension panels and air vents
  • Quick-dry material
  • Real full-height zipper door
  • Triple-ply waterproof top
  • All-season protection


  • Not suitable for locations with strong sun exposure

The Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Cover is just the cover you need for your extra-tall fifth-wheel trailer or toy hauler but also comes in an array of styles to fit most types of recreational vehicles from teardrops to pop-ups.

Achieve a custom fit with adjustable tension panels and vents to reduce wind stress and moisture build-up. The PolyPRO 3 material keeps rain and snow from damaging the roof, while the breathable sides are thick enough to protect against scratches, rain, and dirt.

Customers love the easy access zipper panels to reach doors, battery compartments, and storage bays. The full-height rear zipper allows you to operate the door of a toy hauler fully.

The primary issue customers have with this RV cover is the material doesn’t hold up very well in locations where the sun is intense year-round, while excessive rain doesn’t appear to be a cause for concern.

BEST FOR – RVers with Class C motorhomes looking for a well-made RV cover for protection during off-season storage.

Amazon Basics Class C RV Cover, 29-32 Foot
225 Reviews
Amazon Basics Class C RV Cover, 29-32 Foot
  • Class C RV cover with thick, extended, 3-ply roof material and...
  • Quick-drying materials; integrated air vent system minimizes wind...
  • Adjustable front and rear tension panels; elasticized hem corners...
  • Integrated buckle attachment system; included toss bag removes...
  • Fits travel trailer bodies measuring 29 to 32 feet and up to 118...


  • Easy one-person installation
  • Adjustable straps for good fit
  • Triple-ply roof
  • Front and rear tension panels
  • Covers entire RV
  • Protects from rain, wind, dust, snow
  • Heavy duty stitching for long wear


  • See-through
  • Needs added protection at pressure points

The AmazonBasics Class C RV Cover will protect your motorhome from the elements, yet dries quickly after rain and allows airflow to reduce mildew growth.

This cover features a three-ply roof material with thinner breathable sides that keep your camper’s exterior looking great. The adjustable straps and elastic hems keep the cover on snugly.

Customers love how quickly this cover goes on, even without an extra set of hands, so it’s convenient to keep your RV undercover even for short periods. The look is classy and appears custom-made.

Customers found the sides to be durable, yet are see through which raises concerns over fading from UV rays. Other customers mention it’s imperative to pad sharp edges or pressure points heavily to prevent tears.

BEST FOR – RVers with Class A motorhomes who desire the best cover available to protect their investment.

Eevelle S2 Expedition Class A RV Cover - Waterproof, Marine Grade Roof - Water Resistant,...
43 Reviews
Eevelle S2 Expedition Class A RV Cover - Waterproof, Marine Grade Roof - Water Resistant,...
  • Marinex Marine Grade Waterproof Fabric Roof with Endurance Roof...
  • Heavier Duty Side Wall Panel Construction. Durapel UV Agents for...
  • Sewn in Dual Flow Vortex Vents. XT Zippered Panels for All Entry...
  • Heavier Duty Side Wall Panel Construction. Integrated Landscape...
  • INCLUDES - S2 Expedition Executive Duffle Bag, Integrated Strap...


  • Marinex™ Marine Grade fabric
  • Entirely waterproof roof/front/rear
  • Zippered panels for easy access
  • Durapel UV agents for long wear
  • Sewn-in dual-flow vents


  • Pricey
  • Hard to install alone

The S2 Expedition Class A Motorcoach Cover by EEVELLE incorporates the latest technology for extremely durable protection against the elements.

This cover uses thick woven Marinex Marine Grade fabric, unlike other covers that use ply layers. The roof, front, and back of the cover have Durapel rain finish for waterproofing.

Customers love the UV inhibitor and the anti-microbial layer that make this cover UV resistant and cuts down on mold and mildew growth. They also like the new Endurance Roof Straps that support the weight of the sidewalls and reduce strain on the roof seams to prevent tears.

The only downside customers mention is that the size and the weight make it harder to install without help.

Why Should You Invest in Roof Covers?

Your recreational vehicle itself is a huge investment. The average price for a brand new RV can be upwards of $100,000. It is therefore practical to maintain it and always keep it in optimum condition to extend its life and usability.

#1 – RV Covers Extend the Life of Your Rv Roof

One of the top benefits of the best RV cover is that you are extending the life of your roof. Rain, snow, leaves, twigs, and dirt can damage the integrity of your RV’s roof. The protection that the cover brings provides a shield that keeps the roof of your RV safe from scratches, dents, and leaks. RV roof covers also prevent further roof damage and keeps your RV’s roof from deteriorating faster. This lets you enjoy your recreational vehicle for a longer time, protecting an expensive and precious investment.

#2 – They Protect Your Roof from the Harsh Elements of Nature

The roof of your RV receives most of the brunt from a hostile environment. From rainstorms, hail, snowstorms, strong winds, to tree branches, your roof takes all the most hit for you. It is only prudent that you provide your roof with the same protection that it gives you, your RV, your family, and your property. Give your RV’s roof a fighting chance against the onslaught of nature. A cover could be what your RV’s roof needs to last longer against nature’s harsh elements.

