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9 Unique RV Kitchen Accessories

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When you first start researching which RV kitchen accessories to add to your RV kitchen, you can easily get overwhelmed by the quantity of checklists and articles available. The majority of those articles often point out items from big-box companies that had excellent pricing, but didn’t really add a lot of character to your home on wheels. First-time RV buyers can get run over as they purchase every recommended “must have”, while their debit or credit card starts smoking from overuse.

Every RV owner wants and needs those essential RV kitchen accessories at a reasonable price, but there are plenty of family-owned and operated businesses that add that “extra” touch that big box stores can’t. We hunted down some of the most interesting and unique RV kitchen accessories made by independent companies. Whether they’re fellow RVers trying to stay on the road, or they’re a family-owned business with great values, their products not only have excellent quality, they have creative touches that can add that extra touch of home to your RV. We like to think of them as the accessory industry’s teardrop camper category: Overshadowed by the major competitors, but more than worthy of appreciation.

Unique Accessories by Independent Brands

  1. Kitchen and RV Drip Catcher by ColleenO
The Drip Catcher by ColleenO offers very unique RV kitchen accessories - Photo: Etsy
The Drip Catcher by ColleenO – Photo: Etsy

What’s the first thing you think of when you consider your RV kitchen accessories essentials list? Most consider cookware, dinnerware, and items of that nature. Cleaning products and sterilization usually end up on the list, although lately, it’s risen as more of a priority. The tough kitchen grime that develops where the faucet meets the sink can dull the shine of your RV vacation.

Colleen Overholt found a creative and decorative solution with her Drip Catcher. The zigzag stitch secures insulation between a double-sided cloth exterior. You can message Colleen with your specific sink needs with your faucet measurements. She’ll also add additional holes if you have a separate sprayer and instant hot faucet.    

Interior design preferences are unique to each person, so don’t be afraid to discuss your ideas. You’ll see from her Etsy page that she has many examples. Best of all, her pricing starts at $7.25. Save yourself some time, money, and effort by protecting your kitchen sink and bathroom from harmful germs while adding a touch of style to your coach.

  1. Wine Barrel Magnetic Knife Rack by Wine Country Craftsman
Wine Barrel Magnet Knife Rack - Photo: Etsy
Wine Barrel Magnet Knife Rack – Photo: Etsy

Did you ever wonder what do wineries do with old barrels? The short answer is after three cycles, they lose their aging benefits. Back in the day, the casks were perfect for oak furniture or other items since it was so pliable. Modern-day artisans are bringing back these pre-industrial revolution methods in every possible way.

Wine Country Craftsman, Michael Weiss, takes the woodworking lessons he learned from his mother, creating stylish pieces from used Napa Valley wine barrels. A great space-saver is his Wine Barrel Magnetic Knife Rack that mounts easily to any RV wall. You can store 8 full-sized professional-level chef knives. 

Michael is a true artisan with his construction, using natural and food-safe materials. The process starts with cutting and drying the piece for a whole year without any artificial influences. He then sands and finishes the wood with mineral oil. If it’s not up to his premiere quality standards, he may add another mineral oil coat since each piece of wood is unique. The individual small heavy-duty magnets can hold up to 18-pounds. As a home chef himself, Weiss wouldn’t make anything he wouldn’t use himself.   

The Wine Barrel Magnetic Knife Rack by Wine Country Craftsman checks off a lot of boxes. Its interior design value is superior, highly artistic, contributes to the upcycling effort, and its space-saving utility in the kitchen is unquestionable.

  1. Personalized Cutting Board by Red Robot Engraving
Custom cutting boards by Red Robot Engraving - Photo: Red Robot Engraving
Custom cutting boards by Red Robot Engraving – Photo: Red Robot Engraving

Okay, you may be thinking sarcastically, “Yay, a cutting board.” To a veteran RVer, especially those in the Teardrop, Pop-up, Truck Camper, Small Travel Trailer, and Class B Campervan categories, cutting boards are the must-have of RV kitchen accessories. The uniqueness here comes in the customization.

A cutting board is a flat surface. When cleaned correctly, the RV cutting board is also a stove cover or custom RV sink cover that adds counter space. If large enough, it can even act as a mobile RV desk and has many other creative uses in the RV. If storage is as precious as gold, surface space is silver. With such a valued commodity, why not punch it up with a personalized artistic design. Red Robot Engraving is an independently-owned company out of Southern California that personalizes many RV kitchen accessories and other items using a domestic-built laser-etching machine. 

Like many great innovators in the annals of RV History, Pierrick Berube made the Travel Trailer, Camping, RV Personalized Cutting Board for himself and his family. Other people saw it and wanted one for themselves. Thus, a business product was born. He uses sustainable bamboo cutting boards from Ikea as his canvas. When you order your cutting board from his Etsy page, he asks that you add notes during checkout to add your name or family name to the piece. Like any quality craftsman, he stands behind his work and the longevity of the etching. 

