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10 Campers with RV Office Space

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10 RVs With Space for a Mobile RV Office

For this discussion, we’re defining RV office space as any secondary surface that’s not the dinette or freestanding dining table. It must have seating or a place for a chair. Today’s RVs have electric outlets positioned throughout the coach, so it’s safe to assume there’s a 110v or USB port nearby.

RV office areas also have storage. Using a nearby cabinet, overhead bin, or your laptop bag in certain circumstances would work. For those that use audio/video or graphic design equipment, their storage needs are more complex than others. When they choose an RV, finding one with the space requirements they need should be one of their top priorities.

Pop-Up RV Office: Forest River Flagstaff High Wall 29SC

The Forest River Flagstaff HW29SC  could make a great RV Office - Photo: Forest River
The Forest River Flagstaff HW29SC – Photo: Forest River
  • Length: Open- 27.9 Feet/ 21.6 Feet
  • GVWR: 5,000 Pounds
  • Sleep: 6-7 People
  • Tanks: F- 20 Gallons/ Gr- 11 Gallons/ B- 11 Gallons

It’s 4:45 the Friday you’re leaving for your week-long trip with the family, and your boss comes to you with one of those “favors.” Since you’re the only one who has all the knowledge and access to complete the favor, it looks like you’re bringing work home with you. On your way home from the office, half the time, you’re coming up with new words to insult your boss. The other half, you’re figuring out how to tell your family you’re bringing work with you on the trip. 

If you have the Flagstaff High Wall 29SC, at least you have a built-in workstation. The sofa below the front pull-out bed has a wide rectangular table to set up your laptop and other work items. Picking up one of those adjustable table workstations will make the space comfortable as you work on that favor project. 

You feel a little better about the situation when you learned the kids didn’t finish all of their homework. After they burn off some energy at the campground’s playground, they get to work on their math problems on the slideout U-shaped dinette while your husband puts dinner together. If going to the amusement park doesn’t motivate them to finish their work, maybe their preference for the junk food at the park will, since his interpretation of tuna surprise isn’t that great.

When it’s time to take a break or head out with the family to enjoy your vacation, the nearby cabinet will have enough space to hold your computer, work supplies, and the kids’ things. The trip may have turned into a working vacation, but you aren’t going to miss out on the vacation side.

Truck Camper With RV Office Space: Lance 1172

  • Length: 20.4 Feet
  • GVWR: 4,628 Pounds
  • Sleep: 6 People
  • Tanks: F- 42 Gallons/ Gr- 35 Gallons/ B- 35 Gallons

You wouldn’t think something as compact as a truck camper couldn’t have a separate RV office space, but it’s true. The Lance 1172 is one example. To haul this truck camper, you’re going to need a long bed on your 350/3500 series pickup truck due to its length and payload weight.

When you walk into the passenger-side entry, you’ll find a two-seater sofa on a rear slideout, with a built-in swivel table. If you use a tabletop stand for your laptop, you can finish those reports, coding sub-sections, or presentations comfortably. 

If you’re away from the things of man, the Lance 1172 offers an optional 100-watt solar panel or Onan 2500-watt propane generator. Satellite prewiring is standard, so no one can hear you when you’re yelling at the TV when the ref makes a bad call or one of your work teammates makes a mistake. 

When you do have to make an appearance at the office, you’ll find plenty of room in the dry bathroom to get ready. The closet next to the queen-size bed gives you plenty of space to hang those two suitable office outfits you need.

Travel Trailer With a Full Desk: KZ Connect 292RDK

The 2020 KZ Connect offers an RV office area - Photo: KZ
The 2020 KZ Connect – Photo: KZ
  • Length: 32.3 Feet
  • GVWR: 9,175 Pounds
  • Sleep: 6 People
  • Tanks: F- 45 Gallons/ Gr- 64 Gallons/ B- 32 Gallons

When you think of travel trailers with computer desks, which brands immediately come to mind? Did you ever consider KZ? Since 1972, KZ has built its reputation as a quality RV manufacturer. Many favor their brand because their products favor those that enjoy outdoor sports. Many of their interior components have a cabin-like look and weatherproof treatments to keep moisture and other contaminants from ruining the RV.

