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10 Hacks And Gadgets To Organize Your RV

This post was updated on July 12th, 2022

Organizational Hacks Can Make Your RV Travels More Pleasant

An RV is a home on wheels in many ways. We treat it that way by bringing many things that make a home comfortable. However, without some form of organization, things can get out of control and result in a big, cluttered mess. The following hacks and gadgets will help you to organize your RV.

Tips To Help Organize Your RV

There are a few general things you can do to declutter in your RV. They are easy to do, whether you are traveling across the country or planning a staycation at a local RV resort,

  • Travel light! Before you pack something into the RV, ask yourself when and how much you’ll use it. If you won’t need it nearly daily, leave it at home. A side benefit of a minimalist approach to camping is that you’ll be able to relax without worrying about your stuff.
  • Put everything back in its place right after you finish using it.
  • Wash dishes and cookware right after you finish eating.
  • Pack single items with multiple uses: For instance, a single bottle of liquid soap like Dr. Bronner’s castile soap can replace bottles of dish soap, shampoo, shower gel, and hand soap. A cast-iron skillet can be used over the campfire, on the stove, or in the oven.
  • Hanging things up keeps surfaces bare and useable.

1. Store Plates Securely with Camco Stack-A-Plate Organizers

Camco Stack-A-Plate holds your plates securely in place. They can help prevent chips and breaks during travel as well. The Stack-A-Plate has a non-slip backing that keeps the organizers from sliding around during travel. The two-piece set contains one for large and one for smaller plates. Preventing shifting during travel can help keep your cupboards organized during your trip.

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2. Organize Your RV With Wall Baskets

You can use wall baskets for storing fruit or spices in the kitchen. But they also have uses elsewhere in the RV. For example, you can use them to store toiletries over the bathroom sink or keep small items like remote controls in place. There are even no-drill wall baskets that come with an ultra-strong adhesive to keep them firmly attached to the wall.

3. Use Cargo Nets For Wall Storage

Small cargo nets attached to walls can be used for storing shoes, games, sports items, and more. They attach to the RV walls with either self-adhesive velcro or screws.

4. Hang Paper Towels On A Wall Or Under A Cabinet

Hanging a roll of paper towels on a wall or under a cabinet gets them out of the way. They’ll still be handy when you need one, but you’ll free up counter or cabinet space. Be sure to hang paper towels well away from the RV cooktop so they won’t become a fire hazard. Secure them during travel with a small piece of tape attaching the loose end to the rest of the roll. That way you won’t arrive at your destination to find them all on the kitchen counter.

5. Wash Laundry With Laundry Strips Instead Of Laundry Detergent

Laundry strips are handy for RVers who can’t escape laundry chores while camping. These little strips come in a small cardboard envelope and take up very little space compared to traditional laundry detergents. Their space-saving size and light weight make them ideal for RV travel. Laundry strips pack a punch when it comes to cleaning dirty laundry. They get laundry as clean as traditional laundry detergents with none of the environmental downsides. You may know that phosphorus in detergents can contribute to the presence of toxic algae in lakes. Many brands of laundry strips such as Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets are phosphate-free, and their packaging is biodegradable.

6. Hanging Wall Pockets Can Help Organize Your RV

Hanging wall pockets can hold a multitude of items, including shoes, magazines, dog toys, small electronics, and remote controls. You can find over-the-door shoe storage pockets and wall-mounted pockets in a wide variety of configurations.

7. Store Fruit in An Under-Cabinet Hammock

The name of the game in RV organization is getting things off surfaces and organized. Storing fruit in an under-cabinet hammock does this perfectly while keeping your fruit fresh and delicious. A fruit hammock is easy to install and will definitely add a boho vibe to the RV.

8. Keep RV Hoses And Electrical Cords In Storage Bags

Without some sort of containment system, RV hoses and electrical cords will wind up in a tangled mess. RV drainage hoses can often be stored in the bumper or in a mounted ABS pipe underneath the RV. However, it’s nice to have an extra drainage hose with you too. HumanFriendly makes a hose and electrical cord storage set that gets everything well organized in a hurry. These can be easily stored in the basement of the RV.

9. Add Shelves To The Inside of Kitchen Cabinets

Adding free-standing shelves to the inside of kitchen cabinets can double their storage capacity easily. You can also build them into the cabinets using small hooks and lightweight wire shelving, available from Home Depot.

10. Get Nesting or Multi-Use Kitchen Equipment

When purchasing appliances and dishes for the kitchen, try to find items that pack small (think camping section) or have multiple uses. A set of plastic nesting bowls, measuring cups, and other kitchenware like an immersion blender/food processor combo packs small to save space and help you stay organized in your RV kitchen.


Many RVs now come with built-in storage features such as extensive wardrobe closets, multiple bathroom cabinets, and under-bed storage. If you are new to RVing, you may want to take a few camping trips in your new rig before purchasing many items to organize your RV. This will give you a chance to see exactly what is needed.

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