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7 Best Motorhome Floorplans Under 20 Feet

This post was updated on December 13th, 2023

The Versatility of an Under-20 Foot Class B campervan can’t be understated.

The class B motorhome has become a perfect fit for many different RV audiences, especially as designs have evolved. We’ll explore 7 of the best motorhome floorplans under 20 feet in the 2020 and 2021 market.

The Innovative Designs and Opportunities of a Motorhome Under 20 Feet


Class B motorhomes, also known as campervans, are very versatile RVs. These van chassis RVs fit well into any environment. You’ll see them boondocking on public land, hooked up at campgrounds, or parked at your local stores.

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Owners like them because of the motorhome features they offer and their simple drivability. It doesn’t take much practice to get used to turning, braking, and backing up since their measurements are similar to standard vans or full-size pickup trucks.

Class B campervans blend well into city life due to their dimensions. The average parking space dimensions range between 16-20 feet in length. These RVs measure the same as cargo van dimensions, so they line up nicely into a single space.

RV makers have kept exterior features and markings down to a minimum for those who don’t want to draw too much attention. Owners concerned about safety can have peace of mind that bad guys who aren’t looking too hard for easy marks will glance over them.

Interior Floorplans

Recreation vehicle interior

If you’re considering a class B motorhome, you may wonder why they have price tags similar to full-length class A versions. You’ll find that these campervans offer the same feature as their mammoth counterparts have despite their size.

You’ll find all of the significant features needed for self-contained living.

  • A bedroom
  • A bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Dining area
  • Living room space

The bed is apart of either the daytime sitting space or dinette. A few simple steps convert the daytime furniture into comfortable sleeping space for one or two people. A sofa may have a removable table that serves as the dining table. To make the most of the interior space, the designers make the furniture multi-purpose.

Bathrooms will either be dry or wet baths. A combined shower and toilet wet bath has plenty of space to perform both functions in a sanitary way. While it sounds crude, RV designers have come a long way in making these space-saving sections comfortable and functional.

Kitchen cabinet setups won’t let you make a Thanksgiving Dinner, but you’d be amazed at the kind of meals that you can make. Most have two-burner cooktops, a single basin sink, and a microwave (some have a convection feature). There are many recipes online for RV kitchens that taste great and are healthy.

As far as floor plans, campervans have two main versions. Mid-coach beds and rear beds. We’ll show you examples of each so you can have some perspective when you shop for your perfect class B motorhome.

Mid-Coach Beds

Airstream Atlas

Chassis: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500

Engine: 3.0L V6 188 hp turbo-diesel

Bed Style: Murphy bed

Tanks: F- 23 gallons/ G- 31 gallons/ B- 23 gallons

Airstream is known for their iconic “Silver Bullet” travel trailers. Did you know that they’re one of the best class B motorhome manufacturers in the industry? You’ll see their excellence in their Atlas campervan. The Atlas Murphy Suite features a mid-coach murphy bed that folds over the daytime three-seater sofa bed that sits on a driver’s side slideout.

The coach also comes with a rear corner dry bathroom, a full-size wardrobe, and a televator with a 40-inch Samsung LED TV. If you have an extra guest with you, an aftermarket option makes the cockpit seats into a bed. The product comes with a real mattress, blanket, and carrying case for easy storage.

You’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water with the standard tankless heater. The power awning has a sensor built-in that retracts if the wind reaches high speeds. Dry camping will be comfortable with the onboard diesel generator, water tanks, and pre-wired internet system.

The great thing about a class B is the ability to use it around town. If you want to toad your passenger vehicle with you, the Atlas has a 5,000-pound towing capacity. You won’t have a problem towing your car or SUV with you wherever you travel.

Embassy Traveler

Chassis: Ford, Mercedes, or Dodge

Engine: Ford 3.5L V6/ Mercedes 3.0L V6/ Dodge 3.6L V6

Bed Style: Dual power merging jackknife sofa bed

Tanks: F- 23.5 gallon bladder/ 23.5 gallon bladder/ B: dry

Embassy RV is a custom class B RV manufacturer. They build their models based on their specific customer needs and wants, starting with the chassis preference. If you are loyal to one auto brand, you don’t have to settle for the “other guy.”