Full-time RVers that need to stay on location for extended periods may want to consider the KZ Connect 292RDK. It doesn’t offer an off-road package, but it does sport a full-size desk in the unit’s rear, a large closet pantry, a king-size bed, and a full kitchen with an island. Wildlife photojournalists, nature writers, and other outdoor-focused workers will find this Connect travel trailer a perfect space to work and rest at the end of the day.

If your work requires you to venture out early, you can prepare your morning meal in the RV’s outdoor kitchen. You need your camera for your work, but leaving without a thermos full of coffee is ridiculous. Who can work without the “sweet nectar of life?” 

When you get back to the RV, the entry door leads straight into the large dry bathroom. You can strip off your dirty laundry and scrub off whatever you got on you that day. Afterward, head to the rear living room to download the photos you shot that day. Once you’ve found your best shots and cleaned them up, you can send them to your editor. Maybe you’ll keep the one of the timber wolf giving you that insulting look.

Travel Trailer Hutch Desk: Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge 314RLS

  • Length: 35.3 Feet
  • GVWR: 13,250 Pounds
  • Sleep: 6 People
  • Tanks: F- 85 Gallons/ Gr- 97 Gallons/ B- 40 Gallons

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly fifth wheel with office space, the Mesa Ridge 314RLS has a mid-coach hutch desk that is wide enough for your laptop. Bloggers who don’t need a lot of room can write about the fantastic adventures they’re having with their pets as they cruise the highways of America. 

The desk shares its space with the kitchen and is close to the entry door. Above the desk is overhead cabinetry, and the closet panty is next to it. While office workers have to walk down the hall to get their favorite drink or snack, your break room is right there (although you may have four-legged subordinates looking for their bacon-flavored snacks too).

If your blog topic’s inspiration comes from the mess your dog made, the fifth wheel comes with a separate closet for a stackable washer and dryer. Even if your boondocking, the 97-gallon grey water tank has plenty of room to hold the wastewater from the washer and “operation clean dog” from the shower. 

While you’re blogging away, your spouse can continue their work in the living room. A lift top coffee table or free standing computer workstation will fit well in the double slideout space. When it’s time to take the dogs out, a few rounds of roshambo should help you determine who’s taking an unscheduled break.

Bunkhouse Two-Person Dinette: Jayco Jay Flight 33RBTS

Jayco Jay Flight 33RBTS has room for an RV office - Photo: Jayco
Jayco Jay Flight 33RBTS – Photo: Jayco
  • Length: 37.10 Feet
  • GVWR: 10,950 Pounds
  • Sleep: 10 People
  • Tanks: F- 80 Gallons/ Gr- 39 Gallons/ B- 39 Gallons

The creation of bunkhouse floorplans advanced family RVing to a whole new level. Previously, while mom and dad could simply get up and prepare for the day, kids had to convert their sleeping space back to the dinette or sofa for daytime use. Bunkhouses solved two problems: they allowed kids to have their own space and kept the noise at the coach’s opposite side.

Like in this Jayco, RV manufacturers went a step further by asking, “why can’t bunkhouses have other furniture pieces besides beds?” The introduction of the two-person dinette became homework central for homeschooling kids that live the full-time lifestyle. 

Bunkhouse sections give you a space to separate yourself from the rest of the travel trailer or fifth wheel. There’s plenty of storage to hold all of your peripherals and a place to mount a TV or monitor. If you have one or two children, they can use the top bunks at night without disturbing your desk (hopefully). The bunk above the desk does fold up for added headroom.
Creative RVers came up with other uses for bunkhouses concerning RV desk ideas. Those that don’t need all of the sleeping space remove the off-door side bunks and install a DIY RV desk in a configuration ideal for their needs. If this is something you’d like to look into, check out Do It Yourself RV for ideas and RV construction issues, you need to know ahead of time.

