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The 10 Best Fifth Wheel Accessories

If you want to travel in style and comfort, a fifth wheel is a great option. These large, luxurious RVs are designed to be towed by trucks. They include a lot of fantastic features, but we’d like to recommend a few additions to make your life easier. Fifth wheel accessories can range from small tools to large pieces of equipment that will need to be installed.  

There are countless accessories for fifth wheels, but we’ve compiled 10 of our top picks below. These will make your next trip safer, smoother, and more convenient. 

Surge Protector

Surge protectors are a critical piece of equipment for any RV. Fifth wheels tend to use a lot of power and are equipped with many appliances and machinery that rely on a steady flow of electricity. If there is a power surge or blackout in your campsite, your RV’s electrical system can sustain permanent damage. Every power surge won’t ruin your equipment, but it’s a possibility you should prepare for. 

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Surge protectors are an easy way to protect your fifth wheel from electrical damage. A good surge protector will regulate the flow of power in your RV and diffuse any electrical surges that might occur.

Wheel Chocks

Once you’ve found your perfect campsite and parked your rig, you’ll want to make sure it stays put! That’s why wheel chocks are one of the most important fifth wheel accessories. There are many different types of wheel chocks but they all serve the same basic function – they lock your wheels in place and prevent rolling or shifting while the rig is parked. 

Many fifth wheels are equipped with powerful braking mechanisms, as you certainly don’t want to risk your RV rolling away. This is particularly important if you’re parked on sloped or uneven terrain. Wheel chocks are important, but don’t forget to remove them when you’re ready to leave! You won’t get far if the chocks are still in place.

Ladder-Mount Tote Storage

If you regularly camp at sites with partial hookups, or no hookups at all, you might want to invest in a portable waste tank, also called an RV sewer tote. But where to store the waste tank? This is where a ladder-mount tote storage unit comes in handy!

The storage unit attaches to the exterior ladder of your fifth wheel and can be used to store the waste tank, chairs, or a lightweight bike (up to 50 pounds). This frees up storage space inside your rig.

Some models like this Thetford can carry a 50-gallon tank so you can go a long time between dumping. This is one of the best fifth wheel accessories out there because it makes your whole trip more sanitary, gives you more storage space, and it’s easy to hook up on the back of your fifth-wheel trailer. 

Lithium Jump Starter

We’ve all had to deal with a dead car battery on occasion. It’s a frustrating process, especially if you don’t have the right equipment on hand or there’s nobody nearby who can provide a jump start. This is why it’s a good idea to bring along an independent jump starter with enough power to start an RV.

The NOCO Boost HD is a fantastic option that can get your RV up and running in no time. It’s compact and offers 2,000-amps, which is enough power to get a fifth wheel or tow truck battery back in action. 

RV Water Filter

This is one of the fifth wheel accessories that you won’t want to leave at home! When you travel – whether you’re on a road trip or parked at a campsite – you’ll be sampling a wide variety of water qualities. Each area has different minerals and chemicals in its water and you’ll need to make sure it’s all safe and sanitary. 

An RV water filter can help make your water safe, no matter where you go. Some of these filters can be fastened over faucets in your sink or bathroom, while others will need to be installed in the plumbing system. No matter what you prefer, using a water filter will give you peace of mind and make the water safer (and taste better!) for all of your passengers. 

Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

As we mentioned above, fifth wheels require a lot of power. Sometimes you may need extra energy from a generator or electrical hookup. In these situations, a sturdy extension cord is one of the best fifth wheel accessories you can own.

Camping can be a bit rough-and-tumble, even in an RV park! Because of this, your extension cord needs to be able to handle some wear-and-tear. Make sure the one you select has a hefty electrical capacity and a thick outer coating. It should be able to withstand the stress of rain exposure, a range of temperatures, and being “run over.”

Bike Rack

Camco RV ladder mount bike rack.
Camco RV ladder mount bike rack. Photo from Amazon

Bike racks are the perfect fifth wheel accessory for active families. Some RVs include a pre-installed bike rack, but if not, it’s easy to find one online. This Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack is a great option because it hooks onto the ladder on the back of your fifth wheel. It can hold a couple of bikes and it easily folds up when it’s not in use. 

Bikes can be bulky and awkward when you try to fit them inside an RV, so an exterior bike rack can be a lifesaver. With a bike rack, you can bring your bikes along without sacrificing precious space in your storage areas. 

Step Ladder

Fifth wheels are some of the largest RVs on the market, and they often have the height to match. This means it can be tricky to get in and out of them, especially for children, pets, and senior citizens. If your rig is not equipped with a pre-installed step ladder, you may want to purchase one. 

While step ladders are a simple accessory, they make it much easier to get in and out of your fifth wheel. A folding step ladder will do the trick nicely, but you can also use a small stool or any other item that provides a sturdy foothold. With this extra step, you’ll reduce stress on your knees and make loading and unloading easier for everyone!

Folding Table

Although fifth wheels are some of the most spacious RVs on the market, there are still limits to how much floor space they provide. This can make it tricky when hosting large groups who want to eat together. This is why a folding table is among the best fifth wheel accessories!

RV parks and campgrounds are great, but you can’t always count on having a nice picnic table nearby. This is especially true if you’re camping in an off-grid location. A nice folding table will increase your seating capacity and make it easier for people to spend time together. This Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table is a great option to consider because it is compact and even includes a storage shelf underneath!

Solar Panels

Finally, there’s solar power! This is a wonderful option that wasn’t available for RVs until recently. With solar power, you can increase your electrical production while reducing your environmental impact. This isn’t a necessity per se, but it’s a great option for energy-conscious fifth wheel owners.

There are lots of solar panels created specifically for RV use. For example, this Renogy Solar Starter Kit is an option that has received excellent reviews from RVers. This accessory can definitely pay off in the long run and is a great way to make your vehicle more eco-friendly.

If you’re a fifth wheel RVer, what are your must-have accessories? Share below in the comments.

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  1. If you’re going to recommend accessories for 5th wheels you should make sure the products are rated for 5th wheel use! The Camco bike rack is NOT and in fact is dangerous if used behind a 5th wheel or travel trailer. Towed vehicles have far more sway in the rear than a Class A, B or C and there are only a few bike racks that are rated for such use.

  2. Being on an oxygen concentrator, I had a small inverter installed so if I am boondocking, I still have my oxygen. Mine runs the concentrator all night and then some.


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