The individual features can be traded out to your specific needs as well. If you prefer a bigger refrigerator over a wardrobe, Embassy can do that for you. Other features are adaptable to your needs. Instead of holding tanks, Embassy uses expandable bladders for fresh and greywater. Some customers prefer to use the grey bladder as a fresh secondary tank.

The dry toilet makes sewer issues a non-issue. After each use, the toilet seals the waste into a sanitary pouch. When the storage area is full, you pull the garbage bag out and through it away in a garbage can cleanly.

What separates the Traveler from the rest of the pack is its rear patio deck on the RL and XL trim levels. The deck folds down from the rear to give you an outdoor lounge area off the ground. There’s an optional tent that connects to the deck and RV to keep the bugs and weather away while enjoying the day.

Phoenix TRX

Chassis: Ford Transit 350 HD

Engine: 3.5L V6 310 hp Eco Boost Gas OR 2.0L Inline 4-Cylinder 210 hp Eco Blue Diesel

Bed Style: Dual power merging jackknife sofa beds

Tanks: F- 26 gallons/ G- 23 gallons/ B- 25.5 gallons

For those looking for extra room and features in the class B category, the Phoenix TRX has an excellent class B plus floor plan and features worth consideration. It’s built on the Ford Transit 350 chassis and comes in either the gasser V6 or the diesel inline 4-cylinder. Either way, Phoenix USA makes these coaches with the best quality and top materials.

The B plus motorhome sub-category can be confusing for those that don’t know the industry. They’re bigger than standard campervans, but not quite class C motorhomes. Those built on European-style van chassis have expanded sidewalls and roofs. Others are built on class C van chassis but don’t have the iconic loft above the driver’s area.

The Phoenix TRX has a rear kitchen and corner dry bathroom. You can either purchase the double sofa floor plan or the sofa and two-seater dinette in the mid-coach area. Either way, the sofas fold out electronically to a bed, and the dinette folds down to another. The double sofa creates one large bed. All seating, including the pilot seats, are cushioned with memory foam.

Owners and those that have taken a test drive love the fact that the RV drives similar to a full-size van or pickup truck. Popular features include an electric awning with wind sensors, an 1800w inverter, and the insulated glass windows that add to the R-value’s overall insulation protection.

Rear Beds

Pleasure Way Tofino

Chassis: Dodge Ram ProMaster 1500

Engine: 3.6L V6 280 hp Pentastar Gas

Bed Style: Manual jackknife sofa and pop-up loft

Tanks: F- 16 gallons/ G: 8 gallons/ B: N/A

1986 was a big year in the North American RV industry. Merv Rumpel produced the first 10 class B motorhomes at his dealership in Saskatchewan, Canada. It took a few years for his campervans to become common in the Canadian and American roadways.

The Tofino is one of the shortest motorhomes available at 17.9 feet in length. It’s one of the few class B campervans with a price point under six-figure, making it one of the cheapest class B RVs for 2020/2021.

Your kids will enjoy the treehouse-like loft in the expandable pop-top. The zip-down windows will give them a bird’s eye view of the world around them. The space has USB charging ports to keep their mobile device batteries fresh to share all the pictures and videos they want with their friends.

The manual fold-out sofa bed below gives you and your partner plenty of space to lay comfortably. Both the rear and side sliding door have screen doors that let the evening breeze flow through. If the night becomes brisk, the campervan has a 16,000 BTU Dometic furnace and excellent insulation to keep you warm at night.

Winnebago Solis 59P

Chassis: Dodge Ram Promaster

Engine: 3.6L V6 280 hp Pentastar Gas

Bed Style: rear murphy bed & pop-top loft

Tanks: 21/20/5 cassette Fresh/Grey/Black

A great class B RV for a family of 4 is the Winnebago Solis. This pop-top gasser has a loft area for two kids and a rear murphy bed for mom and dad. What’s great about the murphy bed is the sitting space, movable table, and underfloor storage the cargo area gives you.

