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5 Best RV Mattress Toppers

This post was updated on February 4th, 2022

Picture this: you’ve had a long, hard day of RV living and it’s finally time to sleep. You get ready for bed, crawl under the covers, and close your eyes – but, because of an uncomfortable mattress, sleep never comes. If this sounds familiar, then you probably need an RV mattress topper.

RV mattresses are often a target for cost-cutting and may not be as comfortable as a mattress in a traditional home. With an RV mattress topper, you can instantly elevate the comfort level of your RV’s bed and get a better night’s sleep. (All without the investment of a brand-new mattress).

So what exactly are camper mattress toppers? We’ll walk you through all the details, and give you some suggestions for the best RV mattress toppers on the market. 

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What Are RV Mattress Toppers?

At its most basic an RV mattress topper (much as any other mattress topper) is simply an extra layer of material you place on top of your mattress. The main purpose of a mattress topper is to add comfort. However, they can have other advantages as well. 

  • Toppers can help provide temperature control. Some RV mattress toppers contain materials that can help keep things cool at night. Others can help keep you warm on cold nights. 
  • Whatever the material, an RV mattress topper can help extend the life of your mattress by protecting it from damage. Plus, cleaning the topper is easier than cleaning the mattress!

The reason they’re specifically RV mattress toppers is that the mattresses in RVs are a little different from traditional mattresses. RV mattress sizes are frequently about 5 inches shorter than the equivalent standard size mattress. This helps improve the amount of usable space in your RV, but it also means standard-sized mattress toppers won’t fit.

What to Consider When You Buy an RV Mattress Topper

As we mentioned, the first thing to keep in mind is the size of your mattress. Some of the most common RV mattress sizes are “short queen” and “short king,” but there are plenty of other sizes out there. And it’s also not uncommon to find custom mattresses in RVs, with their own unique dimensions. 

Besides just making sure it fits, there’s a few other things to think about when looking for RV mattress toppers.


The first and probably most important thing is the material your RV mattress topper is made out of. The most common materials are going to be memory foam, followed by latex. However, there are plenty of other materials to be found, such as down and microfiber (also known as “down alternative”). 

Memory foam is super comfortable and adjusts to your body, while latex has the advantage of being all-natural and hypoallergenic. Down and microfiber, meanwhile, are great for keeping you warm and toasty on cold nights.


In addition to the materials, you’ll want to note the thickness of the mattress topper. A thicker RV topper helps provide better support while you sleep. Generally, RV mattress toppers range from 1 to 4 inches thick. 3 to 4 inches is the best bet for most, but bigger folks may want to consider a topper that’s 4 inches thick or even thicker.

The 5 Best RV Mattress Toppers

While there are plenty of great RV mattress toppers on the market, we think these five are the best options available. Whether you’re shopping on a budget or want the best money can buy, you’re sure to find the right choice for you on this list!

5. EASELAND RV Mattress Topper

White EASELAND RV mattress topper
Photo from Amazon

If money is tight but you still need an RV mattress topper, look no further than this model from EASELAND. This topper comes in far cheaper than any other than others on the list.

This topper comes in short queen and RV king sizes, as well as standard mattress sizes. It’s made from 100% cotton with a down alternative fill, so it’s very soft and warm. And, it’s fully machine washable!

There are only a couple of downsides to this RV mattress topper. First, it’s not the thickest topper around, so it won’t provide much in the way of extra support. Second, it may be too warm for hot climates (or hot sleepers). Overall, however, this is a great RV mattress topper at an unbeatable price.

4. Best Price 4” Memory Foam RV Mattress Topper

Memory foam RV mattress topper
Photo from Amazon.

If you’re looking for more support without breaking the bank, this memory foam mattress topper from Best Price might be the choice for you. With an impressive 4” of thickness, this mattress topper can provide support even for heavier sleepers. Plus, the foam is infused with green tea extracts, which could help you get a more restful night’s sleep. 

This mattress topper also comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. So, you can rest assured that if you have any issues, you can get a replacement.

One of the only major downsides of this mattress topper is it comes in a short queen size, but no other RV-specific sizes.

3.  Linenspa 3” Gel-Infused Memory Foam RV Mattress Topper

Are you a hot sleeper who struggles to sleep on normal memory foam, which retains large amounts of body heat? In that case, a gel-infused memory foam RV mattress topper like this one from Linenspa can be a great option for you. This topper will help you stay cool at night while still getting all the comfort of memory foam. 

This topper comes in both 2” and 3” thicknesses, and comes in at a nice price, with the RV queen size coming in under $100. However, RV queen is the only RV-specific size available.

2. Brooklyn Bedding Organic Cotton Talalay Latex Topper

White RV mattress topper
Organic cotton Talalay latex topper. Photo from Mattress Topper.

If you want the most all-natural sleeping experience possible, then this latex RV mattress topper from Brooklyn Bedding is hard to beat. Made from modern Talalay latex (yes, latex comes from plants!) and organic cotton, this topper provides tons of comfort. Plus, it helps keep you cool while you sleep.

Even better, you can customize the firmness of your topper, with three levels to choose from.  And while short queen is the only RV-specific size, custom sizes may be available upon request. The only real downside to this topper is that it’s a bit pricier than other options. 

1. Dormeo 

Dormeo white RV mattress topper
Dormeo RV mattress topper. Photo from Dormeo.

Want a high-quality RV mattress topper that’s available in tons of different sizes and comes with plenty of bells and whistles? Look no further than Dormeo’s premium mattress topper. 

Their unique “Octaspring” construction provides comfort and cooling while using 50% material so they create less waste and cause less damage to the environment. That means great sleep and a clean conscience too! 

Dormeo has just announced the release of RV king and short king size toppers, and even plans to offer custom toppers. So, whatever mattress you have, Dormeo has you covered. 

This RV mattress topper is also machine-washable, hypoallergenic, and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Still not convinced? Dormeo offers a 100-night risk-free trial; sleep on the topper for 100 nights, and if you’re not satisfied, you can return it for free!

The RV Mattress Topper Of Your Dreams Is Just A Few Clicks Away

When you’re trying to get a better night’s sleep, an RV mattress topper can be a lifesaver. And while our RV’s might feature some unique mattress sizes, there are plenty of topper options that fit them.

Do you have a mattress topper in your RV? Which is your favorite?

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  1. We replaced a mattress made in the dinosaur era. It collapsed in just a few nights where our bodies laid and obviously made for some back pain. We got a Puffy – very, very comfortable. It is heavy for the bed board a mattress sits on. However, we added three hinges (originally two hinges) between the stationary board and the board that lifts to get under the bed for storage. Then we added a cross board support to give the bed board strength to handle the three hinges. So we are “Happy Campers”!!!

  2. I,m not politically correct but the very best topper is “ My Pillow” I have tried others and Mike makes the best and is American made.

  3. If you could add commentary and/or pictures of the size when stored it would be helpful especially for those of us that have smaller RVs.

  4. An R.V,
    . King is a different size than a Home King how come these MFG never say that, I purchased a foam Topper and ended up having to cut it to fut


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