Mid-Bunk RV Office Room: Forest River Cedar Creek 3770F

  • Length: 40.8 Feet
  • GVWR: 16,170 Pounds
  • Sleep: 4 People
  • Tanks: F- 57 Gallons/ Gr- 82 Gallons/ B- 41 Gallons

Call it your man-cave, she-shed, or even your executive office with a view. Mid-coach bunk rooms can be your ultimate office space complete with everything you need (including that 45-inch LED TV…I mean computer monitor). Most have convertible sofas and fold down bunks for additional sleeping, but the cabinet system has a flat surface that does bow out for RV office workspace. 

If you want a fifth wheel with office space, the Cedar Creek 3770F by Forest River should be on your shortlist. The full-size desk takes up the full length of the slideout in the room. The opposite interior wall has a cabinet and wardrobe to store your equipment. 

The desk also acts as a twin-size bunk that comes with a foam mattress for any guests visiting. Before you perform an impression of Gandolf the Grey, there’s a foldout sofa against the rear wall in the living room. As you’re video conferencing with your boss or others, you may catch yourself wandering off. The big picture window above the desk gives you the best views wherever you are. Sometimes the most challenging part about working from your RV can be staying focused when it’s time to work.

An Airstream With an RV Office: Interstate 24GT

  • Chassis: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Extended
  • Engine: Mercedes 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel- 188 hp @ 325 lb./ft.
  • Length: 24.6 Feet
  • GVWR: 11,030 Pounds
  • Sleep: 2 People
  • Tanks: F- 27 Gallons/ Gr- 21 Gallons/ B- 13 Gallons

The highway gives you a lot of time to think. While you’re paying attention to the road, your mind may come up with solutions you’ve been trying to figure out or hit you with those “aha moments” you didn’t realize you wanted. It’s moments like this where you want to find a safe place to pull over and write them down before you lose them.

The Class B Interstate 24GT by Airstream solves that problem. Once you’re parked safely, you can spin the driver’s seat around and grab your laptop from the overhead cabinet, and quickly set up the RV computer workstation behind you. You can adjust the small table to the best level and use the coach’s LED TV as a computer monitor. With a few quick changes, you can input your hot idea before it fizzles out.

Once you have everything put back together, return everything to travel mode and head back out. Later in the day, you can take your time hooking up the utilities and making dinner on the mid-coach kitchenette. While your partner is ready to call it a night on the convertible king-size bed in the back, you can open up your office space again to continue working.

As you work, you can lean the chair’s back into an angle more suitable since you have the seat positioned away from the steering wheel. Make sure you set the alarm for yourself, or you could wind up falling asleep in your chair again.

Motorhome Co-Pilot Workspace: Newmar Bay Star Sport 2702

Interior of the 2021 Newmar Bay Star Sport - Photo: Newmar
Interior of the 2021 Newmar Bay Star Sport – Photo: Newmar
  • Chassis: Ford F-53 Chassis
  • Engine: Ford 7.3L V8 Godzilla Gas- 350 hp @ 468 lb./ft.
  • Length: 27.11 Feet
  • GVWR: 20,500 Pounds
  • Sleep: 8 People (with optional drop-down front bunk)
  • Tanks: F- 75 Gallons/ Gr- 60 Gallons/ B- 40 Gallons

For years, many Class A motorhomes have had RV computer setups in the co-pilot seats. It could be a variation of a slide out tray or a fold-out side table like the Newmar Bay Star 2702. Today’s Class A’s with office space up front come wired with 110v and USB outlets making the limits of computer batteries a non-issue. Once you’re parked, the pedestal tables that stand between the pilot seats add surface space.

Class A motorhomes in the Neo-Classic Era (1990-2007) that had wide dashboards and overhead cabinets gave home workers on the road plenty of space to spread out. One DIYer brought his co-pilot motorhome office space to the next level with a TV mount and an aluminum mesh shelf above the sliding shelf.