If you don’t need the cargo space, the Solis replaces the murphy bed and other features with a full-width jackknife sofa bed. There is some storage space behind the sofa for storage bins and other items. The couch also gives you three extra seats with safety belts for guests to ride along.

Winnebago makes the Solis one of the best motorhomes for the money in the category with all of the fantastic features they include in this 20-foot campervan. Not only are there plenty of power outlets throughout the coach for your household appliances and USB devices, but they also have an opening to feed wires to the roof for your mobile signal boosters or receivers.

For the 2021 model year, Winnebago moved their tall dorm-sized refrigerators on the side of the kitchen cabinet of all their class B motorhomes. This real-world benefit allows you to load the fridge and grab food without having to climb in and out of the RV if you’re outside.

Coachmen Beyond 22RB

Chassis: Ford Transit 350 HD

Engine: 3.5L V6 310 hp Eco Boost Gas

Bed Style: fixed dual twin

Tanks: F- 28 gallons/ G- 15 gallons/ B- 16 gallons

Since 1964, Coachmen has been a popular choice for the RV lifestyle. As the #VanLife grew, this RV manufacturer made sure class B fans had affordable and innovative options.

At first glance, those with long adventure toys might want to “swipe left” due to long item storage concerns. Before you do, check out the accordion wall behind the rear doors. When you pull it back and secure it, the center aisle is clear for bikes, kayaks, or other long gear.

The Beyond’s rear benches are great for daytime seating for guests and wide enough for sleeping. The benefit of having fixed bench beds allows you and your copilot to get up without disturbing the other person.

Even though Coachmen RVs are known for their affordability, don’t think they skimp on the features. The Beyond comes with the best features Coachmen, and Ford has to offer. Ford’s Co-Pilot360 Technology driving assist system comes standard. Coachmen favorites like a combination furnace/water heater, gas generator, and two 110w solar panels are commonplace.

RoadTrek E-Trek

Chassis: Mercedes Sprinter 3500

Engine: 3.0L V6 188 hp turbo-diesel

Bed Style: Power fold-out sofa

Tanks: F- 30 gallons/ G- 20 gallons/ B- 10 gallons

RoadTrek started in 1974 and is one of the few original North American campervan RV makers. This Canadian company has teamed up with Groupe Rapido, the masters of the European Campervan Market, to bring innovation and style to this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

When you first look at the E-Trek interior, you’ll see a four-seater with a rear bench. The second row and rear bench have a mid-coach wet bath and a kitchen cabinet separating them.

What makes this class B unique is the two twin-size mattresses that secure on the rotating chairs. Children or guests can sleep nicely on these beds that connect from the front row seats to the second row.

While parked, the front seats swivel to line up with the diamond-shaped table that fits between them. Whether you’re enjoying a meal or “winning at the game of life, ” you can enjoy your time together.

Winnebago Revel

Chassis: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Engine: 3.0L V6 188 hp turbo-diesel

Bed Style: Powered lift queen bed

Tanks: F- 21 gallons/ G- 21 gallons/ B- 5 gallon cassette

In its sophomore year, the Winnebago Revel has given the class B motorhome a new road to travel. The RV world had the same excited response to this off-road masterpiece when Winnebago re-launched itself when introducing the world to the Minnie Winnie series.

The Revel is an all-wheel 4×4 RV that can power through most terrains. While traveling, the rear bed stores against the interior roof, allowing you to keep your adventure toys in the huge cargo area. You pull everything out at night, hit the button to lower it down, and sleep comfortably.

The other great features in this class b adventure RV include a tall dorm-size refrigerator accessible both inside and out. The wet bath comes with shelving for additional storage and a clothes hanger to hang wet suits or clothes. Suppose you do need the facilities, the swivel commode positions to your comfort.

The Revel has everything you need for your 21st century electronic needs. There are enough power outlets for your DC devices, 110V appliances, and USB power ports. Inside the overhead cabinet above the mid-coach seats is a passthrough port to the roof. The capped opening allows you to feet wires to the roof for your wifi booster or other wireless receiver devices.

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