  1. Spice Organizer by UncommonCamper
Spice Organizer by UncommonCamper - Photo by Etsy
Spice Organizer by UncommonCamper – Photo by Etsy

How many of us have spice bottles banging around our RV cabinets or in a plastic tub that’s eating up space? You don’t want to throw out the ones you haven’t used in a while because you may come across a recipe that calls for it. You also may have doubles or triples of the same spice because you keep forgetting you have enough of it.

Shelley Cope of UncommonCamper has a Spice Organizer that uses travel-friendly plastic tubes in a space-saving wood holder. When you order the product through Etsy, let her know which spices you’ll store so she can label each cylinder with an artistic lettering font. If you don’t need all 8 tubes, Shelley has smaller versions. Her spice organizer box is highly adaptable for medication or is your hardware nuts and bolts storage solution. 

The Spice Organizer by UncommonCamper is a multi-purpose solution that’ll complement any RV’s interior and save that golden storage space. Before you head out to the store for supplies, it’s easy to see your spice levels, so you don’t need to guess what you need when you’re in the spice aisle.

  1. Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden by Sandpiper Woodworking
Indoor Herb Garden by Sandpiper Woodworking - Photo by Etsy
Indoor Herb Garden by Sandpiper Woodworking – Photo by Etsy

Have you ever sat in your RV outdoor living space and thought about the juxtaposition that everything around you is natural, yet what’s stocked in your RV kitchen cabinets and fridge wasn’t grown by you (unless you’re a homesteader in some fashion)? We’re always in favor of supporting locally sourced food, but it can be frustrating not getting your hands dirty. 

Why not start an indoor herb garden? The wall-mounted wood piece comes in 7 different stain colors that easily match the Classic Country, Modern, or Contemporary RV interior designs seen today. If you have another stain or paint color in mind, you can contact owner Chrissy Creaser of Sandpiper Woodworking about what you have in mind for your Indoor Herb Garden.

You can loosen the worm gear hose clamp that holds the mason jars in place on travel days and safely store them away. The jars keep the water contained, so you don’t need to worry about moisture damage in your coach. Placing the 18-inch length with 5.5-inch width on your stud-supported RV wall is simple with wood screws.

You’ll have the freedom to add whatever drainage stones, potting soil, and your favorite herbs to grow indoors. Sandpiper Woodworking has the best Etsy reviews with five stars and hundreds of sales. Chrissy Creaser works out of her workshop in Walpole, Massachusetts. To bring some natural life into your coach that compliments your RV’s interior design, consider Sandpiper Woodworking’s Indoor Herb Garden regardless of style.   

  1. Enamel Camp Mug by Celestial Wanderers
Custom camper mugs bu Celestial Wanderers - Photo: Etsy
Custom camper mugs bu Celestial Wanderers – Photo: Etsy

For generations, people defined status and enhanced a room with fine china, stemware, and flatware. Many of you may still have your parent’s, or grandparent’s 12-piece dinnerware set stored away for special occasions. If you get the opportunity to visit the White House Visitor’s Center, you can learn about the presidential china patterns each American President used during their terms in office.

As RVers, our dinnerware decor philosophy focuses on stylish durability. A dented aluminum mug is a status symbol in itself: it’s well used and has a good campfire story worth telling.

5-star rated Etsy vendor Celestial Wanderers sells handmade 12 fluid ounce aluminum mugs with enamel and white coating images. There is a multitude of icons and catchy logos available to fit your RV lifestyle. You can also choose to personalize your mugs with your name or family name to make them uniquely yours.  

Celestial Wanderers uses a sublimation printing technique that prevents cracking, peeling, or fading. Like true artists, they view their mugs as a whole canvas, not just one side. If the image fits the piece’s front, there’s a complimentary image on the back. No matter if you’re a lefty or righty, the image you choose will show clearly. Personalized Enamel Camp Mugs can add that touch of glamping to your RV Life. If nothing else, it’s an excellent deterrent to keep others from using your favorite coffee mug. Check out the long-lasting and stylishly durable mug-ware options from Celestial Wanderers. 

  1. Cast Iron Handle Holder by Cottage Rose Boutique
Cast iron pan handle holder - Photo: Etsy
Cast iron pan handle holder – Photo: Etsy

“A pen, a pen, a kingdom for a pen!” – Unknown

The actual quote comes from Shakespeare’s “Richard III,” where Richard demands a horse, not a pen. A reviewer wrote the line above as part of his negative review of a performance. It’s always fascinating how history remembers things. We bring up the pen because cast iron handle holders somehow manage to grow legs like pens. When you need one, you can’t find it. You end up risking a towel, your favorite flannel shirt, or something else to move the “Hellfire Handle” off the stove or fire.