#3 – RV Covers Waterproof Your Camper’s Entire Body

The best RV cover can keep moisture and water out of the roof membrane and the surface of your RV. It effectively waterproofs the RV and protects it from rain and snow.

A well-maintained and fully functioning RV not only looks good, but it also protects you, your family, and your property. Sudden leaks can be burdensome, and it can damage your electronics and appliances in your RV. Leaks can also cause further damage to your RV. It can put your electrical wiring at risk. It can damage the integrity of your RV as a whole. RV covers may provide you the solution that you need to keep your roof fully functional, and to keep your RV safe from damages that can harm you and your family.

#4 – They Reduce the Need to Wash Often

Keep your RV protected from dust, bird droppings, and grime when parked in the open and not in use. An RV cover saves you time, energy, and water by not having to wash it too often.

#5 – An RV Cover Can Preserve the Resale Value of Your Camper

The best RV cover can help keep your RV protected from dirt, grime, streaks, scratches, and dents. Your RV stays in its mint condition so you can retain more of its resale value, should you decide to sell your RV in the future.

#6 – RV Roof Covers Protect Your Vehicle from Mold Growth

RV roof covers keep away moisture, so microorganisms such as mold and algae do not have a place to grow and flourish. Mold and mildew can cause real problems to your recreational vehicle. Mold and mildew can affect the air that you breathe in your RV. Its effect on your health can be severe. Furthermore, it can also damage your RV’s integrity.

#7 – RV Roof Covers Protect Your Camper from Animals and Vandals

If you are parking your unused RV in the open, you are risking it to be damaged by wild animals and vandalized by neighborhood vandals. Keep it safe from curious animals, as well as from prying eyes. Repainting your RV can cost you money, time, and energy. Avoid scratches and unsightly markings on your RV’s exterior by keeping it covered. Keep bugs and rodents out from your beloved RV with a good cover.

#8 – They Are Easy to Use

It will not take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use a roof and body cover on your recreational vehicle. Choose a cover that will perfectly fit your RV so that you get maximum coverage and protection.

#9 – RV Covers Save You from Costly Repair Expenses

Proactively protecting the roof and body of your RV before any damage sets in can save you money. RV body repairs and replacement can be expensive and a painstaking process. By providing your RV’s roof and body protection at the very beginning, you are not only protecting the roof of your RV. You’re protecting a valuable and expensive investment. An RC roof cover is much like a screen protector for your tablet. It is much easier and cheaper to replace a damaged cover than taking a damaged RV for repair to your RV dealership center. RV covers may save you hundreds to thousands of dollars from roof repairs and replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions About RV Covers

Why Should You Not Use a Tarp as an RV Cover?

If you are looking for ways of saving some dollars, you might think of resorting to using a tarp as an RV cover. This cheap, blue alternative can provide some protection, and are widely available. However, tarps can also cause damage to your RV. Here are the reasons why you should avoid using tarps in place of a dependable RV cover.

#1 – Tarps Are Abrasive and Can Cause Damage to Your RV’s Exterior

Tarps are not made to cover and protect cars and RV’s. Its materials may cause scratches to the paint and the glass of your RV. A small movement of the tarp is like mildly rubbing sandpaper to the surface of your recreational vehicle, which means heartbreak to any RV owner and enthusiast.

#2 – Tarps Encourage the Growth of Molds and Mildew

Unlike RV covers, tarps are not breathable. Moisture and water can get trapped beneath it, which in turn can cause the growth of molds and mildew. Molds and mildew, when left uncontrolled, can wreak havoc on your RV and its interiors. Mold and mildew can affect the air that you breathe, and is harmful to your health.

#3 – Tarps Are Not Designed to Fit Your RV

RV covers are designed and made especially for recreational vehicles. They perfectly fit recreational vehicles and provide ample and sufficient cover and protection. Tarps, on the other hand, are not designed to cover RV’s. You have to deal with additional materials to secure them over your RV.

What Is the Correct Way of Covering Your RV?

There are many reasons why you should cover your recreational vehicle. It could be for the preservation of your RV’s roof, exteriors, and the RV as a whole. Your RV’s roof could have started leaking after a heavy torrential rain. It could be summer, and you want to keep your RV cooler and protected from the sun. You might also want to protect your RV from bird droppings and pests.

How Do You Size up Your RV?

RV covers are available in different lengths and sizes, to fit a wide range of recreational vehicles. To be able to get the right RV cover, you need to determine the overall length of your RV. Measure the length of your RV from front to back. You must include the bumpers, the spare tires, and the ladders to ensure sufficient cover and protection.

When Is the Perfect Time to Use an RV Cover?

Use the best RV covers when you have your vehicle parked for long periods. During camping offseason, you would want your RV protected while it is taking its well-deserved break. This way, you won’t have to clean your RV often from dust and grime.

How Do You Put the RV Cover?

Putting on the cover on your recreational vehicle is a simple process. You can climb on your RV to put it on or use a step ladder. You can ask for help to make the job easier and quicker. Here are some things to remember when you put on your RV’s cover.

