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Airbnb RV Rental: Is a Room on Wheels Better Than a Hotel?

This post was updated on December 13th, 2023

Airbnb is well known for apartment, condominium, and short-stay home rentals for vacation and business purposes.

But can you rent RVs from Airbnb?

Because I had not considered Airbnb as a source for RV rentals, I researched the topic.

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To my surprise, I found many RV owners had their camper set up for rent in many locations across the U.S.

Whether you’re looking for a unique glamping experience or a bare-bones off-grid camping trip, you can find just what you want by searching the Airbnb website.

What can you expect when renting an RV through a site such as Airbnb? In this guide, I will cover every aspect of renting an RV like:

  • Why you should consider Airbnb for RV rental
  • How to use the Airbnb website
  • Types of campers for rent
  • Airbnb vs. Other RV rental companies
  • Locations
  • What to expect during the rental period
  • Other RV rental peer-to-peer companies

Read along as I cover the details of each topic, so you can see for yourself if renting an RV from Airbnb for your next trip is the right decision for you.

Why You Should Consider an AirBnB RV Rental

White camper in the mountains

RV rentals are perfect for those who desire more privacy while on vacation. Renting an RV is also ideal for those who don’t want to own or drive a camper.

Studies show that renting an RV is affordable, coming in 20-60 percent cheaper than standard vacation options. So for those looking for a different kind of travel experience, read on as I discuss why you should consider an Airbnb RV rental for your next vacation.

#1 – Privacy

Hotel rooms or renting an Airbnb room within a home can feel restrictive. Space is at a premium, and the only way you can enjoy the outdoors is to pack up your belongings and head out to a beach or park. An RV rental typically provides you with more space to spread out.

Now you may ask yourself, how can you spread out when RVs are small?

While the interior of most campers is “efficient” if not tight, most RVs for rent on Airbnb are set up in either a private area of a homeowner’s yard or they are set up in a separate location entirely.

You can enjoy private outdoor living spaces to relax but have the comforts of home and security of a solid roof over your head when it’s time to sleep, or there’s inclement weather.

What you won’t have is a noisy room of guests on the other side of a hotel wall or the need to search for an open table and chairs out on the patio.

#2 – Avoiding RV Ownership

If you love the camping experience, but dislike the hassle of packing, driving, parking, and setting up your RV at a campsite, then renting one directly through the owner can be an ideal solution.

By renting an RV, you avoid all of the other disadvantages of owning a camper like financing payments, insurance, maintenance, and storage.

Sites like Airbnb offer RV rentals that are ready for occupancy with little to no work on your part. Owners rent out their campers, just like they would a small apartment or room in their house.

Be aware that you are not meant to drive RV rentals on Airbnb. These RVs are stationary, and most are set up with decks, patios, grills, and lush landscaping around the camper that give it more of a cabin feel.

If you are looking for a driveable RV for rent, there are other options similar to Airbnb (private transactions between the owner and renter) that I discuss near the end of this article, so skip ahead if this type of rental sounds right for you.

#3 – Affordability

One of the best parts about RV rentals from Airbnb is the cost. When you compare the cost of a hotel room in a popular location to the nightly rental rates for an RV, you can save hundreds of dollars. You’ll also receive a unique vacation experience unlike any other.

For example, you can expect to pay between $150-600 a night for a hotel in Los Angeles, California. I found several Airbnb RV rentals in Los Angeles from $22-125 per night. Many of these camper rentals were in fantastic locations near nightlife and the beach, or up in the hills with amazing views.

For those who live in a popular tourist destination and own a camper that is not in use most of the year, renting out your RV may be a way to pick up extra cash. Of course, you need to check with local zoning laws to make sure it’s if it’s legal to rent out an RV sitting on your property.

#4 – Camping or Glamping Options

Camper trailers near trees with snow-capped mountain at distance

Another benefit to choosing to rent an RV from Airbnb is the fabulous vacation experience it offers.

Create special memories by renting a quaint vintage camper for a romantic weekend escape, or bring the whole family for a week of hiking, fishing, and campfires in the mountains.

Don’t like to rough it? No worries! Many of the RV rentals offer excellent amenities like cushy outdoor furniture, luxurious bedding, and free internet that turn a camping trip into a glamping adventure.

You can spend a weekend in an original Airstream, or check out the newest 45-foot fifth-wheel camper. Renting an RV from Airbnb or other rental service is a great way to try out different camper styles for those who are thinking about buying a camper.

You can experience first-hand the little quirks that make one RV feel more comfortable to you than another, before spending thousands of dollars on a camper you end up hating because you need to squeeze into the bathroom to shut the door.