Sharon from Cottage Rose Boutique creates custom Cast Iron Handle Holders that should be on every RV kitchen accessories list. When you’re making your breakfast over the fire pit grill, keeping one of these muslin and Insul-Bright heat resistant protectors in your back pocket saves your day of adventure. Camping kitchen gadgets less than $10 tends to be the deciding factor on RV horror stories in kitchen situations. How often have you’ve heard the line, “if I used a [insert the correct kitchen gadget or gizmo here] instead of risking it…”

You can choose from many different cloth design patterns. You’ll see and feel the quality crafting from the stitching and the insulating value the pan holder has. Be Camper Smart by having a few of them in your RV kitchen cabinets, so you never have to say, “a pan holder, a pan holder, my travel trailer for a pan holder!”

  1. Kitchen Organizers By PolarWhale
This RV fridge organizer bin is great for RVers - Photo: Polar Whale . Polar Whale offers several RV kitchen accessories.
This RV fridge organizer bin is great for RVers – Photo: Polar Whale

Motorhome suspension systems have come a long way in the past 50+ years. Yet, one of the most annoying sounds has to be the bump rattle that comes from the cabinetry due to road conditions. Of course, there’s always the never-ending Tetris game of finding the perfect solution to organize your RV storage (someone should put this question on the list of life’s unanswered questions).

PolarWhale, a U.S. Company, uses a black foam material for their storage organization products. The RV kitchen storage accessories they offer are non-slip, anti-rattle, and are dishwasher safe in the top rack. You’ll find drawer and cabinet organizers for all of your storage optimizing needs:

  • Coffee & Tea
  • Flatware
  • Junk drawer
  • Pantry
  • Refrigerator
  • Spice rack

They have other organizers for other RV rooms both inside and out. As a money-saving option, PolarWhale offers multi-pack options too. For your pool activities, the company has floating tables with beverage holders and other features. Visit the PolarWhale website to explore the RV organization solutions they offer to achieve Storage Nirvana. You may find that perfect piece that gives you that thrill when you clear four levels on the game.

  1. Pinnacle Camper by GSI Outdoors
Pinnacle Camper set - Photo: GSI Outdoors . The Pinnacle set is a must-have for RV kitchen accessories.
Pinnacle Camper set – Photo: GSI Outdoors

When this Pinacle Camper Kitchen set webpage pulled up, this author’s eyes had that star-struck look and said in a genuinely heartfelt way, “I love you.” He must have said it a little too loudly because his wife heard it. Long story short, guess what we’re getting for our anniversary this year?

GSI Outdoors is a family-owned business out of Spokane, Washington. Since 1985, Don, Ian, and Kathy Scott create the best camping cookware for your RV lifestyle. Their most outstanding achievement (in this author’s opinion) is their Pinnacle Camper complete cooking and dining set.

The scratch-proof anodized aluminum cookware is light and durable, giving you years of integral usage. The Teflon Radiance three-layer coating heats the pot and pan 25% quicker than average versions and is non-stick. The Scotts even color-coated the plates to avoid plate-swapping. The mugs/bowls have the same colors to match the dishes. What truly makes this set a dream-come-true is how complete it is. 

  • 3-liter pot
  • 2-liter pot
  • 2 Strainer lids (crush-proof)
  • 9-inch frypan
  • 4 14 fluid ounce insulated mugs/bowls with insulated sleeves and sip-it tops
  • 4 7.5-inch plates
  • A folding pot gripper
  • A carrying case that acts as a sink to clean the set
  • Total Weight: 3 pounds, 10 ounces

The only other camper accessories you’d need with this cooking set would be flatware. Fitting the set in your Pop-up or teardrop camper is easy since it measures 9 inches long by 9 inches wide by 6 inches deep. If you’re looking for the ultimate camping cooking set, look into the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookware Set. It’s an all-in-one product that will cross off many items on your RV packing checklist and leave plenty of storage space for additional gear.

Where Can I Find the Best RV Kitchen Accessories From Other Independent Businesses?

There are plenty of other ways to find other independent and family-owned businesses that sell RV kitchen accessories and other gear. You can find some at the various RV shows across the country, but most don’t require you to ignite your engine. We showed you great examples from Etsy, Pinterest, and other online market places. In today’s world, online reviews and referrals are as strong as word-of-mouth advertising. What better way to learn about the best independent RV accessory businesses than your fellow RV Life community friends?

Check out the many RV Life Community Forums available. These free forums are open to all who want to learn from each other and talk about shared interests. In the Jayco Forum, while you’re talking about kitchen cabinets, someone may mention a great deal they found on new cutting boards or the new storage organizer they found. Of course, don’t forget to check out RV Life, Do-It-Yourself-RV, Camper Smarts, and the many other avenues that 1.4 million subscribers enjoy daily. 

We’ll See You Down the Road!

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