  1. Locate the front of the RV cover.
  2. Unbuckle all buckles and remove all weights before you put it over your RV.
  3. Start in the front of the RV and roll it over backward.
  4. Attach the weights to the buckles, so they fall under the RV.
  5. Remove the weights and connect the buckles.

What Are the Preparations That Should Be Done Before You Put on Your RV’s Cover?

Before you proceed with covering your RV, here are the necessary precautions that you should take.

  1. Clean the roof of your recreational vehicle. You can power wash your RV’s roof to remove dirt and grime. You can also use detergent to remove stubborn dirt and grime.
  2. Make necessary repairs. After cleaning the roof, issues may surface. Dirt may have hidden these issues. It can include damaged flashings, holes, peeling materials, and others. Before you cover the roof, the surface must be smooth and flat, to avoid puncturing the cover.
  3. Take safety precautions. Safety is an important step in every project. Check that the ladder is functional and stable. Put fall protection in place, just in case of slips and falls.
  4. Let the roof of your RV dry. Although RV covers are breathable, it is still best to put it on a dry RV. Let your RV’s roof dry out for 24 hours. You can park your RV under the sun, or use a leaf blower to hasten the process.

How Should You Care for Your RV Cover?

Take proper care of your RV cover, and it will serve you for many years. When not in use, you can wash your RV cover with water only. Do not use any detergents as it can damage your RV cover. Hang it carefully on a clothesline to dry.

If your RV Cover is punctured, do not throw it away. There are adhesive patch kits available to repair your cover. If your RV cover is under warranty, call your brand’s representatives for a free repair kit.

How Do You Pick the Right RV Cover?

There are many RV covers available in the market for you to choose from. Here are some of the factors that you should look at when deciding which cover is perfect for you and your RV.

#1 – Size

Look for the best RV cover that will snugly fit your RV. Getting a cover that is too large for your RV is not a good idea. It can make putting the cover on difficult. Rodents and pest can also get easily under it.

#2 – Price

The budget that you are willing to spare for your RV’s cover will help you narrow down your options. It will save you time from browsing brands you are not willing to spend money on.

#3 – Material

You’ll want an RV cover that will last for years. You’ll also want a roof cover built with weather protection in mind – something that can withstand the weather conditions/climate where you’ll be parked. Some brands claim to work with every climate, so it may be worth it to check them out.

#4 – Non-toxicity

Choose an RV cover made from materials that are safe and non-toxic. Pick a brand that is made from environmentally friendly materials.

Does the Material of Your RV Roof Matter?

Material of RV's roof

Before you touch the roof of your RV, it’s important that you also determine what its made of. The care and maintenance that you give to your roof will depend on this information.

There are 3 types of RV roofs:

  • rubber
  • metal
  • fiberglass

Rubber RV Roof

Rubber is probably the most common material used for RV roofs. There are two types of rubber roofs: The EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) RV roof, or the TPO (Thermal Poly Olefin) RV roof. If you are not sure if you have a rubber roof for your RV, here are some identification tips:

  1. It’s soft
  2. Most come in white color
  3. It can be chalky in texture

The two types of rubber roofs have slightly different maintenance requirements. If you are not sure, you can check the manual of your RV or your dealership company.

Fiberglass RV Roof

Fiberglass RV roofs are rare because it is more expensive and more cumbersome than their rubber counterpart. However, fiberglass roof requires minor maintenance than rubber roofs, making them a favorite of some RV campers.

Fiberglass roofs are hard. In fact, they are the hardest of the three kinds of RV roof materials. It makes for a solid RV roof, and will not easily flex.

Fiberglass roofs are also very smooth and can be very slippery when wet. You have to be extra careful when you are cleaning the fiberglass roof of your RV.

Metal RV Roof

Metal roofs are probably the easiest to identify among the three types if RV roof. Metal RV roofs are mostly made of aluminum. It requires minimal maintenance compared with the other RV roof types.


Owning a recreational vehicle is not all fun. It comes with the enormous responsibility of caring and maintaining your recreational vehicle. Aside from using an RV cover, regular and scheduled maintenance is critical to get the best of your RV for many, many years. It also ensures the safety and functionality of your RV.

A well-maintained RV can keep you safe and protect you. With a fully functional and well-maintained RV, you can focus on enjoying your camping and road trips. You can always check with your dealership store, or do the maintenance yourself. Either way, it is imperative to read up and to get to know your RV more.

Eevelle S2 Expedition Class A RV Cover - Waterproof, Marine Grade Roof - Water Resistant,...
43 Reviews
Eevelle S2 Expedition Class A RV Cover - Waterproof, Marine Grade Roof - Water Resistant,...
  • Marinex Marine Grade Waterproof Fabric Roof with Endurance Roof...
  • Heavier Duty Side Wall Panel Construction. Durapel UV Agents for...
  • Sewn in Dual Flow Vortex Vents. XT Zippered Panels for All Entry...
  • Heavier Duty Side Wall Panel Construction. Integrated Landscape...
  • INCLUDES - S2 Expedition Executive Duffle Bag, Integrated Strap...

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