How to Use the Airbnb Website

I had trouble locating RV rentals on Airbnb when I began my search directly from their website. I did find campers for rent here or there by scrolling through all of the rentals for my particular location of interest.

But when I type in “RV Pensacola Florida” in their internal search bar, let’s just say the experience wasn’t user-friendly. I know I’m not the most technically-savvy gal around, but this was frustrating since I know Airbnb has RVs for rent!

So how did I find RVs for rent through Airbnb?

Through trial and error, I found the quickest way to locate Airbnb RV rentals is to type your information into an internet search engine.

For example, if I were looking to stay in South Padre Island, Texas, I type in “airbnb south padre island texas rv” into Google, and it magically pops you to all Airbnb RV rentals in that location.

This search technique works perfectly to take you directly to the page of rental options available. Once there, type in the dates you want, and the number of adults and children in the travel party. You can also check if any RV rentals are pet-friendly.

Peruse the listings available for your criteria, and click on the listings for more information and photos of each RV rental. All amenities like WiFi, parking, and check-in process are posted. You can also see reviews of the host, location, and condition of the camper.

What Makes Airbnb Different That Other RV Rental Sites?

The number one difference between Airbnb and other RV rental sites are that the majority of these camper rentals are permanent and not for you to drive around.

I did find the occasional empty lot for rent that had RV hook-ups and parking pads so that you could drive a camper to the location. I found this interesting since I never thought of looking on AirBnB for a campsite while traveling full-time in my RV. I now have a new option in my arsenal of potential camping locations!

Airbnb has protections in place for the renter and host when the property rents through the website. The website also lists places to eat and exciting things to do near the rental location making it easy to plan your trip.

Types of Campers

Most of the RVs for rent on Airbnb are trailer-type campers. Airstreams have a strong showing on Airbnb, along with vintage travel trailers decked out with comfortable amenities.

Most of the RV rentals were set up to accommodate 1-2 guests, and some would allow small pets.

I did see a few fifth-wheels or long travel trailers that would provide plenty of space for a larger family. There were also a couple of motorhomes set up for occupancy as well.

Another option I saw was park model RVs that look more like a tiny cottage or cabin that could sleep 4-6 people.

The RV rentals I saw on Airbnb tend to offer way more than just a roof over your head. Many provide decking or patios with seating, umbrellas, fire pits, and grills. More likely than not you will have either sweeping views outside your door or the camper is set in a cozy area where you can enjoy private space.


Woman is standing on the wood platform near RV during daytime

From downtown Denver, to the coastal beaches of Florida, to the redwoods in California, you can find RVs for rent on Airbnb.

Being able to pinpoint a specific neighborhood within a larger metropolitan area is another excellent reason to check out Airbnb before booking at a hotel, condo, or campground. You can find listings in specific sections of a town, putting you closer to the attractions or family you wish to visit.

Property owners who choose to rent on Airbnb know they are in special locations with high tourist demand, like within walking distance to shopping, dining, beaches, parks, museums and more. These niche locations can be within neighborhoods where hotels are not available.

It was quite a surprise to find camper rentals in the middle of the city or desert, up in the mountains, next to lakes and rivers, and close to the beach. For those looking for a vacation out of the ordinary, I suggest you check out the options available for RV and camper rentals on Airbnb.

What to Expect During the Rental Period

If you are a first-time renter from Airbnb you may have questions about what a host will provide and how much interaction you should expect to have with them.

Airbnb has requirements for hosts to provide basic amenities such as linens, soap, toilet paper, pillows, and towels. How much a host provides of each is up to them, but realize that a host wishes to get good reviews and keep the cash flowing, so it makes sense for them to provide guests with plentiful, quality amenities.

Airbnb also asks hosts to deal with booking requests promptly (within 24 hours), avoid ruining a trip by canceling a guest reservation, maintain good ratings for service, and greet guests on site when possible.

These requirements can give you peace of mind when booking through the Airbnb website, but this does not guarantee your experience will go without a hitch.

We have all heard of horror stories of rentals not appearing as they were in the listing pictures or of hosts that were rude. Thankfully, these scenarios are few and far between and having protection as a renter when you book through Airbnb can offset any potential damages.

A host has no desire to be in your face when you rent their RV. You may never see them at all during your stay, with keys being left in a lockbox for you to retrieve. A host should always provide a contact number in case of emergencies, but they are not there to cook your meals, hang out, or drive you around.

A guest should clean up before leaving, making sure the trash and linens go in an area the host designates. For the most part, you should behave as you would in a hotel or vacation rental and not trash the RV or make excessive noise.

Other RV Rental Options

If you wish to rent an RV that you can drive between locations on your vacation, or you cannot find an RV that interests you on Airbnb, you do have other options.