Using desktop accessories to create a second office space in Class A motorhomes under 30 feet is possible by utilizing the dinette or portable desks in front of the sofa. If you want to be comfortable, using swing arms attached to the cabinetry around the bed is a consideration. Of course, there’s always the danger of falling asleep.

Dinette With Computer Workstation: Tiffin Allegro Red 37PA

  • Chassis: Freightliner XC Chassis
  • Engine: Cummins 6.7L Inline 6 ISB Turbo Diesel- 360 hp @ 800 lb./ft.
  • Length: 39 Feet
  • GVWR: 33,400 Pounds
  • Sleep: 6 People (with optional drop-down front bunk)
  • Tanks: F- 90 Gallons/ Gr- 70 Gallons/ B- 50 Gallons

If you’re looking for a luxury RV with office space, we’ll point you to Red Bay, Alabama. Tiffin has been a family-owned operation for decades. Now that they’ve joined the Thor Industries Family, you’ll find the same excellent quality the family has offered their customers, with Thor’s innovations and resources behind them.

Tiffin offers three different dinette options. On the 37PA floorplan, the dinette sits on the door side behind the co-pilot seat. Tiffin’s dinette workstation is unique to their brand. If you turn the freestanding chairs to face the sidewall, one side has a drawer and two cabinet doors. On the other side of the table are three evenly sized cabinets. 

When you open the cabinet doors, there’s a pullout tray that’ll fit a computer tower. Above the doors is a fold-down panel that houses a slideout tray for a keyboard and mouse. The shelf above the cabinetry has plenty of space for your computer monitor. The dining table gives you plenty of room to spread out all of your work papers or other equipment. It makes for a great RV office area.

The Tiffin's dinette size and proximity to the TV make it ideal for an RV office space.
The Tiffin’s dinette size and proximity to the TV make it ideal for an RV office space.

On the opposite wall rests the sofa or L-shaped sofa. The L-shaped version comes with a coffee table. Since the coffee table is freestanding, replacing it with a lift-top coffee table should be an issue. One of you have your side of the RV to work, and your partner has theirs. With dual slides, neither one of you should distract the other.

Full Desk Feature: Winnebago Forza 38D

Winnebago Forza - Photo: Winnebago
Winnebago Forza – Photo: Winnebago
  • Chassis: Freightliner XCS Chassis
  • Engine: Cummins 6.7L Inline 6 ISB Turbo Diesel- 340 hp @ 800 lb./ft.
  • Length: 39.10 Feet
  • GVWR: 29,410 Pounds

Motorhome bunkhouses created a lot of new opportunities for Class A motorhomes. When the twin bunk beds came out, RV manufacturers made the space convertible. If you didn’t need the sleeping space, it could convert to additional closet space, general storage, or a luxury dog bed for that four-legged child that doesn’t grow up and moves to the other side of the country (we’re not bitter).

Winnebago was the first to evolve the space by converting the RV bunkhouse to an office in the Forza 38D. The full-length two-person desk comes with a set of three drawers that separate the leg wells and a foam mattress so the desk surface can transform into a twin bunk.

The diesel Class A motorhome also comes with a front dropdown bunk, so you can have guests stay over without having to give up your desk. The two-person sofa or optional theatre seats come with laptop-sized tables if your traveling partner needs more separation to work. 

The Forza 38D is a motorhome with two full baths, so if the two of you have to get ready for a presentation or a sales day, neither one of you has to wait for the other. The ten-gallon water heater should supply both of you with plenty of hot water.

Take a Test Run With Your New Office Space

By 2028, a study projected that over 90 million people will work as freelancers. That doesn’t include home worker employees. As the nature of work changes from on-site to off-site, we’re sure to see the RV industry adapt to new floorplans that include a dedicated RV office space.

Meanwhile, if your plans include hitting the road on a full-time basis and bringing your career with you, check out these and other RVs firsthand by renting first. Buying a coach is a huge investment, and you want to get it right the first time. Be Camper Smart by taking a test run through RVezy.  Whether renting or buy, use RV LIFE Pro to plan and safely navigate those great adventures.

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