Two RV rental peer-to-peer websites have a good reputation and a growing list of happy customers. Both of these websites refer to themselves as the “Airbnb” of RV rentals but don’t confuse them with the actual Airbnb company.

If you are a newbie to RVing, or to a particular model of a camper, the best part of these rental sites is knowledgeable hosts. Many, if not all, of the hosts will walk you through set up and tear down procedures and give you tips and tricks for driving and parking.

The host and the renter want the camper, and it’s occupants to return in one piece. Take advantage of any opportunity to ask questions of your host, because any tips and information you can gather can be invaluable once you hit the road.

Each company has different expectations and requirements of their hosts and guests, so take the time to read all the terms and conditions they list on their websites.

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#1 – RV Share

RVshare has a huge array of RVs, trailers, camper vans, truck campers, pop-ups, motorhomes, teardrops, and more for rent directly from the owner.

The company approves each host and then allows the host to list their RV for rent on their website for a fee. Each listing gives details on price, amenities, and other rental terms.

RVshare has an easy-to-use website with tools to help you determine the right RV rental choice for your needs. The company also offers insurance coverage, roadside assistance, and a loyalty program for customers who rent through their website.

RVshare has rentals available all over the US, as well as in other countries, which gives you flexibility when planning your next vacation.

Want to fly to Colorado and stay in a Denver hotel for a few days, but also want to camp out? Rent a local RV through the RVshare website, and drive it to a state or national park for a couple of days of outdoor adventure then return it before flying home. Many hosts will even deliver or pick up the RV!

RVshare gets a high number of great reviews, but does has some complaints from customers who have issues getting prompt responses through the RVshare email system.

Average pricing for camper rental through the RVshare website range between $50-$275 per night. The size and type of camper, as well as the location it rents from, will determine the final cost.

Keep in mind that some rental hosts will require you to pay extra for excessive miles, while other hosts will include unlimited miles in their daily rate. Additional fees, like usage of the generator, may up your overall cost.

The ability to rent just about any type of camper is a great reason to choose RVshare when you want to rent a driveable RV.

#2 – Outdoorsy

Camper lifestyle

Outdoorsy is a large and well-trusted peer-to-peer RV rental company for those looking for a camper to drive while on vacation.

The renting process begins with each host passing application requirements before being able to list their camper on the website. This vetting process can assure renters that they can trust their host to hold up their end of the bargain.

Visit the website and type in the location you wish to rent the RV from with the dates you wish to travel. Up pops an overview of all the available RVs that fall within your parameters.

Click on each camper of interest for more information like pictures, pricing (check for breaks on weekly or monthly rates), amenities, sleeping accommodations, extra instructions or fees, and a map of the exact location of the unit.

You can also see reviews left by previous customers, the amount of “free” mileage, and the type of tow vehicle you’ll need if you choose a pull-behind camping trailer.

Once you decide on a camper you like, request a booking and wait for the host to get back to you. Outdoorsy performs a DMV check on all drivers to protect hosts and provide insurance coverage.

Other benefits of using Outdoorsy is their insurance (up to $1 million) on bookings approved through the website, RV rental roadside assistance available 24/7, great customer reviews, and the ability to choose from thousands of campers and motorhomes across the US. They even have pick-up locations in Mexico and Canada!

Outdoorsy began as a mom and pop venture connecting RV owners who had idle campers with people looking for an affordable way to take their family camping. The owners want to help customers get outdoors and for hosts to make income on the side.

The company has grown to be the second-largest RV rental business on the internet, which shows how much demand there is for RV rentals.

Rental rates on average fall between $40-$380 a night depending on size, type, location, and amenities of the RV, as well as the number of guests and any pets coming along.

Some hosts will stock the RV with basic necessities, while others will expect you to provide your own. Knowing what to bring along is why you need to have good communication with your host, so you can understand what supplies, like pots or silverware, they do and do not include in their rental price.

The Outdoorsy website has lots of helpful tools to assist you in navigating the rental process and details on insurance options. I found a high number of hosts who will deliver/pick up their camper within a certain distance.

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Conclusion (with Video of a Campervan listed on Airbnb)

If you are looking for a different type of vacation experience, renting an RV through Airbnb or other peer-to-peer websites may be just the thing you are looking for. Being able to choose the perfect location, a camper the right size for your needs, and save money over hotel rates are fantastic reasons to try it for your next vacation.

The uniqueness of each property turns a trip into a special event like you can see here in the below video of a girl who put her campervan up for rent on Airbnb. Luna calls her campervan Moonbeam.

No matter what type of RV you wish to rent, there are thousands of hosts just waiting to help you make your travel dreams come true.

Have you tried a peer-to-peer RV rental website? Tell us about your experience below!

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